Monthly Archives: May 2016

I’ve been totally inept at updating this blog. Not because of lack of events (although my life has been pretty monochrome in the last weeks). But work has taken first priority, and with events and deadlines in an ever continuous succession, I just never got around to nurturing this piece of my life.

So it’s finding myself in bed with classical music, coffee, fruit for breakfast and actually having a rather clean inbox (I just sorted them to my other 6 inboxes I have to take care of this weekend) that I find myself having some peace of mind to tackle this baby.

So what is on the agenda for this weekend? Well manicure, pedicure and that obligatory wax job. Then I am toying with the (abhorrent!) idea of going shopping to update a hopelessly outdated wardrobe. And if time allows I will go for a run this afternoon. The sun is shining and this Saturday may just prove perfect for a day off.


melon and mango breakfast – Saturday morning luxury


small gift courtesy of Franse Kamer – will be enjoyed after dinner tonight


…but treasured Mother’s Day present from Sebastian. Fits really well with another gift from Victoria I received when she was about the same age as Sebastian. Love you both xx


cute hand made wrapping paper


a dreamy little man

It’s stifling, even though the sun is hidden from the what appears to be heavy clouds. You sweat on the cross trainer….your first gym session in a week. It’s there, as you trawl through your inbox, whilst opening up skype that Magical Mambo starts to play. It’s a loungy, dreamy and indeed magical number and it doesn’t take long to find it on Spotify. You put it on repeat.

The music sets the flavour of the day. A white silk blouse, navy silk pencil skirt, dark pumps…..and a dab of Habanita….and so you dance away whilst packing your bag, ready for another day at the office…


Mambo woman 


Habanita by Molinard seems like a perfectly logical choice

Back from Normandy. A well deserved break which Sebastian enjoyed too. Mont Saint Michel, Caen and Alencon stood on the itinary. The first being an absolute beauty I would warmly recommend.


relaxing in the sun


a pearl in the English Channel


the picturesque streets of Mont Saint Michel


Plenty of war memorials in this region, however I didn’t expect a German memorial. Strange atmosphere


Getting the lego


..and off we are


the little man and his toys

a Sunday afternoon walk at Elswout. Nurturing for body and soul.


Luscious green park


The Petit Trianon of Haarlem


vast parklands


with an orangerie


details, details, details


bringing back memories from two years ago