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It’s been a very relaxed weekend, a little bit of work, followed by shopping and coffee at a new place at the Cronje – Lunch & Co. I got what I was looking for – and more. Hair products galore, make-up supply and dinner for the evening, which we enjoyed en famille.


Lunch & Co – will try this place out for dinner one of these days


The cappuccino was definitely good


Beauty essentials


duck with buttery mango sauce


…forgotten vegetables washed down with a vintage Saint-Émilion


It’s been quite a while since I was ill (well not including my near death encounter ;). But sleeping badly, and waking up with a sore throat, a slight fever and a body that felt like it just had an intimate encounter with a freight train was not how I was anticipating starting the weekend. Luckily with paracetamols at hand, coffee and a nutritious breakfast, I seem to have overcome most of the fatigue and and overall lethargy. Thus I am once more defined more aptly as a sick female with laptop. Add to that in my PJ’s, my math sucks sweater and in a generally unshowered condition.

As for planning….well I didn’t plan getting ill in the first place so I suppose I will spend this weekend tucked up in bed. I can think of a few things I should be doing, so will attempt to use this time well and make a good planning for the weekend ahead.


sickening-it-out essentials

…on my way to the Hague I passed the Embassy as I am in the process of applying for a new passport and a few documents needs to be delivered for that (yes oh joy as I have precious little time at the moment). It’s a glorious day and for a a little moment I was back in Sweden (yes, an Embassy is officially the country it is representing, hence the protection it offers unless an extradition is pursued). Well, all went smoothly and I should have my new passport in a couple of weeks.

As I was waiting for my case to be handled I came across this interesting play performed in Swedish at the stadsschouwburg in Amsterdam – Ge oss skuggorna – or Give us the Shadows. Go see it if you have the time. Apparently it comes with subtitles (not sure how that works in a theater but apparently it does!)


Sweden in all glory


More information on Ge Oss Skuggorna – geef ons de schaduwen


After coming home late (thank you A for the ride…it saved me the rain :), I arrived home to a cold but meticulously clean apartment. It’s rare finding someone that you can trust, is reliable and does a good job.

As it was late I opted for a Thai takeaway and then straight to bed. Unfortunately sleep didn’t come easily and I must have finally fallen asleep around 5 AM. Well something to work on tonight :).

Have a good Wednesday!


The Thai was definitely good. The cold apartment not so much so…

…at Spaces in the Hague. Cool place, with great work spaces, coffee and buffet lunches. In the meantime, whilst waiting for my call enjoying Mr. Jones Stunning Sofia tea.


breakfast on the go


my cubicle for the next hour

MATH SUCKS it exclaims in bold letters.

..I nicked it from my daughter when I was selling our last house. As I was packing up, I discovered this sweater in soft mesh wool. I wasn’t too keen on the print, but it served a purpose….keeping me warm and comfy. No one would see me in it after all…or so I thought. There were two occasions I came to regret it. Once rushing to the hospital (it was an emergency but luckily not mine). The doctor looked rather amused if not perplexed at the same time.

The second time was the other day having a talk with a teacher who will work with my son for extra lessons. It was only making tea in the kitchen (it was late and I had just arrived back from Vienna), that I realised I probably gave the wrong impression. I gave some lame excuse adding that my father would be turning in his grave (he was a mathematician and engineer after all…possibly cremated coming to think of it, so not much to turn I suppose).

So here I am, in my favourite shirt, finishing the last emails before another pablo episode.

Good night x


getting comfy for sleep whilst listening to Marc Anthony’s El Cantante…

…and mon Dieu is it good to be back. Last weeks I have been camping out from my own living room (and in some cases in bed) so a change in environment is doing me exceptionally well. Tomorrow is set for the Hague. Exciting week is ahead.

In the meantime we are gearing up the work tempo with mambo in the office. Which reminds me of which, I do need to start taking those salsa lessons…


my desk is back to it’s usual messy self

I’m quite the pedant. I think in squares, matrices, and processes. It’s probably a reactionary response (a tautology perhaps) to my mum, who had a more bohemian approach to running the household. So whilst she would tolerate a tad of dust here and there I would keep my room impeccably clean. Don’t get me wrong, I love patina, scratched floors and sunk in arm chairs. Nevertheless I subscribe to the adage Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

For that reason, Fridays are ended with cleaning the apartment, Saturdays are there for running errands and Sundays…well I catch up on work.

There is a certain contentment that settles to the house when all is done. When the action list is no more and I can retire to bed with a good documentary, a chapter of Meditations or simply a Netflix series du jour.

Such is the feeling right now. Equilibrium, peace of environment, heart and soul…


Gazing over the worldly possessions I hold dearest…

photos of my family, my fathers chest of drawers and a treasured collection of perfumes


The Waldau family – My grandmother, mum and grandmother’s brother from left top to bottom

It’s a rather gloomy Sunday. The clouds are hanging suitably low over the Low Countries (yep…why the Netherlands are called the Netherlands or les Pays-Bas ….every word has his story so to say). To match the general weather conditions I’m on the couch in my PJ’s, fireplace burning brightly whilst listening to Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana. The backlog is being tackled as we speak, clearing for a new week ahead. Can’t say I’m complaining. In fact I can’t think of a better way to spend this particular Sunday.


Sporting a new pedicure from yesterday


View outside


It’s a slow burning weekend. A few errands, a manicure, work and admin. Most likely the evening will end as yesterday, in bed with Pablo Escobar el Patron del Mal. I loved Narcos, but this series deserve all the superlatives. If you don’t have a Netflix account there are quite few good documentaries floating around that are well worth taking a look at. Enjoy the weekend