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I still remember the assignment inspiration for new FracasNoir collection. It was one of James Bond Skyfall scene that really strike me, I can recall the moment where Séverine slowly and gracefully walks up to Bond. She has smokey eyes, dark painted lips, and wears a long sleek gown. She holds his gaze and speaks to him with a seductive, husky voice. My god it was sexy!

This month, new Bond movie ‘Spectre’ is out in cinema worldwide and I couldn’t be more excited to see it this weekend.


Bond glamorous girl in Skyfall by Bérénice Marlohe 

FracasNoir webshop will be launch tomorrow ready for purchase! So here’s the little sneak peak of our Blue velvet dress mix matching with Christian Louboutin Velvet heels, Gold tassel clutch and Shy Pink lipstick for outfit ideas!

FN11 mix match

It’s almost the end of the November and we’ve started planning on what to wear for work Christmas party, Family and friends reunion gathering for early presents. Don’t we all love Secret Santa game where we buy random stuff for the people we don’t know? Probably not, mostly for social convention but sometime it can be hilarious with joke presents. Soon you’ll hear Christmas song playing everywhere and seeing sneaky early discount during Christmas period.

I’m feeling super excited to be honest, I love this time of year! The lights decoration are so pretty especially in Amsterdam and Haarlem! So back to Festive season on what to wear, I suggest you should try James Bond theme (work every time) Classic white stone wash tuxedo or black diamonte pleated jacket. Victoria (on the left) is wearing midnight blue blouse showing off French lace edge against tuxedo trousers. Splash of red lipstick really give the eye catching contrast! Let’s be merry and sassy this Christmas. Pass me glass of wine please!


Victoria in Tuxedo with midnight blouse and Wiriya in Pleated jacket and skirt

This time last year I was in London meeting Susanne for the first time about Freelance design for FracasNoir. I remembered we were in this underground cafe in Oxford circus with 2 lattes, discussing about FN project and looking at her classic collection I. From Dodger blue crop jacket with pearl diamonte buttons to smoke black chiffon dress. It was exquisite! I was given an assignment to design classic collection II inspired by 1940s style with Shanghai sky rise James bond twist. And I finally made it. Classic Collection II is now ready to be launch! Here’s little glimpse of Last year sketch Vs Now.


First sketch of Bitter Sweetheart dress


Silk Velvet dress sketch. We tweak quite a bit from black to midnight blue colour


Final Blue velvet dress @ €275


Final Caribbean blue sweetheart dress @ €275

You keep on coming back to it “tomorrow is another day”. It’s what you attempt to imprint in your mind at 7 pm, at 8.30 pm and after 2 am when you wake up, confused about time and place. Tomorrow is another day. Just push through the pain.

You are indebted to a number of people that have carried you through, where otherwise a parent, a sibling would have taken over. Instead some (one in particular), carries you through. He finds you in pain, rummaging through the nightstand table for paracetamols. They won’t help against the pain which is there due to a spinal chord injury. Nevertheless you are prepared to try anything. Hot showers, pain medication, philosophy, meditation….hell you’ll even go to a priest. In fact you did. You kept for a long time correspondence with a Catholic cleric despite your protestant heritage. But his answer was of course different than what you were seeking. The concept of God never sat easy with you, and although you can recite the Lord’s prayer to perfection, the words only deliver temporary relief.

Besides the actions committed in the name of God are too horrible to contemplate on. Yet that is what you do daily…contemplation on the most brutal of actions.

But today is today, and you decide, to go with another idiom, the one contrary to the maxim of tomorrow….Carpe Diem. An epicurian dictum, generally attributed to Horace, however contrary to what keeps your heart beating, it seems fit for today. Because who knows what tomorrow has in store…


The roses have stood the test of time for two weeks…and they still stand

And so I finished the 8 hour long documentary on the Romanovs. Having not had the best of days, I needed a break from work so finished the last 30 minutes covering Nicholas II 23 year reign. It is a very well made documentary, one of the better ones I have watched in recent years, but also rather dark. It gives pause for reflection on the shadowy soul inhabiting our eastern neighbours and the trials and tribulations that saw the assassination of numerous Russian Tsars and Tsarinas (the exact number escapes me). I go into a semi-intellectual conversation with R on what drives us to commit these atrocities. And what does one do, when one has to negotiate, if not even require aid, from the devil? Philosophical question which the only universal answer I can find, is that in the end nothing matters. Nature always has a way of restoring itself.

But a last story I shall oblige you with… it’s rather long, so will recite an article from Pravda on the subject. But before you decide to give it a miss due to it’s protracted nature, I would like you to consider the following….once there lived a man, born to serve parents, who became a monk known under name of Abel. He roamed the vast lands of Russia, recognized for his abilities in foreseeing the future. In fact as the story goes he made predictions of the deaths of many Tsars, the world wars and the end of the Romanov family. According to legend he even foresaw the rise of the Antichrist. The story is far more interesting and even involves a sealed box with predictions that was ordered to stay sealed for a hundred years before Tsar Nicholas II was made privy to its content.

Whatever your belief system, it is a fascinating tale which I hope you will enjoy.


