I have written endless perfume posts, some venturing into that of the carnal, esoteric and forbidden. Because perfumes are all of those and so much more. A quality fragrance will smell like sun drenched skin, the peculiar scent of ozone, with deep notes of civet, amber and musk. And a good perfume will age with Continue Reading

I’m not sure where she got the piracy tendencies from, but it looks great (especially since it’s from my own collection ;). hun you look gorgeous….but please bring back the trousers and the bag x

…No 74 Rouge over Noir by YSL. Everyday luxury that will see me past the autumn and winter months. A bit of happiness, especially since the seasonal cold has set in :(. everyday-luxury-in-a-bottle

I promised to keep my food diary here in pursuit of that healthy lifestyle. However keeping to it has proven easier than actually jotting it down. Thus a recap of last days meal plans and fitness regime. Do note, this is not a specifically designed plan, and I eat when I am hungry pretty much, Continue Reading

It’s stifling, even though the sun is hidden from the what appears to be heavy clouds. You sweat on the cross trainer….your first gym session in a week. It’s there, as you trawl through your inbox, whilst opening up skype that Magical Mambo starts to play. It’s a loungy, dreamy and indeed magical number and Continue Reading

Style of the day is our Caribbean blue short sleeves dress with sweetheart neckline. I personally love mixing with this shimmer gold clutch from Asos, Deep Red (Amore at the Grand Canal) OPI nail vanish and Christian Louboutin Nude & Red heels. It’s so fresh yet glamorous! Blue Sweetheart dress with gold, nude and red accessories

I still remember the assignment inspiration for new FracasNoir collection. It was one of James Bond Skyfall scene that really strike me, I can recall the moment where Séverine slowly and gracefully walks up to Bond. She has smokey eyes, dark painted lips, and wears a long sleek gown. She holds his gaze and speaks to Continue Reading

There was a time I was more faithful than a catholic nun to my perfume (note I write this in singular). There was only one – Fracas, which – as those of you who read my blog from time to time may recall, I found in an obscure perfume shop in a back alley of Continue Reading

…make tremendous wonders. Especially when they come in packages that smells great and do miracles for your skin. Thank you R, very thoughtful of you. Maria Galland 250 day cream and D-900 for combating puffy eyes

Sometimes good things come in moderately sized boxes….like these two pairs of Louboutins. On the other side of the spectrum, my Mac is not doing so well and therefore kept crashing when I needed it the most – my last fix of the day in the form of a few documentaries. I resorted to another Continue Reading