The other day, via via, a friend of mine recommended me to try 99 shakes. As I constantly complain about stomach pains and feeling generally bloated I was certainly up for anything that promised to get rid of my ailment. Anything to get rid of this discomfort which I’ve nailed down to being the result of a spinal leison I had the disfortune to receive years ago (yep sound farfetched but brain and spinal leisons can wreck havoc with your body).

99 Shakes is easy. Actually you only need 800 ml of water, a shaker (you get one with the package but a blender will also work) and one of the 99 Shakes which comes in powder form. I started off with Apple, which to my surprise was super tasty (I’m normally not one for diet meals). In fact it kept me going for both breakfast and lunch. Another favourite was forrest fruit which served as my breakfast yesterday morning. As for if it will help my digestion problems? Time will tell I suppose. But so far so good, and the fact it’s so easy to use coupled with a high protein, low calorie formula, (500 Kcal in a meal that can easily last both breakfast and lunch) sounds like a winner to me!

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Apple flavoured health shake


A ready meal in less than a minute