Some pictures are worth re-posting. Don’t you think? Not because FB tells that you posted it to the very day 2 years ago. Or because you received the most likes, ending up as some greatest hits of the last 12 months. And implicitly because you looked pretty. Why else would people like it? No, for Continue Reading

So there you are. Caught up in your own game, putting on a random playlist whilst crunching out last yet endless emails. #3 Aphex Twin (or is it called Rhubarb?). The first chords make you listen a little more intent. Lt. Vincent Hanna: You know, we’re sitting here, you and I like a couple of Continue Reading

You are sitting in bed, working on some last important matters. Outside the crows are calling as the clouds are gathering. How befitting you note. The stillness before the storm. You find yourself pondering on battles and stratagems of such. Escalation of commitment. The point of no return. You have long past that elusive mark… Continue Reading

…after all. Yes, that became the mantra for a great many years. Like a cold reset happening at midnight. Eventually the mantra lost its importance. After all tomorrow was just another shade of its predecessor. Other mantras became more salient. And somehow life took on the resemblance of normality. Work certainly dominated the lacklustre landscape. Continue Reading

You come home to an empty house. So you kick off your heels and pour yourself a glass of red…Saint-Émilion. It hits your palate and for a moment you succumb to the emptiness, slumping back into an armchair whilst putting on classical music. You raid the fridge, but there is not much left apart from Continue Reading

There are places within the human anatomy that fascinates you more than others. It’s not the usual suspect… No this place is both visible yet hiding unimaginable depths within its natural cavity. I am talking about the suprasternal notch. it’s where you would place a flat golden necklace with a single pearl, the spot that Continue Reading

…there is so much out there, waiting to be discovered. What could you possibly have still on that list? Touche…..I’m a jack of all trades but in the end just a mere bullshitter…down to the last breath. Oh, there is plenty. I spit a mouthful of toothpaste into the sink. a) …I begin….I need to Continue Reading

You sit in a blacked out room. It’s as if being in a casino if not for the absent sound of trickling coins in free fall of a slot machine. You still wait for the jackpot. Don’t they all?….chasing the dragon…it’s all a mere rush of endorphins…..endogenous morphine…whether stemming from the actual substance or down Continue Reading

I still remember the assignment inspiration for new FracasNoir collection. It was one of James Bond Skyfall scene that really strike me, I can recall the moment where Séverine slowly and gracefully walks up to Bond. She has smokey eyes, dark painted lips, and wears a long sleek gown. She holds his gaze and speaks to Continue Reading

You want to write, the urge tickling your fingertips. It always happens when you are asked to explain how your journey started. Invariably in your family library on a carpet you used to detest due to its coarse texture. But nevertheless it was placed in front of those volumes you would pull out and ask Continue Reading