Technically the summer hasn’t come to an end, but with the rainy weather coupled with an intensive work week ahead, it seems only natural to draw the line here. Yet I feel fortunate to have had a long summer, some spent in France, some on the beaches of Zandvoort and others on the Maltese shores.

Afterwards I was given the opportunity for work to go to the Philippines and Taiwan, discovering yet more. Most of these trips I had the pleasure to do with the kids, watching Victoria take the lead in what our dinners would look like and Sebastian showing off his swimming skills.

My highlight must be the sailing trip we had for a day with family and friends along the northern coast of Malta, anchoring in the blue lagoon and exploring abandoned towers and grottoes. I took time to meditate on the bow, figuring my course of direction until that elusive date of 2020. And so I sit here in bed with classical music streaming through my iphone, coffee in one hand, and my notes I made that trip in the other, including the Mont Blanc pen I received for my birthday. Memories from past intertwines with the present and that of what is to be. #feelingblessed

lovely summer moments