This is a tribute to my girl, Victoria, who is turning 19 today. 19 years is a long time when you are a year away from entering your second decade. And if I think back a lot has happened – personally as well as around us. Well the world never stood still – that is true not just in a metaphysical sense.

I always believed in strong names and Victoria, you were not only named after the Goddess of Victory but also because I find this name not only beautiful but regal. Befitting you and how I wish your life to turn out – full of beauty, happiness and victory. May the Gods be on your side, and may fortune shine on you. And if it doesn’t, realise there is a lesson in that too.

Today you have woken up to the UK triggering article 50, and you have been through some overwhelming events over the years. I have not always been the best person to explain why certain things unfolded the way they did. Perhaps I was better explaining terror deeds and religious convictions than I was in making sense on some personal happenings. But you have dealt with it well and if I see your work as a graphic designer and what you have accomplished in a short time, I am immensely proud. Victoria, I love you and Happy, Happy Birthday! xxx

My girl