I don’t drop by my Facebook too often (I lay the blame – as everyone else – on being too preoccupied) but this morning a memory popped up that I can’t resist sharing. It’s taken 2 years ago to the day, when Cecile was still part of the family. It was a time of great Continue Reading

Thanks kids for making a green and colourful tree. Let’s see what the Easter bunny will have in store for tomorrow 🙂

Your first school camp is something special, whether it’s excitement or sheer nerves. I can recall the first such outing I ever attended organised by the youth organisation 4-H (as we speak I am looking up their activities in the Netherlands but can’t find much. Perhaps they suffer the same unfortunate reputation as the Scouts Continue Reading

Sebastian received his swimming diploma today! Unfortunately I wasn’t there to see it but it’s been needless to say many Wednesday’s of practice that has gone into this feat. Sebastian I’m incredibly proud of you and can’t way to see it put to good practice during our next vacation. Speaking of which two holidays are Continue Reading

We celebrated Victoria’s birthday in style at Southern Cross in Heemstede, a highly recommended Australian restaurant. Thank you family for making it a memorable evening!   All smiles perfume, makeup, spotify and PT lesson  ♥ ♥ ♥ fusion style crocodile guineafowl Happy Birthday darling!

This is a tribute to my girl, Victoria, who is turning 19 today. 19 years is a long time when you are a year away from entering your second decade. And if I think back a lot has happened – personally as well as around us. Well the world never stood still – that is Continue Reading

…who is since a little over a year residing in Malta, was recently diagnosed with cancer in her spleen. Although we don’t have the final outcome yet, so far she has recovered well from the operation. We are keeping our fingers crossed, but so far she seems to have regained the spirit we all know Continue Reading

…until the family is off for a short vacation in the Champagne area of France. And lucky me….it’s the second time we’re off. Last weekend was spent in Lille :). In the meantime the last week in pictures… Circus one evening I tried to join in jumping up and down like a buffoon appearing after Continue Reading

My not so little boy anymore is turning 8 today. Happy Birthday Sebastian! It’s a pleasure seeing you grow and thrive. Thank you for a memorable birthday celebration this morning xxx birthday wakeup! surprise! Lots of presents… big sis is helping out birthday boy is looking so smart 🙂 birthday celebrations started already yesterday at La Continue Reading

Sebastian had a day-off from school, so despite chilly weather and a persistent cold, we headed into Amsterdam for lunch and a visit to the zoo. Perhaps not the best time of the year to visit Artis, but it was a wonderful treat nevertheless. Especially the aquarium and the butterfly pavilion – pure colour explosions Continue Reading