Some time ago, over dinner, conversations floated towards art and how come I have all these paintings etched in my memory, ready to draw parallels and connections to at any given moment (and sometimes when least expecting it)? The answer was…as always…it’s complicated. Whilst regretfully not having nurtured any artistic inclinations, art has always played Continue Reading

Unfortunately flu has struck for the second time in just over a month. This time with a vengeance. Given the abundance of time coupled with the need for taking a horizontal position, I naturally turned to my documentaries. Having gone through most of what is available on WWI, WII, French revolution, Modern Marvels, Inquisition, ISIS Continue Reading

At 8.45 pm I find myself in bed after a long working-from-home day. I managed to cram in most activities on my action list and then some. With Victoria’s first working day, I found a starving girl on my doorstep this evening. Welcome to my world honey! And yes it a minor achievement serving up Continue Reading

It’s a slow burning weekend. A few errands, a manicure, work and admin. Most likely the evening will end as yesterday, in bed with Pablo Escobar el Patron del Mal. I loved Narcos, but this series deserve all the superlatives. If you don’t have a Netflix account there are quite few good documentaries floating around Continue Reading

I have discovered an incredibly insightful documentary series on Russian history and the rise and fall of the Romanov dynasty. I’d absolutely recommend it to those history buffs of self merit. Thus sit back and enjoy! The Russian imperial crest in the form of the double-headed eagle *Note 7 more episodes are available on Continue Reading

I keep coming back to this topic time and again as I literally consume documentaries and podcasts. In the morning I start off with something usually more intellectually inclined. My daily dose of documentaries begins whilst on the cross trainer, often being of the philosophical kind. I usually manage to consume a whole episode as Continue Reading

It’s been a turbulent time – it is perhaps something that has been going on for so long it is time I fully accept and embrace it. It made me contemplate further. I understand conceptually that anger is linked to expectations. And I know it is futile having expectations – in the wider sense. I Continue Reading

You very, very silly woman, why on earth did you carry an iPhone 6 to the toilet and then….well you get what happen. I cursed a couple of time, whilst calmly removing the device from the public toilet, wrapped it in a hand-cloth and started resurrection procedures… Sadly it died, over a heater that it Continue Reading

Ever since I saw Devil’s Knot with Colin Firth and Reese Witherspoon in the lead roles, I have been engrossed by the case, or sadly, the aftermath. Whilst the case itself is a horrendous one, the aftermath displays many of the Kafka like aspects of the US judicial system. There are three great documentaries by Continue Reading

I fell asleep last night to the VICE documentary on ISIS/IS. I was an early follower of VICE for their unconventional journalism on a wide range of topics, often in places few journalists would cover. So I started on this documentary‚Ķa couple of months old if not more, before ISIS became IS to the rest Continue Reading