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And so at once, spring has turned into summer with balmy weather reaching into the 30s. I’ve decided to take a mini holiday and enjoy a long weekend at the beach. With Ascension day last Thursday, Sebastian and I packed our bags for Zandvoort, followed by dinners at Mango’s with Virgin Mojitos and tapas on the menu.

It’s days like these, creativity is starting to flow freely. I have been working on my objectives and new projects in my agenda and also managed to finish Paolo Coelho’s book on Mata Hari. Normalcy is gradually returning, instilling a sense of peace.

Sebastian was quick to find friends to play with

I got the opportunity to wear my new Michael Kors flip flops

fabulous view whilst having dinner

and enjoying a Virgin Mojito (or two)

I had promised for a long time to take my girl out for shopping, lunch and dinner (not necessarily in that order). With a hectic schedule it hasn’t been easy to find a date, but eventually we managed to nail yesterday as D-day. After hours of shopping, I’m not sure what feels more sore…my wallet or my feet. But most importantly the girl received the princess treatment in style. After 6 hours on the go and a meeting in between, we ended the day at Pompstation in Amsterdam. A splendid dinner to end a terrific day.

a lot of walking through Amsterdam’s canal district

VIP treatment at Bijenkorf

More shopping

ending with drinks…


…and a lobster at Pompstation in Amsterdam.


There isn’t a single day that goes by that I don’t think of my mum. I have her pictures on the most important spot in the house – on a family heirloom together with a prized collection of perfumes. It stands opposite my bed, thus I go to bed and wake up with my mum in mind and heart. Today is her birthday and it’s with both sadness and gratitude I commemorate her. As time goes by her legacy is greater than ever before. A wonderful woman who has given me so much strength and courage throughout my life.

Jag älskar dig ❤

age about 4 on my grandfather’s car

Thank you family for a wonderful Mother’s Day celebration. Happy Mum, Happy Kids and a Happy Meal at Popocatepetl in Haarlem. x

receiving the sweetest of gifts

with a kiss

A candle holder in the shape of a heart

Sebastian with Sander….thanks Victoria for taking this pic







My daughter came to surprise me with an early mother’s day gift yesterday. Luxury body cream, scrub, shower gel and tea! But best of all was her announcement – you are the best mum in the world! Honey, it made not only my day but my week. xx


thank you darling

There is not much to write home about except that I am stepping up in my breakfast creations, having mastered a perfect souffle omelette. 3 eggs beat very hard until foamy, a tad of salt and pepper and in a hot pan. Once it starts to harden add some shredded cheese, continue of another minute, then turn half of it (turning it into the shape of a half moon). Another 30 sec and Bob’s your uncle!

Bon Appétit!

….is a constant desire I live and long for. Be it vintage perfumes and whiskey decanters. Or antique jewellery and Venetian masks, I am a collector – when time, space….and my purse afford it. It’s now something of a tradition, to visit brocantes markets and obscure antiquarian bookshops wherever my travels take me. Perhaps any obscure shop will do, as long as they present pretty little things. These mementos offer me not only pleasure for the eye, but the conjuring of memories and dreams. Sometimes they even act as a guide to my life(long) goals and desires. One of these collections I tend to are old prints. Often with dented frames and sun faded paper. But it’s these imperfections which makes them all the more beautiful and desirable.

I took them out the other day, placing them on the floor, rearranging them to a pattern that pleased my eyes. And there I stood, dreaming for a moment, imagining the people that once laid eyes on the very same prints. Purchasing them for a week’s wage, eventually leaving them in trusted custody of their children and grandchildren. Because these forefathers were not so different to their contemporaries. They harboured the same hopes and dreams as we do. And I am sure, pretty little things sustained their desires much the same.


prints from past trips

a silent moment contemplating their journeys

There is not a lot to feel delighted for in the news, except that the alt-right movement (which don’t forget is just a more polite word for fascism) is facing resistance from all sides of the political spectrum. From Elizabeth Warren to a 15 year old girl who recently stood up against a neo-nazi demonstration. We need you more than ever! kŷdos.

an inpsiration

from Birmingham with a smile

to Stockholm with a feminist salute

a long line of inspiration – from Sophie Scholl

to Jeanne d’Arc


Liberty Leading the People by Delacroix