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Yesterday, as I had finished the grocery shopping for the week to come, it really hit home how much I missed Cecile. All those moments, which with their significance had lodged into memory. Good and bad…although Cecile always had a tendency of turning the latter into the former. Dogs have that rare gift I suppose – being man’s best friend. They have this sixth sense of feeling grief in their human companions, and do their utmost to erase it. Whether with wet kisses or party tricks. Yes I remembered it all, but this time around there was no Cecile to obliterate my sorrows. I distracted myself with a film on the Nelson Mandela trial where (oddly enough) I found some relief, until midnight struck and the only option left was to put the day to an end with the hope that the one in store would scatter the clouds. Luckily it has….somewhat.

“It’s taken 2 years ago to the day, when Cecile was still part of the family. It was a time of great change and upheaval and if I think about it, the picture was taken in an act of defiance. To the outside world, but more so to myself. I am ok. We are fine. We will survive.”

I came home last night from an improvised trip to the amusement park (or more like a fairy tale park) Efteling. It’s one of those places which has something to offer for young and old – in fact every age. The fairy rides, the village based on children stories such as Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood, and the amazing rides and shows offer much entertainment for any family.

In short it was the perfect ending to the summer holidays. On that note enjoy your weekend πŸ™‚

family fun…and yes we won a stuffed doughnut πŸ™‚

my gorgeous Victoria

Let’s see where this ride will take us

several fairy tale rides offer magnificent splendor

like snapshots from well known bedtime stories

undoubtedly the cleanest park in the Netherlands thanks to Holle Bolle Gijs

we already started on the bedtime story book

the day was preceded by family dinner

and swimming at the hotel swimming pool


An incredibly sad day for our family as our much loved Jack Russel family member, Cecile, had to be put to sleep after some months illness. Needless to say, too sad to write an obituary for this sweet little dog, who came to us when she was just months old. Yet very happy we got to see her when on our last vacation in Malta. Love you and will miss you tremendously Cecile. ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀

Miss you sweetie

remember snuggling up to her in bed

and playing with the kids

the most adorable little dog

a very happy meeting last month after not seeing her for some 18 months

It’s been somewhat of an outlier week, which saw me drinking far too much coffee and sleeping less than I should (jet lag from last week’s trip to Asia). Well last cup and then off in a moment for an evening planned to be spent in bed with an Indian takeaway and the Infiltrator as escapism. Happy Friday everyone πŸ™‚

work coming to an end

Technically the summer hasn’t come to an end, but with the rainy weather coupled with an intensive work week ahead, it seems only natural to draw the line here. Yet I feel fortunate to have had a long summer, some spent in France, some on the beaches of Zandvoort and others on the Maltese shores.

Afterwards I was given the opportunity for work to go to the Philippines and Taiwan, discovering yet more. Most of these trips I had the pleasure to do with the kids, watching Victoria take the lead in what our dinners would look like and Sebastian showing off his swimming skills.

My highlight must be the sailing trip we had for a day with family and friends along the northern coast of Malta, anchoring in the blue lagoon and exploring abandoned towers and grottoes. I took time to meditate on the bow, figuring my course of direction until that elusive date of 2020. And so I sit here in bed with classical music streaming through my iphone, coffee in one hand, and my notes I made that trip in the other, including the Mont Blanc pen I received for my birthday. Memories from past intertwines with the present and that of what is to be. #feelingblessed

lovely summer moments

I arrived back early this morning. Luckily having been upgraded to business class I succumbed to a long sleep after watching Allied with Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard. Now on to another Netflix serie making the most out of the weekend before work commence on Monday.


settling in with a glass of Champagne and a movie…not a bad way to end the home journey

the tax free shopping offered a few purchases too

a beautiful teapot gift which will take pride of place

It’s been a short but good trip to both the Philippines and Taiwan. Not much sightseeing but good meetings, conversations and fantastic food. And an excellent Chinese massage I should add. About to take off destination Amsterdam, so I’m off the grid for next 12 hours πŸ™‚

exotic food breakfast in bed

the 101 tower

dumplings at the famous Din Tai Fung restaurant

sliced and steamed cake

window shopping from a taxi


Koi fish at the massage parlour 

stepping out in the warm Taipei evening 


Admittedly I haven’t seen much of Manila, besides corporate buildings, restaurants and hotels. Nevertheless it has been a good trip (set aside the long haul, which was pretty hard to muster being a die-hard insomniac). After catching up on emails, late breakfast and a gym session, I’m now off to Taipei.

view from hotel

travelling is no excuse…

…for not keeping up with fitness regime 



Do I need to say more?

Manila intersection

discovered a new dish – mango with sticky rice

interior shot of hotel Fairmont

Singapore sling – gin, cherry-flavored brandy, triple sec, Benedictine, pineapple juice, lime juice, and grenadine

sophistication in a bottle

window shopping

Touched down, did the laundry, had a 10 hour beauty sleep, repacked and now off for a short business trip. Before I left, I discovered the amaryllis plant from last year’s Christmas in full bloom on the balcony. A wonderful welcome and goodbye at the same time.

Beauty in all its simplicity

Food for thought – snacks and magazines in the business lounge