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On the train back home. Looking out of the window on summer landscape under low hanging clouds. I wasn’t intending to put in a blog post but somehow I am gravitating toward it. Perhaps because of the thick knot sitting like a rock hard lump in my throat. I swallow but it is stubborn. Like it wants to remind me of the sorrows that await.

“But it is merely down to your estimate of them”
, a voice echoes. Yes, it is very true, and Marcus is thus never far away. Neither is my mum, who visits my dreams…day as night. …and Sebastian and Victoria…one in a Mexican hat matching his clear blue eyes with equal intensity. And a girl, tucking in at Envy in Amsterdam. Two special moments with two very special kids.




…and doing what I do best (according to some ;)….making pitch decks. Sebastian is chilling in front of a cartoon. Life in all it’s mundanity is pretty darn fine 🙂 #HappyWednesday


Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 15.57.47

working to a chilled mix

I’ve been terribly at keeping in touch. Some understand, others find it less agreeable. I appreciate the former (thank you M for kind words over a cappuccino…even though I am ever cold and aloof)….and I do sympathise with the latter. It is not hard to…I am rather selfish and maintaining friendships was never my forte. Yet, occasionally someone manage to nail the story down to a t. Valmont does when he sends me a text with the following attachment. You are not far off the mark I think quietly to myself…


…perhaps the fact escaped you, but is the 72nd anniversary of the D-Day landing tomorrow. And here in Bayeux there are celebrations on the way. Wartime music is broadcasted on the speakers, people are singing “It’s a long way to Tipperary” at two in the morning, and Omaha beach is filled with wartime jeeps and soldiers in uniforms. It feels rather special being here, and I couldn’t help but remembering the famous speech of Sir Winston Churchill.

We are truly blessed not having to have to go through what those soldiers did, nor living under such oppression. But it’s also a blessing, and perhaps more a privilege to be here on such an occasion.

Indeed never has so much been owed by so many to so few…and let’s not forget, still is…


a beautiful day to remember


Omaha Beach anno 2016 IMG_1842

remembering D-Day….I was quite pleased with this shot myself


remnants of the mulberry harbour can be seen in the distance


a poignant message…we “would rather die on our feet than live on our knees”

Franklin D. Roosevelt

…and yes you are right Victoria, we both look Asian. Must be the Mongolian blood floating in our diluted Finnish veins :).


Thanks for sending this picture and being so adorable. You still are! x

Intensive day, demanding week, crash-and-burn year….well onwards and upwards….yes the idioms are plentiful….captured whenever the need exist. And the needs are many. But there are moments one can forget…by need or by habit…or perhaps just by getting lost in time and space…

Kids, salsa and a good Margarita does seem a winning combination…


La familia


l’enfant terrible…


…rivaling a mean margarita