FracasNoir webshop will be launch tomorrow ready for purchase! So here’s the little sneak peak of our Blue velvet dress mix matching with Christian Louboutin Velvet heels, Gold tassel clutch and Shy Pink lipstick for outfit ideas!

It’s almost the end of the November and we’ve started planning on what to wear for work Christmas party, Family and friends reunion gathering for early presents. Don’t we all love Secret Santa game where we buy random stuff for the people we don’t know? Probably not, mostly for social convention but sometime it can be hilarious with joke presents. Continue Reading

This time last year I was in London meeting Susanne for the first time about Freelance design for FracasNoir. I remembered we were in this underground cafe in Oxford circus with 2 lattes, discussing about FN project and looking at her classic collection I. From Dodger blue crop jacket with pearl diamonte buttons to smoke black chiffon dress. It was Continue Reading

You try to squeeze yourself into a tight little number, size extra small. You even did an extra circuit at the gym, just to diminish your size. With a lot of efforts, the dress finally sits there, hugging the curves at the right places. You take a last look at yourself before disappearing in the Continue Reading

Sometimes good things come in moderately sized boxes….like these two pairs of Louboutins. On the other side of the spectrum, my Mac is not doing so well and therefore kept crashing when I needed it the most – my last fix of the day in the form of a few documentaries. I resorted to another Continue Reading

“a man unduly concerned with looking stylish and fashionable.” It would seem a paradox defining a woman as a dandy. After all, isn’t she by her very nature concerned with looking stylish (of course I am grossly stereotyping here…but I trust my readers are intelligent enough to know the difference ;)? But for the sake Continue Reading

Most weekends appear the same….early rise, followed by family breakfast and then work until 5, 6 pm. A weekend let alone a day, that I took truly off are far and few between. So not feeling particularly well yesterday, I decided to spend the Saturday on the couch trawling Netflix for an easy fix. I’ve Continue Reading

At last, we finally have our photo shoot, stock delivery and website with NEW CCII! I am incredibly excited to be new designer this year and created second collection for FracasNoir. Our clothing line is now going to be ready for purchase on Thursday 29th of October. Which is next Thursday! Our brand is inspired by 40s and 50s Continue Reading

Premiere Vision is one of the top Fabric, Trend and Manufacturing sourcing exhibition in the world. Today, I flew from Amsterdam to Paris Orly, and made a long transfer to Charles De Gaulle. I could have fly straight the CDG airport but Orly airport is much cheaper! The exhibition is always stylishly presented for business Continue Reading