Blogging can be very unforgiving. For more than the fact that one is not always caught in a photogénique moment. But perhaps more so as it follows one through the years, in good times and one’s lesser so, indiscriminately and unbiased keeping account of the aging process. Yesterday was such a moment, with little sleep, a fair bit of work behind me and a working weekend to look forward to, the camera arbitrarily decided the state of play. I leave it to that. I’ve had better days, been in better elements and delivered far more.

So for that reason, in moments like these, one should consume Champagne and good food to celebrate life. And that we did. At least ML never fails to deliver :).

kicking off with a Kir Royale

delicate appertizers 

such as tuna on krupuk

langoustine for starter

guinea fowl for main course

cherry on french toast

chocolate and cocos pralines

not my best day but I was intent not to let it ruin the rest of the evening