Blogging hasn’t been the highest of priority, as I unfortunately came down with the seasonal flu. On the upside this gave ample opportunity to dip into movies of the past such as Dangerous Liasons with Glenn Close. A cinematic feast both visually and intellectually, its script still remains unsurpassed in its genre. Such as this Continue Reading

You rarely have a weekend where you suspend work and routine and succumb to Netflix, a glass of red and PJ’s. But a rare spell of fatigue sees you doing just that….nothing. And discovering one of the best crime dramas you have watched in a long time. Top of the Lake – A New Zealand Continue Reading

It’s somewhere in the early evening and you have finished whatever you were suppose to. Not knowing exactly what to do next, and only having yourself as company, you search for a film fitting your melancholy. Tom Ford’s latest piece Nocturnal Animals promises both that and much needed distraction. You find it on the streaming Continue Reading

So there you are. Caught up in your own game, putting on a random playlist whilst crunching out last yet endless emails. #3 Aphex Twin (or is it called Rhubarb?). The first chords make you listen a little more intent. Lt. Vincent Hanna: You know, we’re sitting here, you and I like a couple of Continue Reading

Some time ago, over dinner, conversations floated towards art and how come I have all these paintings etched in my memory, ready to draw parallels and connections to at any given moment (and sometimes when least expecting it)? The answer was…as always…it’s complicated. Whilst regretfully not having nurtured any artistic inclinations, art has always played Continue Reading

…are you shining just for me? I couldn’t help but wondering if my own dreams would come true this year. They certainly had been suspended for what seemed like an eternity. As I was walking home from the cinema in the drizzle that gently enveloped my own city, the stars were shining with their absence. Continue Reading

I opened my laptop as soon as the alarm started its usual wine. In fact it was half closed after falling asleep to a documentary on the Zodiac. Trawling through the news was an uneventful affair. As a swede I was yet again reminded of the fake news Trump is spreading about the so called Continue Reading

…..sure I’m decent 😉 When they had the earthquake in San Francisco Back in nineteen-six They said that Mother Nature Was up to her old tricks That’s the story that went around But here’s the real low-down Put the blame on Mame, boys Put the blame on Mame One night she started to shim and Continue Reading

When I was young, sitting at my desk, an inherited mahogany piece, I would listen to two types of music, Enya who everyone practically listened to given her massive hit Caribbean Blue. The other genre was Gregorian music which originated in a purchase of Enigma. I recall a specific quote from the cassette tape. It Continue Reading

Most weekends appear the same….early rise, followed by family breakfast and then work until 5, 6 pm. A weekend let alone a day, that I took truly off are far and few between. So not feeling particularly well yesterday, I decided to spend the Saturday on the couch trawling Netflix for an easy fix. I’ve Continue Reading