femme fatale

A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE ….Enough money within her control to move out…And rent a place of her own even if she never wants to or needs to… A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE ….Something perfect to wear if the employer or date of her dreams wants to See Her in an hour… A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE …A Continue Reading

I love Bond. How couldn’t one? So it’s with great anticipation, I look forward to see Spectre. In the meantime, my vote is for Kovacs as the next Bond lead singer. Enjoy….both lyrics and video…so delicious… My Love Babe don’t try to call My heart is ticking and the show, just won’t wait It’s strange, Continue Reading

“a man unduly concerned with looking stylish and fashionable.” It would seem a paradox defining a woman as a dandy. After all, isn’t she by her very nature concerned with looking stylish (of course I am grossly stereotyping here…but I trust my readers are intelligent enough to know the difference ;)? But for the sake Continue Reading

You are walking down the isles of Bon Marche in search for a pair of shoes. They don’t have what you want and as you have no time to spend on leisure you decide to leave the department store. You walk briskly past the perfume stands until you reach the Chanel one. Although Chanel was Continue Reading

Most weekends appear the same….early rise, followed by family breakfast and then work until 5, 6 pm. A weekend let alone a day, that I took truly off are far and few between. So not feeling particularly well yesterday, I decided to spend the Saturday on the couch trawling Netflix for an easy fix. I’ve Continue Reading

At last, we finally have our photo shoot, stock delivery and website with NEW CCII! I am incredibly excited to be new designer this year and created second collection for FracasNoir. Our clothing line is now going to be ready for purchase on Thursday 29th of October. Which is next Thursday! Our brand is inspired by 40s and 50s Continue Reading

It’s manicure/pedicure time. End of the day and you fit the appointment in between leaving the office, a stop at the pharmacy and home. It’s about time, but things are slowly starting to run again. It hasn’t been easy and the first months were nothing short of pain and chaos. But chaos slowly turned into Continue Reading

My birthday has in so far lasted a week – a trip to France, dinners with friends and a present from a dear friend who knows I am a connoisseur of lingerie. It’s one of those items that fall right in between that of pretty and beautiful. I suppose I can say pretty when newly Continue Reading

Mae West once reportedly said… “The score never interested me, only the game.” Well said as so many of her other I-don’t-give-a-damn quotes… Now it brought back memories of a job interview I once did. This was when I was young, marginally pretty with too much wits for a largely inexperienced life (the youth is Continue Reading