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touring the grand harbour


spectacular as always


as are the numerous walkways and passages…


paying homage to the past largely in credit to the Knights of St John


detail from St. John’s co-cathedral


only perhaps rivaled by St Peter’s in Rome

…the old capital of Malta. Lovely day, culture, museums, pastizzis and a lot of walking. This holiday, despite some ups and downs, is proving good for body and soul….


a full day in MdinaIMG_1955

offering lovely picturesque streets…IMG_1956

details just waiting to be captured


the silent city


…with a stunning view from the battalions

…dear friends for all the birthday wishes, and family for making it a memorable day and evening. After a day spent in leisure (mostly buying prezzies for the kids), we ended it at restaurant Barracuda and a walk down to the Portomaso Marina. Today is another day, the sun is shining without discrimination or mercy. Another hour of catching up on work awaits, a session in the gym followed by reading and writing at the pool. This holiday is made for just that….collecting my thoughts and making some serious plans for the future…


dressed up for the occassion


catching an ice cream before bedtime


beautiful flowers woke me up earlier in the day  IMG_1938

I didn’t say no either to shopping at this vantage point


sumptuous dinner at Barracuda

…of my birthday, celebrating 3 decades on this planet, I find a rare moment to pause for reflection. I say rare, because I never seem to catch those moments nowadays. However brief. But today is different. Possibly because I am about to take a step into that unknown void of being 40. With age one should seem to think the path of life should appear clearer, straighter if not a little more narrower. But I find it to be the near exact opposite.

I was about seven when I knew with absolute certainty what I wanted to become. An archeologist. It combined adventure with my ultimate passion – history. But as I studied the horizon widened and I took on subjects such as biology, sociology, philosophy and chemistry with gusto. Perhaps I should follow in my mother’s footsteps and study to become a bio-chemist, or take on the noble profession of my grandfather ending with a medical degree. I dabbled with politics, representing my school’s district. Thinking back, I wonder what persuaded me…the debates on whether we should join the EU or not (I went to Brussels in the belief I would find the answer……I did, in the novel idea that Europe should stand united), the parties or the eligible young men that hung around the youth party HQ?

Yet, all seemed rather clear. I would find my vocation and then I would plant my seeds on the continent. Copenhagen seemed the most obvious choice.

That was over 20 years ago. Those moments springing to life as clear as they appeared when they unfolded. In stark contrast to the last 10 years. In fact, if I have to retrace events, I have to by large rely on my blog. Because they are hazy. Buried under pain and grief and….well call it anger for lack of a better word.

But the last year has become a lot clearer. If my youth was painted in oil, and the last decade in faint aquarelle, then I am back to the oil clad canvas. The smudgy, sticky kind. It is not just recent personal events that stand out, with the sharpness of a van Gogh. Headlines of terror attacks, BREXIT and the primary US presidential elections mixes with court cases and hospital visits.

All in all, a very diverse year, one until now, I wish to see the back of. But so came today, and I found myself standing by the railings of the roof terrace of Le Méridien, listening to Hillary Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine’s introduction speech. I must have stood there for a good half an hour, for when the speech was over, I was left with a seed planted. “You can either be right or you can do right.” I pondered on it, using my philosophical point of view as calibrator. I still do, along with specks of recent events. Randomly conceived yet my mind wants to see the logic, a pattern if not determinism.

But for now, being interrupted in my train of thought with another Happy Birthday message, getting mildly irritated by it, I should probably take the queue and go to sleep…


back in Malta