Every Russian is familiar with Nostradamus and his prophecies. Yet, in reality, this medieval poet and physician was not a fortuneteller, and his so-called “prophecies” are known, rather, due to their exaggerated popularity, and not their real value. The true predictor, capable not only of predicting the future with amazing confidence but of writing entire books of prophecy, lived in Russia. That man was Vasily Vasilyev, who became famous as a monk Abel. His dark and dire predictions foretold the deaths of many Russian emperors.

Predictions for the leaders are a special case. Since ancient times, each leader always had a court visionary. Such visionaries were particularly in demand in the east. Even the founder of medicine Avicenna compiled horoscopes and studied the influence of planets on the fate of people.

Russia, too, had its fare share of prophets, but the most surprising and perhaps the most famous, was monk Abel. According to the testimony of historical records and archival documents, all his predictions about the emperors of Russia have come true with incredible accuracy. However, the figure of monk Abel is surrounded with myths to the extent where it is hard to say what about his life is true and what is false.

The biographical dictionary of Brokgauz and Efron states: “Abel – a visionary monk, born in 1757, of peasant origin. For his prediction of the dates and time of death of Catherine II and Pavel I, the French invasion and the burning of Moscow he repeatedly found himself in prison, and had been imprisoned for nearly 20 years total. By order of Emperor Nicholas I, Abel was imprisoned in the Saviour Efimevsky monastery, where he died in 1841.”

The future prophet was born in the village of Akulovo of Tula region. He lived as all peasants of that time without displaying any special talents, to 28 years. Closer to his mid-age, Vasili suddenly left his family for the Valaam monastery, where he became a monk named Adam. He left because his parents forcibly married him, while he had no desire to have a wife and was generally considered unsociable person (which has not stopped him from having three children).

Adam lived in a monastery for a year, and then asked permission from the abbot to live in a cell. And there, escaping in prayer and solitude, Adam received the gift of prophecy. He wrote in his books that he had visions, as if a voice called him to heaven and showed him the book which contained many secrets of the physical world. Adam read information that had to do with the Romanov dynasty and Russia – until the very end, and then the voice told him to convey what he read to the emperor, more precisely, to the Empress Catherine the Great.

To fulfill the will of the unknown forces, Adam set off traveling around Russia, and came to Nicholo-Babevsky monastery, where he wrote his first book. In the book he stated that Catherine will rule for a total of 40 years (she was in the fortieth year of her reign), and the throne will be inherited not by her favorite grandson Alexander, but her son Paul, etc.

When Catherine found out about it, she was furious and ordered to catch the monk, defrock him and put him in Petropavlovskaya fortress. Adam was defrocked and detained. He was under arrest up until the Empress died at the predicted time.

Pavel I, who really believed in all sorts of supernatural phenomena and prophecies, became interested in prophetic monk. After Catherine’s death, Prince Kurakin was procurator-general of the Senate; it was him who brought the emperor the book of predictions by the prophet. As a result, a conversation took place between the governor of Tula and the unfrocked monk.

No one knows exactly what they were talking about. Yet, it is believed that Adam just told Pavel the date of his death: “Thy kingdom will be short. On the day of Sophronius (day of memory of the saint) in the bedchamber you will be strangled by villains you are warming on your chest. There is also a legend that the monk allegedly revealed to the Tsar the entire future of his descendants and Russia.

However, most likely it is a beautiful myth. If the monk foretold Pavel’s death, it is unlikely that the latter would have published supreme rescript on 14 December of 1796, ordering to frock Adam again.

After the second round of monastic vows Vasily Vasilyev received the name by which he is known as one of the most sinister and accurate predictors in Russia – Abel. Then the monk set off for his journey. He first lived in St. Petersburg, then Moscow, where for some time he was fortune telling for money, and then returned briefly to Valaam, where he wrote his second book.

In this essay, he predicted the death of emperor Pavel. He then showed his creation to the rector. The latter was frightened and sent the book to Petersburg Metropolitan Ambrose. Ambrose gave the book to the interested parties, and those placed it to the hands of Paul. The book stated not only the death of the emperor with a detailed description and the time, but it also stated that this death was the punishment for the unfulfilled promise to build a church and dedicate it to the Archangel Michael.

Pavel protested such ingratitude and ordered to put Abel to the very fortress he released him from. Abel spent as much time in prison as before, ten months and ten days, precisely until his prediction came true. It is believed that Pavel, although angry with the monk, ordered to write down all his prophecies about the Romanovs and lock them in a casket, which could be opened only one hundred years after the date of death of the Tsar.

The prediction came true. Then Alexander ordered that the prophet came to him in St. Petersburg, and even sent him money for travel and a passport. However, Abbot Hilarion who treated the jailed monk badly, fearing the royal displeasure, did not want to let him go. Only after hearing the prediction about his death and death of all other monks of the monastery, he got scared and let Abel go. It did not help, and the prophecy came true – a strange disease killed Hilarion and most of his monks. Abel came to St. Petersburg and had a conversation with Prince Golitsyn. No one knows what he told him, but Golitsyn hastened to send Abel on pilgrimage to holy places and prevented his meeting with the emperor as he could. Additionally, a decree was issued whereby monk Abel was not allowed to tell his prophecies publicly. Disobedience would cause him to go to jail.

