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You sit in a blacked out room. It’s as if being in a casino if not for the absent sound of trickling coins in free fall of a slot machine. You still wait for the jackpot. Don’t they all?….chasing the dragon…it’s all a mere rush of endorphins…..endogenous morphine…whether stemming from the actual substance or down to another level of Candy Crush (it holds over 2000 levels, enough to keep your addiction going). Your pick. You would frankly choose the former, only for it’s utter euphoria it created in moments of great anguish.

But her you are, euphoria or not, waiting for the chip to fall, the dice to land. You lift your gaze above the rim of the laptop.

“Shall I put on some music?”

“Sure” you college casually responds. He has after all better things to do than deciding on a tracklist.

“It’s strange, you couldn’t see it my way, hey now go

You sing along softly, unfortunately the flu no longer there, your whiskey voice but a memory…

He reacts. Oh he is a mere mortal after all, you denote.

“You know you are so born in the wrong century.”

An astute observation. Finally you have his attention.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 21.07.39

“In life, as in chess, forethought wins.”

~ Charles Buxton

A very civilized evening, Champagne, scallops with just a scant of truffle oil, good company, music and chess….one of those skills I can’t thank my parents enough for teaching me….and a good chess computer of course.


Take your formations


checkmate….and this time I didn’t even play dirty


must say Champagne did cloud my judgement at times


delicious Saturday dinner

It’s a strange but interesting evening at Americano. Also rather befitting, as I’ve come to expect nothing less of life. I stand outside, looking for someone who has just vanished in thin air. It’s a cold February night. I listen into a conversation between two women, both smoking. It’s a conversation about work…unfortunately it’s a necessary must, one retorts.

A gentleman walks outside, fashionably dressed in a tweed jacket adorned with a silk handkerchief. He takes his position a few metres apart, whilst lighting up a cigarette. I feel suddenly rather lonely….but well there are always unorthodox solutions to these situations.

I take a few casual steps closer. “I suppose I should take up the habit of your dying breed”.
“You certainly should”…he watches me intently….“you want one?”

“Sure, why not…” I accept gracefully.

A discussion ensues, my appointment joining us in our filthy habit. Perhaps this breed will survive after all…and no our benefactor is not working for the European Tobacco Lobby, nor Philip Morris for that matter. But for a moment we all turn into Marlboro Men…in fact it ends rather perfectly given the fact the conversations started with the Winchester rifle ;).


Just as I was getting better (although I still feel pretty exhausted and hammered), I got a call that Sebastian was probably getting down with it too. Paracetamols in some apple puree was all he could muster and fell asleep whilst dinner was in the make (in vain of course). We are now both snug on the sofa, the little man asleep whilst mummy is catching up on work.

Hope we don’t receive any more casualties in our family :-S.


In all the misery it’s a sweet sight

It’s a while since the Dutch trains were fitted with wifi. But it is what makes the journey so useful running through the mails that kept clogging up over the night (do we have competition from a new specie? The ones that work 24/7, 7 days a week. If anyone has ideas how to tackle these private life slayers be my guest to drop me a line :).

On a good note, I didn’t miss the train, and here I am with my laptop and my new leather bag from KR Elite! Thank you Karien to introduce me to your wonderful bags. More will come on that as I cannot rave more about your eye for style and detail – especially for a woman that needs to cram in her whole emergency kit into one bag, let alone her life story.

Wish you all a good day and if we are indeed evolving into this new subspecie of Homo sapiens, do your utmost to resists. Don’t give up without a fight!


KR Elite – excellent for work and travel in leather and lining of nude suede

Last night, laying in bed, realizing I wanted to share my thoughts with someone desperately….that urging, nagging feeling. Like a missing brother, or soul if you like….it also dawned upon me how little time I have for reflections. 2015 was a year of turmoil, much as a result of personal reasons and circumstances, and health was something that was scarce at best. Despite all, I managed, by hook or by crook, to pull myself out the the muddy waters I was swimming in. Or perhaps more like drowning in it. Now the waters are somewhat more clear, but the challenge is a deep ocean which needs to be navigated. And I am no Vasco da Gama…yet ;).

But this is neither here nor there. Perhaps this weekend will allow me some time again to do what I love…just write. True stories….and other ones….exploring the hidden depths of myself and humankind. And the topic never ceases to fascinate me.

Until then, the reflections of this very moment, are captured on a french press. A still life Anno February 24, 2016. It’s 8:37 AM. My day is just about to embark…


back to where I was just a few months ago

We were treated to a delicious dinner and I got to be privy to stories (I have to admit I ought have not to hear) by Victoria and her friend. A very nice and sociable evening ending with a game of rummikub. On a different note the flu is still raging and woke up several times from cold sweats and high fever. It’s not terribly good given workload, so once again I am going about it the stoic way….pull yourself together woman!


a delicious crayfish entrée


duck with goose liver, mango sauce and mashed potatoes


we were all too full for dessert but instead opted for a fame of rummikub


Good morning! It’s been a while since last I have to admit. A trip to France, Casual Connect, deadlines and and more importantly my son’s birthday rendered little time for blogging. On Thursday that creepy feeling of a cold/flu started to make itself noticed. I mitigated it with paracetamol, but it kept on lingering. Friday afternoon it was clear I had to cut my working day to a little past 5 pm. There was a wine tasting on the agenda which would have served a perfect end to a long week, but I lasted 4 sips and then stumbled out (not because of the influence of alcohol but rather that familiar feeling of being run over by a truck).

As I’m one of those people living by the mantra of an organised life down to a T (some people say it’s bordering on OCD although I couldn’t disagree more), I knew I had to clean up the apartment and do the grocery shopping before “hell” broke loose. By 8 pm I was ready (12 hour work day….so I can’t help but feeling a little proud that I managed to pull through), dinner was in form of hand-made burgers and Victoria came over to help tuck in. We played Rummikub and that was it really.

Sleep wasn’t terribly good until I took a heavier pain medication left over from my bout with kidney stones and I woke up just after 9 am. Still a sore throat, but as we like to see things positive, this is the time to call me as I have an incredibly husky voice ;).

Wish you all a good Saturday and weekend of course!


Home after a Casual Connect Dinner…


….looking a little worse for wear and oh so tired

“Erase the print of imagination, stop impulse, quench desire: keep your directing mind its own master.”

Marcus Aurelius



Don’t worry, this blog won’t be turned into another food blog. But there is little to report apart from a brilliant gathering last Friday (a special thanks to M….we have a lot of stories to exchange still ;). I woke up Saturday with that feeling that I just participated in a car crash. Not of the hangover kind (little to be hung over from so no need to be alarmed). More like a very intense week that got the better of me. I had work planned in for the weekend but I ended up taking a break, cruising the local shopping street instead. It wasn’t without its highlights, and I secured a new lip gloss, the presents for Sebastian’s birthday and party (yes all the kids…classmates, after school friends and party guests needs to walk away with something…a bag of crisps is not enough anymore).

Today saw a relaxing morning, and catching up on work. Dinner was delicious hence the pictures (not my creation I have to admit).

Well checking out here as I am planning an early rise. Stoic meditation, yoga, cross trainer and then off to the office.

Sleep tight



Duck…what else?