I’ve discovered the perfect new hobby – frog hunting. Our pond is full of them, most being relatively small still, but some have become quite a decent size over the summer. Yesterday evening, as I was waiting for Reinout to come home, I got this brilliant idea to go frog hunting. One became two which became three, and soon I had a small collection of six frogs. I kept them over night in a large vase and as soon as I woke up charted for the garden. Once again I was engrossed in my hunt and enlarged my collection of frogs from 6 to 14. I was extremely proud of my achievement when I called for Reinout to admire my feat. Needless to say I did let them out again, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I will resume my newfound sport in the not too distant future.

frogs in bowl

My collection

frog anyone?

One of my prized trophies

Our afternoon was spent in the city, lunch, then some shopping and dinner at Koetjes & Kalfjes…

silk jacket from Milly

Silk jacket by Milly from Players Collection in Haarlem

Leather magazine holder from Gaivota

Leather magazine holder from Gaivota

Dinner at Koetjes & Kalfjes in Haarlem

Dinner at Koetjes & Kalfjes


Reinout & food is a good combination

I love oysters

Oysters are perfect diet food

Tony & me

Tony & I

Sebastian & mummy

Sebastian & Mummy

Sebastian loves Grolsch

Sebastian loves Grolsch!

Grolsch baby

Grolsch baby