It’s not lack of subjects….it is lack of time. I can’t recall one moment I stopped to just be, check in on myself, my thoughts and feelings. Contemplations….forget it right now. But a busy mind keeps distressing thoughts at bay. I go about my routine, barely making it to the office before 10 am and picking up Sebastian just after 3 pm, where I finalise the day juggling a handful of stuff. Luckily Sebastian is twice a week at the afterschool, which gives me two full days and a bit.

Yesterday it was parents – teacher talk, and in the evening I was cheering on Victoria giving her presentation in school where she studies graphic design. It goes without saying that I’m so proud of her, especially as she chose to read a very courageous poem, and of course presented her art work which she did in art class. Pictures follow below.

photo 5-3

photo 3-10

photo 4-6