When I was young, sitting at my desk, an inherited mahogany piece, I would listen to two types of music, Enya who everyone practically listened to given her massive hit Caribbean Blue. The other genre was Gregorian music which originated in a purchase of Enigma. I recall a specific quote from the cassette tape. It Continue Reading

I’m not huge when it comes to FB. Sometimes a meme, an opinion or update appears which catches my eye. But for the rest I am too busy checking it. In fact this was also the only thing I responded to today…..the notion of being busy…or not. We do indeed choose what we spend our Continue Reading

I’m a story teller. No, sorry to disappoint you…not a project manager, or a wannabe designer, I do business development fairly ok, and occasionally I play a decent game of chess. Yes, like I said so many times before, I’m a cheat and a shameless charlatan. But what I am good at is telling stories….old Continue Reading

…Summertime S? Remember how once someone put you to sleep singing it to you? Remember how loved you felt and although just beyond your twenties you fell asleep like a child in a cradle? So, hush, little baby don’t you cry.

What is it with the colour red? Even the name scarlet evokes drama and intrigue. Red Light of course brings an all together different connotation. Then there is fire, blood and rubies… I tried to describe it, as I was answering an email of one of my blog readers. Red is an expensive colour (ever Continue Reading

…strawberry lover. Strawberry girl. Remember those fields?….row after row, you would pay a few quid and pick as many as your eyes fancied. In fact you didn’t really pick any for later consumption. You just ate until you swear your stomach would pop and the idea of a bike ride home didn’t seem a pleasant Continue Reading

Mae West once reportedly said… “The score never interested me, only the game.” Well said as so many of her other I-don’t-give-a-damn quotes… Now it brought back memories of a job interview I once did. This was when I was young, marginally pretty with too much wits for a largely inexperienced life (the youth is Continue Reading

It’s the 20 minutes before the first call. The ones that sees you running through any emails that came in over last night, checking the agenda…and admittedly that morning blog post. Although it’s pretty gloomy out there, with opaque clouds threatening to burst any moment, you are beaming with delight. Perhaps it’s the effects of Continue Reading

Of course I didn’t escape Summertime Sadness when it hit every club on this earth, erupting like an volcano with devastating effect. In fact I have my own memories to that one… Ever since, I casually dip into Lana del Rey for her dark side – verging on suicidal – lyrics. Last Friday I came Continue Reading

We all take our crap, learn to roll with the punches, fuck up stuff…and make amends…mostly because we get discovered…found out….exposed. It happens to us all, no matter where we stand in the social hierarchy, how clever a scale of measurement tells us we are, or even if we are on the path of enlightenment. Continue Reading