It have been months since Susanne and I finally find ourselves discovering these luxury wood watch from Jord that have distinctive finery art of engineer. I was incredibly excited to receive these watches I ordered in Cora Maple & Lavender for myself and Cora Koa & Rose Gold for Susanne. I love opening them slowly. Continue Reading

Two Amsterdam meetings followed by a dinner with little time to change from day to evening wear. Well of course I would wear something of my own brand – FracasNoir – teamed with black pumps, Aubade lingerie and Caron’s Tabac Blond (have to make sure I’ll stock up whilst in Paris coming weekend). Now dress Continue Reading

Some women own one pair, others swear by them and have filled their cupboards to the rim of these fashion relics, others yet again indeed swear…but over discomfort and vow never to purchase another pair that will set you off at least EUR 600;-. And then there are those that never could afford a pair Continue Reading

As promised, here comes the long awaited pictures of the event courtesy of PhotographerFred Tigelaar. Thank you all for coming and hope to see you at our next soirée! Sx Welcome to our Summer Soirée Bien in action – blouse and high waist skirt from FracasNoir MiyuHomeWare on display Cally (right) is the owner of Continue Reading

It’s always nice to meet great entrepreneurial women, like Morella from Bella Buccia Luxury Items and Beryl and Nancy who are behind Beryl Dingemans Jewellery. It gives you that extra doses of you-can-do-it-girl (also going by the name of kicking mega a**!) which is superb for ones mental and business esteem. But back to jewellery Continue Reading

I didn’t realized it was Ascension day when I woke up this morning and a public holiday — hmm reality check needed here. It’s been undoubtedly a strange week and it sort of got turned on its head. On top of that, my outlook got reinstalled once more and of course I lost again all Continue Reading

If you believe summer means old and comfortable t-shirts, denim cut-offs and hair in a ponytail. Think again! Just because it’s hot doesn’t mean you can’t look amazingly beautiful and still be comfortable. Here are two of the hottest summer trends that will keep you looking as hot as the sun!  

I’m walking in the park close to our home. The leaves are scattered everywhere and I’m making little jumps to avoid heaps of autumn left-overs cluttered with mud…and God knows something else. It’s raining intermittently, and I’ve casually thrown on my favourite fur jacket – rabbit fur often confused for being Leopard (people obviously think Continue Reading