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I can still recall the debate we had with our Religious Education teacher about a good deed resulting from a bad intention and contrary a bad deed resulting from a good intention. I didn’t study philosophy nor religion past college to have much of a qualified and studied opinion beyond that of a personal one. But I am still of the view more good will result from having good intentions and therefore this must be the leading factor when judging the two juxtapositions. And yet….“the road to hell is paved with good intentions”… I can’t help but wondering if Seneca had this (and Nero) in mind with his by now famous words “A gift consists not in what is done or given, but in the intention of the giver or doer.”

Nevertheless something that still fascinates me, and so seemingly my son when he asked me the other day “Can good people do bad things?”

After watching another documentary on Pompeii, I got quiet intrigued about the more palatable side of the empire. After all, one would think, they would be connoisseurs of the grandest kind, but after watching a few Roman Cuisine programs, it appears taste has evolved since. One of their absolute must haves was a fermented fish sauce by the name of garum. We weren’t too keen on experimenting with this but decided instead on roman bread (or buns as these were easier to make). I will post the recipe in another post as this was a trial version and I had run out of olives and fresh rosemary. But here is a video we followed whilst making it.

And yes, so easy to make, and delicious, I am thinking of preparing the dough the night before and make them in the morning…..this time with roman herbs 🙂

flour, yeast, sugar, salt, warm water and olive oil….fresh olives and rosemary will follow next time

buns in the oven 🙂

…and finished result

….or just a Friday morning. Whatever the title, one of a few moments I managed to seize. In the sunlight, waiting for a taxi to take me to the office.

carpe diem

An improvised day off due to a school strike, provided a good opportunity for baking scones and enjoying a proper family breakfast. As we looking forward to Christmas we even put on some Christmas Carols for getting-the-mood 🙂

getting prepared

star shaped scones

clotted cream and jam provided the icing of the cake

Some pictures are worth re-posting. Don’t you think? Not because FB tells that you posted it to the very day 2 years ago. Or because you received the most likes, ending up as some greatest hits of the last 12 months. And implicitly because you looked pretty. Why else would people like it? No, for none of those reasons and you can think of many more which will not end up being the answer you were looking for. No it’s worth re-posting, for you to remember the moment. the feelings. the future. and yes the past. You recall sitting in that hotel window frame, so aptly called the Diplomat. It was always your favourite, since those corporate days for an American multinational. But now it took on an altogether different meaning. It told you to keep cool, collect yourself, be diplomatic. And if all else failed remember Marcus. His book sat on the bedside table….whether in moments of despair or just to kill time.

You can’t actually remember where you had dinner that evening. It is all empty…blotted out. You cannot even recall why you were there in the first place…..well client meetings yes…

So the image became the metaphor for the days, weeks, months and eventually years it would take. 166 days, trying to figure out the next 1556. Not even 10% had been accomplished, and yet here you are having achieved your halfway marathon last month. Next year in October you will have completed three quarters, and then there is the horizon….2020. You honestly can’t wait. Waiting to exhale…

finding the horizon

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