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Some pictures are worth re-posting. Don’t you think? Not because FB tells that you posted it to the very day 2 years ago. Or because you received the most likes, ending up as some greatest hits of the last 12 months. And implicitly because you looked pretty. Why else would people like it? No, for none of those reasons and you can think of many more which will not end up being the answer you were looking for. No it’s worth re-posting, for you to remember the moment. the feelings. the future. and yes the past. You recall sitting in that hotel window frame, so aptly called the Diplomat. It was always your favourite, since those corporate days for an American multinational. But now it took on an altogether different meaning. It told you to keep cool, collect yourself, be diplomatic. And if all else failed remember Marcus. His book sat on the bedside table….whether in moments of despair or just to kill time.

You can’t actually remember where you had dinner that evening. It is all empty…blotted out. You cannot even recall why you were there in the first place…..well client meetings yes…

So the image became the metaphor for the days, weeks, months and eventually years it would take. 166 days, trying to figure out the next 1556. Not even 10% had been accomplished, and yet here you are having achieved your halfway marathon last month. Next year in October you will have completed three quarters, and then there is the horizon….2020. You honestly can’t wait. Waiting to exhale…

finding the horizon

I’m afraid that title will go to my daughter (I can’t cook even if my life depended on it) . Victoria swung buy to bake cup cakes whilst I was taking Sebastian for his final swimming lesson (if all goes well he will have got his B diploma this weekend :). Thanks for the yummy and arty cakes! It saved our dinner as the pumpkin soup wasn’t much to write home about :-S.

too good to eat

…No 74 Rouge over Noir by YSL. Everyday luxury that will see me past the autumn and winter months. A bit of happiness, especially since the seasonal cold has set in :(.


It’s been a lovely weekend – relaxing and family oriented. Victoria joined for both lunch and dinner, and as I am trawling through the weekend in pictures I find this shot. With animal ears and glasses!! Perhaps I should change to a new frame (I only wear my glasses in the evening).

new spectacles?

You rarely have a weekend where you suspend work and routine and succumb to Netflix, a glass of red and PJ’s. But a rare spell of fatigue sees you doing just that….nothing. And discovering one of the best crime dramas you have watched in a long time. Top of the Lake – A New Zealand production, portraying a small town torn up over the disappearance of a 12 year old pregnant girl. It’s one of those dramas that don’t leave you for a second, haunting your dreams as your morning to the extent you decide to spend the rest of the day seeing the conclusion to the mystery that could have just as easily passed for Scandi Noir. Perhaps that is part of the attraction…

And when it stops, and you should really pick up the task list for the coming week, you go in desperation on the quest of finding the second part of the series – China Girl. But before you hit the play button, you take the time to let the pieces of the puzzle land whilst looking up the soundtrack on Spotify. Although you don’t find exactly what you are looking for, Opening by Philip Glass seems to fit the bill. So you put it on repeat and launch just another blog post.

The days seem to trail although they are getting shorter. So when Friday evening comes the only option seems to be a takeaway and Netflix. It lasts you into the wee hours when you realise you ought to go to sleep. So you do, to a documentary about the medical condition of Abraham Lincoln.

You wake up to the rain smattering against the window. You ought to take the opportunity to sleep in but rest eludes you. So you walk downstairs, fetching something to eat and are at once confronted with the remnants of a week gone by. Dishes, administration in a neat stack which grab along with the breakfast. And some very colourful paintings depicting The Mr Men and Little Miss characters from Roger Hargreaves’.

You smile at the felt pen drawings. Somehow even Cecile managed to secure a place.

drawings with the books that just arrived for Sebastian although we all love them 🙂

Whether by nature or circumstances, I am a pragmatist and utilitarian through and through. There are probably a lot better examples of this than I will list here, but take for example my propensity for watching documentaries whilst doing any menial task. Or working whilst getting a haircut or pedicure. I do my concalls during manicures, and on a Friday evening (the day I typically don’t work out), I conduct the grocery shopping, as to get my daily exercise built in whilst stocking up on necessities. Another word I suppose one could call it by, is the fashionable term lifehack or plain old workflow management will also do.

The same goes for my breakfasts. If I have the time, I prefer a sturdy start of the day, which will buy me more time before hunger sets in. Cottage cheese, nuts and whatever fruit I have available is my favourite here. If I happen to be en route, it’s invariably a protein yoghurt and an apple. Practical is the key. So it’s extra special when I discover a mango (which coincidentally is the only fruit left) and put together the mother of all practical breakfasts – in 180 seconds flat.

Who knows when I will have the opportunity to have such a morning meal again. But excellent it was!

My start to the morning

It’s back-to-school, and as every other parent, I am getting used to the new schedule. Fitting in new appointments, rearranging others and finding routine to an otherwise hectic autumn. Swimming lessons have reverted back to Wednesdays and with that Mexican dinners with the Brady Bunch. It’s a welcome break to the week, which usually comprises of a mix of homemade cooking and takeaways (depending on time and level of energy). Well coming to think of it, I am more of a routine person – whenever situations allow for a bit of planning. In that sense I welcome back the autumn. Especially when it’s cold and I can sit by the fireplace with a cup of strong black coffee, working in my dressing gown.

the obligatory chicken salad at Popocatepetl

mornings are colder than usual, which calls for the fireplace to be inaugurated


Just before leaving the office, Victoria sent me a tempting picture of a dozen of cupcakes with icing and all. I am not sure if it was a bribe for joining us for a takeaway, but how could I refuse? All well and done, spareribs, hamburgers and cupcakes stood on the menu….and a few games of memory. In all its simpleness a lovely family evening. Thanks hun ♥♥♥

As of recent I wake up earlier than normal. Not because something is brooding, but as it seems my bio rhythm has changed without rhyme or reason. Where I could easily sleep into past ten on a weekend, I wake up at quarter past eight invariably. My weekends are much the same though as in the past. Saturday starts off with coffee, news, emails and admin followed by running errands and a late afternoon gym session.

Sunday typically is a variant of the Saturday. Classical piano music, email and blogging followed by a late breakfast serving as brunch, and then catching up on whatever slipped through the net the previous day. After gym and an early dinner, I typically wind down with preparations for the week to come and a good film. Tonight I have my eyes on the French L’affaire SK1.

But seeing the glorious autumn weather, I might just substitute the latter for a solitary evening walk. Thinking twice about it, I might do just that. It won’t be long until those sunny days will be a mere memory.


pictures from yesterday’s evening stroll

it won’t be long until those leaves will shift their colour