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Excellent food, company and a run in the beautiful country side. Feeling recharged and full of energy despite a bad cold that has hit me.





At 8.45 pm I find myself in bed after a long working-from-home day. I managed to cram in most activities on my action list and then some. With Victoria’s first working day, I found a starving girl on my doorstep this evening. Welcome to my world honey! And yes it a minor achievement serving up a home-made pumpkin and sweet potato before 7 pm.

But with this day behind me, it is now time for a good documentary and then an early night. Lately I’ve been delving into she-wolves….strong, power seeking, and sometimes mere mothers surviving in a mans world. This one is for Isabella of France and Margaret of Anjou. The former most renowned for dispatching of her husband, Edward II with a red-hot poker up his royal behind. Enjoy…

…and finally there is a weekend with enough peace and quiet to work. It’s a very typical working weekend, where I don’t get out of my dressing gown, instead ending up next to the fireplace trawling through emails for most of the day. Victoria is lodging here, watching Sex and the City to kill this mundane Saturday. It brings back memories, and for a moment as I watched a sequence from Carry Bradshaw musing over a trip to Abu Dhabi, I couldn’t help but realising how much has changed since I used to follow the series. The girly antics of these ladies, seem so far-fetched, and what I drew on as inspiration some 10 years ago I couldn’t see myself doing in a million years. The times where I loved cocktails, luxury clothes and accessories, sumptuous dinners are far gone. Instead I find myself constantly preoccupied with clearing up the past and preparing for the future ahead. Still, perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad to emerse myself in a romcom once in a while. Int he meantime, Victoria made a rather funny clip of me impersonating Miss Bradshaw. No offense Carrie, still love you :).


loads of work…



Carrie Bradshaw impersonation with a bit of editing facilitated by Victoria

You are in bed pondering on something suitable to watch. WWII has occupied you for far too long, so has the French Revolution and the rise and the fall of the Romanovs. Yet the are chapters you need to revisit. Especially in this phase of your life. You turn to Catherine the Great. She is after all one of those figures in history that despite countless tales of her rise and subsequent rule (it’s important to remember, she never fell), remains enigmatic. You read her memoirs in times of adversity. You sympathised and even drew on stratagems she successfully applied to her own personal life. And here you are, a different road perhaps, but the outcome was nevertheless for the better.

You fall asleep to the dispatch of her husband, and when you wake up in the 21st century life you are after all leading, Facebook reminds you that 2 years ago you read her memoirs for the second time.

It also reminds you of how the nature of life is rather cyclical.


treasured and well read

My daughter sent me a reminder of a holiday we had years ago. I can’t recall if it was the US, Greece or Malta….or anywhere in between, but the picture brings back good sentiments. A lot has happened since, Victoria has grown up becoming a smart and beautiful young lady….as for me….well I have a plan but as with everything else in life, the road to get there is not always the way we envisioned it to be… Thus to be continued :).


ca 15 years ago

It’s close to 7 pm when I find myself on a train from Amersfoort direction Amsterdam. But we shan’t complain We put our collective brains together and with a professional crew, shot at location Duiven for SIM-CI. The weather was incredible and I’m sure so will be the outcome. But for now, as I am sitting on a reserve train going through what seems like endless forrest (a rarity in the Netherlands), I can’t help but feeling happy and content knowing I am on my way home. It’s a hectic week (aren’t they all ;), but well worth it!


on set 🙂


you really expect me to wear this?


….oh well…Field Service Engineer for a Day



The train is just turning into Heemstede-Ardenhout and although the internet wifi is failing miserably (and so is my hotspot) I decide against playing a game to relax and instead open up an empty sheet on my mac to work on something that will become just another blog post. They are far and few in between, and I have tried to figure out this apparent fact. Does it have to do with the limited time at my disposal, or is it down to something altogether different? Blogging started as a social experience, which turned into a personal need and outlet. But as life changed, gradually taking on lighter shades, so did the need for expression. In fact the few times I go back to chapters in life described here, they not only seem dark but the apparent pain gives them a depth I find hard to accomplish today. The life lessons I desperately tried to find, the hand I stretched out in the hope to find another one, well that stage is now (luckily) over. I have yet to give it a place and despite the urge to write about these experiences, this will have to wait. Although Time is generous, the things I want to accomplish are simply too many if not too tiem consuming. Sof or now my posts will be intermittent at best, however I shall try my best to give them some nuance and depth. If not I would be failing my motto once set up on this blog. To tell the dark side of truth…and other stories :)…


A beautiful evening followed in the Indian Summer night. Bar Beton where I enjoyed a glass of rose post-meetings, recommended to try Restaurant Bis onLijnmarkt in Utrecht. It proved to be an excellent choice if you are a lover of French cuisine (do I need to say more?). Pan seared Scallops for starter and guinea fowl for main course was on the menu followed by a stroll through the picturesque streets and canals.

As for this morning, there is a bit of work and admin to be caught up with and then lunch in town. The weekend has started in all earnest :).


shoot for the moon. even if you miss you’ll land among the stars


shining brightly in the Utrecht night


casual Friday chic


stunning view from a car park


wonderful dinner at Restaurant Bis


Last weekend didn’t end as well as I had hoped for. I came down with what seemed at first like a stomach flu, lasting me well into the week. Luckily it has passed and although the work week isn’t exactly over yet I just parked myself in a bar at the Utrecht Central Station, enjoying a glass of wine before a dinner date in the vicinity. I rarely come to Utrecht so not sure where we will end up but I am sure it will be good 🙂 Wish you all a good weekend!


the weekend has officially started!

Victoria picked me up with Thai for lunch. I was still in my dressing gown having worked most morning on my administration and emails that deserved some extra priority. In other words a quiet weekend. The highlight of the day was entering the world of the fit and the beautiful. We had scheduled a joined session with a PT for an intake and it was actually a lot of fun. So no more excuses not to get in shape again! Victoria couldn’t resist making a video in action. Needless to say this is hard work 🙂


waking up to a Thai surprise