I’m still in my PJ’s, barely having managed to cram in a shower. Scandalous. But then I always took to an odor that is slightly poudre. Rotten others would say. Stale sweat and tobacco is my counter reply. Bandit is such a concoction. Few people like it. It is not made to be liked. It is the Bitch that Satan spat out. The Gasoline of Perfumes. Or take Shocking. I use it as an alias. I am surprised no one else does, when I register my account.

How come?, W inquires.

The perfume intrigued me after reading an article from Elle’s “Scents of Desire”. “One of the rudest perfumes ever made – it smelt like the inside of women’s underwear,”

Point taken. Scent over touch?

Scent, I reply without hesitation. A scent will always evoke memories. Just like music. Will touch? I dare to say no.

I douse myself in Bandit. Stay away in other words. Don’t say I didn’t warn you ;).


not made to be liked


‘He thought, in about 30 seconds she will get up and leave the room. A few minutes later, she will come back wearing a chiffon negligee, smelling faintly of Chanel No 5. In about 30 seconds, she left the room. She came back a few minutes later, naked and wearing Shocking. He was on his feet.’