I’ve been thinking for some time to change a number of poor routines I’ve been left with. With a couple of slips with the alcohol and sugar, I’ve managed to keep myself on this strict regime. Now there are a few last bad habits up for examination (don’t get me started on my insomnia, so I’ll leave it for now). I’m referring to morning and bed routines.

Although I haven’t read anything mildly biographical on our 21st century Iron Lady – Anna Wintour, I understand she is in the habit of rising with the sun at 5 am. Impressive. I have worked myself down to 6.15 am, but would like to shave off another three quarters of an hour. So in the coming weeks, I will be working myself down to 5.30 am, with the intent of starting work at 8.30. Bedtime will have to be slightly adjusted from 11 pm to 10 pm, which is normally when I do my last emails and and put on a documentary to set me to sleep.

Any tips from early risers out there? I am most interested in your experience :).

Anna Wintour