Whether by nature or circumstances, I am a pragmatist and utilitarian through and through. There are probably a lot better examples of this than I will list here, but take for example my propensity for watching documentaries whilst doing any menial task. Or working whilst getting a haircut or pedicure. I do my concalls during manicures, and on a Friday evening (the day I typically don’t work out), I conduct the grocery shopping, as to get my daily exercise built in whilst stocking up on necessities. Another word I suppose one could call it by, is the fashionable term lifehack or plain old workflow management will also do.

The same goes for my breakfasts. If I have the time, I prefer a sturdy start of the day, which will buy me more time before hunger sets in. Cottage cheese, nuts and whatever fruit I have available is my favourite here. If I happen to be en route, it’s invariably a protein yoghurt and an apple. Practical is the key. So it’s extra special when I discover a mango (which coincidentally is the only fruit left) and put together the mother of all practical breakfasts – in 180 seconds flat.

Who knows when I will have the opportunity to have such a morning meal again. But excellent it was!

My start to the morning