You keep on coming back to it “tomorrow is another day”. It’s what you attempt to imprint in your mind at 7 pm, at 8.30 pm and after 2 am when you wake up, confused about time and place. Tomorrow is another day. Just push through the pain.

You are indebted to a number of people that have carried you through, where otherwise a parent, a sibling would have taken over. Instead some (one in particular), carries you through. He finds you in pain, rummaging through the nightstand table for paracetamols. They won’t help against the pain which is there due to a spinal chord injury. Nevertheless you are prepared to try anything. Hot showers, pain medication, philosophy, meditation….hell you’ll even go to a priest. In fact you did. You kept for a long time correspondence with a Catholic cleric despite your protestant heritage. But his answer was of course different than what you were seeking. The concept of God never sat easy with you, and although you can recite the Lord’s prayer to perfection, the words only deliver temporary relief.

Besides the actions committed in the name of God are too horrible to contemplate on. Yet that is what you do daily…contemplation on the most brutal of actions.

But today is today, and you decide, to go with another idiom, the one contrary to the maxim of tomorrow….Carpe Diem. An epicurian dictum, generally attributed to Horace, however contrary to what keeps your heart beating, it seems fit for today. Because who knows what tomorrow has in store…


The roses have stood the test of time for two weeks…and they still stand