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The village festa continued yesterday and we luckily managed to get a table at the Villa giving us a vantage point for the festivities and the fireworks.

say cheese

Sebastian turned into quite a photographer capturing the fireworks

the grande finale

We had the pleasure to stumble across a village festa taking place between the two parishes of St Julian’s and Sliema. Weather was balmy, and people were strolling between different stalls offering nougat, home made pastries and cheap toys (we tried all three!). Walking back from the Villa, having had a last evening nightcap, the firework started. I have to say, it was one of the most impressive ones I have seen here, lasting close to half an hour. Contrary to previous times I even managed to capture a few decent shots 🙂

village festa made this party happy

at the Villa for a last drink before strolling home

with love…

..and a lot of fireworks

from St Julian’s

feast for sore eyes


Today feels like a day the holiday really started. No work, breakfast on the balcony, gym session followed by a relaxed afternoon at the beach. Bliss

Finally holiday!

Susanna at the bath (as the saying goes)

Sebastian is enjoying the Med too

smeared my hair in castor oil for an improvised hair treatment

Found some pics from the birthday evening, spent at Barracuda. Again thank you all for making it a memorable day and a big thank you to R for the Mont Blanc pen. It will sit with pride in my old and battered Mulberry filofax.

birthday girl

surprise surprise

do I need to say more?

family gathered


I really had an excellent birthday – thank you everyone for making it happen! For all the birthday wishes, surprises and presents. I feel blessed. Apart from a few hours work in the morning, I spent most of the day shopping with the girls ending with a late lunch and seeing my beloved dog Cecile. She left some 1.5 years ago from The Netherlands to Malta (and survived the journey!), so it was lovely to see my Jack Russel again – a little older and a few kg’s lighter, but nevertheless a bundle of energy :).

Ceci, Ceci

missed her so much

with those floppy ears and alert eyes

I woke up with a knock on the door, with birthday cake and flowers delivered. Writing this post, whilst enjoying a decadent breakfast with chocolate cake and coffee in bed. Today is set for taking the kids out shopping, lunch at the Point and dinner later this evening.

And thank you everyone for your birthday wishes!! x

birthday celebrations started already last night with dinner with the family (and birthday treats for myself 🙂

at the Portomaso Marina

birthday cake

…and flowers…the day is starting well

A year further, and I am fumbling to find anchors allowing for calibration. The constant flux is…well just that…constant. I suppose that is what sums it all up in a nutshell. It makes it rather difficult at times to maintain meaningful relationships beyond what is purely work related. And I am tremendously grateful for those. But every year, is a year closer to that magic date of 2020. How come this date?

Believe me, enough data points as a project manager to take a realistic point of view and then add another 50%. And with that knowledge, how many projects would even be started if a realistic planning was conducted in the first place? Not many I suppose, and probably not some personal decisions taken a few years back either. But if there are regrets, those are merely momentarily, and soon shifts to a more utilitarian view and outlook (and fortunately so).

Well I wrote a blog post – down to the same date, place and time – a year ago. Reading it now, it’s interesting how much changes in 365 days….and in the grand scheme of things… how little actually does…

to be continued…

years has past, yet my one steady companion continues to be with me

….Marcus…you saw me through another year


As I turned off the lights a little over midnight I knew I would sleep tremendously well. Malta has that…whether magnetic field or just the sea lulling you to sleep, I sleep like a log without fail. 9 hours straight before a little man called for my attention. We had breakfast in bed, Sebastian watching cartoons whilst I caught up on emails that I still hadn’t managed to cover off before the departure. Victoria swung by an hour later and I hit the gym whilst the kid hit the swimmingpool. The afternoon was spent at a small and secluded beach, with Sebastian hunting for fish and crabs. I almost finalised a project paper I had to read so as of tomorrow I am truly on holiday!      

combining business with pleasure

as much as it goes in 35+ degrees

so good to be back 🙂

…but in this case perhaps it’s more appropriate to replace Eagle with Falcon, as this is how the island came to be in the possession of the Knights Hospitaller for some 250 years, as after seven years of moving from place to place in Europe, the knights gained fixed quarters in 1530 when Charles I of Spain, as King of Sicily, gave them Malta, Gozo and the North African port of Tripoli in perpetual fiefdom in exchange for an annual fee of a single Maltese falcon (the Tribute of the Maltese Falcon), which they were to send on All Souls’ Day to the King’s representative, the Viceroy of Sicily.

Well there’s a bit of trivia for you. As for me, I am going to continue my latest pastime: delving into Biblical stories and places including Soddom and Gomorra and the real mission of St John.

oh yes, we are here!

Sebastian enjoying the evening with the girls

harbour view for first evening meal

Next week Monday we are off for our summer vacation to Malta. The kids are really looking forward to it (though strictly speaking one already departed today). Packing will be….as always… a last minute affair. But despite not dwelling too much in my vacation destinations before I arrive, I already ordered a book I am intending to get through – Niccolo Machiavelli’s the Prince. I bought it some time ago but gave it to someone in much more need of the strategic advice it has on offer.

But in this very moment I can’t wait to be on a beach with a diet Kinnie (the local bitter orange drink) and a good book in my hand.

Malta here we come!


a year ago strolling the city of majestic Mdina

with its many palazzinos

the blue grottos outside Comino