Admittedly I haven’t seen much of Manila, besides corporate buildings, restaurants and hotels. Nevertheless it has been a good trip (set aside the long haul, which was pretty hard to muster being a die-hard insomniac). After catching up on emails, late breakfast and a gym session, I’m now off to Taipei. view from hotel travelling Continue Reading

It’s now close to half a year since I started with my training and food regime. It’s probably not much different from before, just more conscientious. I don’t write down what I eat every day (for lack of time), and frankly I don’t hit the gym as often as I would like, but I try Continue Reading

It’s time to account for my diet in the last few days. It seems to be paying off as the scale pointed to 59 kgs this morning. Not that I am terribly obsessed with a number but all the data points I can gather which shows progress, keeps me motivated. Tuesday March 14 Workout: 20 Continue Reading

I count my blessings every day. Yesterday was a good day and this day started well too. I was back to my early rise followed by meditation and a decent work-out. I tried my new shoes (thank you R – love them!) and I felt like I was flying for 35 minutes :). Now I’m Continue Reading

Without going into reasons here, it’s been a rather tumultuous period. I am still finding my ways, navigating to safe harbor. There are times I loose myself in what seems an ever ongoing battle – largely with myself. But it’s late, and although I am not tired, I have exactly 8 hours before the alarm will Continue Reading

It’s funny how people react differently when one attempts a diet. On the 19th of November, I had decided – I was going to get rid of those kilos I had piled on over the last 4 months getting off my sleep medication. It’s all of course recorded here on the blog. The only problem, Continue Reading

I’m a terrible insomniac, have been for years although it is luckily getting better. When extremely busy my bed doubles as my office and to switch from spreadsheets to bedsheets is a hard task. I have a whole arsenal of pills and supplements that may or may not work (I don’t really know to be Continue Reading

I’ve set myself a target to get back in shape after this summers Med surfing. For the first time I slacked on both gym sessions and food intake which has resulted in a few extra pounds and a couple of additional dress sizes. So now I’m back on a low carb diet living literally on Continue Reading

I’ve picked up my yoga which I haven’t practiced for months (tsk tsk). It is a restorative yoga routine and thus very gentle exercises for the neck and spine. Extremely relaxing it’s great for calming down a frantic city mind into something where equilibrium reigns. Feeling infinitely more relaxed, it’s time for a bath and Continue Reading

It’s my first salsa lesson after the summer break. As always, not having danced for months, my nerves are mixing with great anticipation. I take a few steps, one two, three…five, six, seven… I count for myself to the beat of the music. I need getting into the rhythm again, but after a few steps Continue Reading