Several years ago when I needed new material for my morning cross-trainer sessions (I am always wired up with my laptop so that I can nurture both body and soul), I came across the now legendary TED talks. In fact I got in contact with one speaker due to my interest in philosophy, after having Continue Reading

… with some happiness. I remember being a kid, in 9th grade, just short of 16 and the world was at my feet. I was – like most students – an idealist. I believed that all religions could co-exist in ecumenical harmony. My school was diverse and as it was small, I knew every Jew, Continue Reading

I fell asleep to a documentary about Sicilian organised crime and the assassinations of Giovanni Falcone and his successor Paolo Borsellino, both anti-mafia magistrates. I recall those murders as it was only days ago. Before the advent of Internet and social media, it made the headlines in Swedish media (probably all over the world) – Continue Reading

As any self proclaimed (neo-) stoic we know that Fortuna (Fortune) can change at any time and we also accept that we don’t have any control (in relative terms mind you) of the outside world. As any (neo-)stoic worth her salt I will also challenge some of those concepts, as I believe we are not Continue Reading

Last Friday I got an email from my hubby…it read “Something” in the subject line. I must admit I didn’t read it there and then, filing it away for later when time was opportune. Which it became this weekend, when the mad carousel that constitutes my life –  didn’t exactly stop – but slowed down Continue Reading

Once in a while, one comes across the most brilliant, clever dialogue. I’m referring to the ones where you desperately seek to identify yourself with the hero or heroine (because after all we are all little geniuses waiting to be discovered) and could only wish for having had the fortitude of character to produce something Continue Reading

There comes a time in a woman’s life when she realises that everything she learned about being being sweet, well mannered and polite was all just a myth. I remember the first days in school that pretty much shaped the rest of my school years. The girls were all sitting politely in their chairs, raising Continue Reading

Some time ago, I wrote a post on male abilities between the sheets. If the male voice was shining with its absence, women were more forthcoming. One in particular, C, wrote this absolutely brilliant comment on her experience with the Swiss, which I gather was in fact a singular encounter. Now the Swiss, like the Continue Reading

As a self-proclaimed, autodidact mistress and lover to many men… Oh, yes there was something juicy that made you choke on the morning coffee! Excellent! Keep reading… …last night, as custom is in our household, I was sitting with my laptop in bed reading my favourite Swedish online magazine. One article, that caught my attention, Continue Reading

A few days ago I decided, in a rash decision I must admit, to put my blog offline. This was in response to certain events that for various reasons shall remain undisclosed. However, I soon realized that this was a decision I would come to regret. Primarily because my blog has become somewhat of my Continue Reading