For a long time Abel did not make any predictions, but only traveled to the holy places and corresponded with the noble ladies and gentlemen who did not lose hope to obtain any valuable prophecy from him.

However, over the years of life in the Serpukhov Vysotsky monastery, Abel still wrote another book, “The Life and Suffering of Father and the Monk Abel” hinting at his holiness. The book had many difficult and obscure mystical drawings, description of the creation of the world and detailed story of his life, meetings with tsars, visions and journeys.

Alexander I, of course, was reported on the new predictions of Abel, who spoke about the death of the Emperor, but the Emperor took no punitive measures in towards him. Maybe, because he got a similar prophecy from St. Seraphim of Sarov. Both “forecasts,” as you know, came true.

Abel was safe to continue his prophesy, which he did. This time he publicly spoke about the fate of the new emperor Nicholas I. The monk remembered his bitter experience, and after his prediction traveled around Moscow and St. Petersburg, he disappeared from the monastery and fled.

However, Nicholas I did not understand jokes, and was not afraid of forecasters. Abel was quickly caught in his native village, where he returned after many years, and put in jail in Suzdal Evfimievsky Saviour Monastery.

Abel was never released from there. This amazing man is buried behind the altar of the monastery church of St. Nicholas. None of his books are preserved. The references to his predictions stored in the casket inherited by Nicholas II, also disappeared. All the prophecies of the “Russian Nostradamus” are known only from letters and documents, scraps and inaccurate quotations.

What remains are small details about the scariest book written by Abel – a book about the arrival of the Antichrist. Allegedly, the monk pointed out the exact date of doomsday. But where this book is now and who read it remains unknown. Maybe it is for the best – we have enough black and scary prophecies abot our world.

~ Anastasia Rogova


You want to write, the urge tickling your fingertips. It always happens when you are asked to explain how your journey started. Invariably in your family library on a carpet you used to detest due to its coarse texture. But nevertheless it was placed in front of those volumes you would pull out and ask your grandmother to read for you. Your grandmother, who had difficulties walking in her senior years, must have thought you were a delightful grandchild as she didn’t need to run after you. All you needed were those stories she would capture you with. Perhaps you didn’t know it then, but the beauty in the spoken word has the ability to ensnare us with almost mesmerizing qualities.

Is that it? he queries. You detect from the corner of the eye, he is turned to you but you don’t return the gesture, instead fixing your eyes on the road.

You deliberate on the question. After all we have already covered quite some ground, your numerous personalities (they are roles), are they aware of eachother (of course, it is not a case of multiple personality disorder), but then how come you don’t recall certain things (selective memory and compartmentalization).

You come back to his question.

You see it all happened in the convergence of these abilities. Firstly the memories, anecdotes, facts and fiction stemming from a curious mind. Secondly, my ability to form and grow roles which became part of me, just like another costume one is putting on. The third is confidence, which became the final addition. Before that I needed Dutch courage to pull it off. But now, well I feel confident, in nearly every situation and so I just put myself into the role required. But there are exceptions of course. They without fail occur when I go back to the memory, if painful, and somehow get stuck in a time warp if you like. The only thing that brings me back is jolting myself into reality through various philosophical arguments.

Do I make sense?
you inquire inquisitively.

He remains silent, and you decide not to pursuit it further. Instead you are left to your memories once more.


And there it is. That jazzy sound that you haven’t listened to since, well it seems like your teens… You concentrate intently on the lyrics, despite the murmur buzzing through the restaurant. A little escapism can go such a long way…


When your heart’s in someone else’s hands
Monkey see and monkey do
Their wish is your command
You’re not to blame
Everyone’s the same

All you do is love and love is all you do
I should know by now the way i fought for you
You’re not to blame
Everyone’s the same

I know you think that you’re safe
Harmless deception
That keeps love at bay
It’s the ones who resist that we most want to kiss
Wouldn’t you say?

Cowboys and angels
They all have the time for you
Why should i imagine that i’d be a find for you
Why should i imagine
That i’d have something to say

But that scar on your face
That beautiful face of yours
In your heart there’s a trace
Of someone before

When your heart’s in someone else’s plans
Things you say and things you do
They don’t understand
It’s such a shame
Always ends the same

You can call it love but i don’t think it’s true
You should know by now
I’m not the boy for you
You’re not to blame
Always ends the same

I know you think that you’re safe
Harmless affection
That keeps things this way
It’s the ones who persist for the sake of a kiss
Who will pay
Cowboys and angels
They all take a shine to you
Why should i imagine that i was designed for you
Why should i believe
That you would stay

A very cosy morning, Sebastian snug up in bed before running downstairs with great anticipation having learned Sinterklaas had probably paid a visit. Well he did, and brought a medieval style Lego castle which we are going to assemble this weekend. Now this will be the third time I am putting this together, this miniature Krak des Chevaliers (yes good news is this fortress is not anymore in the hands of Daesh, I can report).

Happy weekend, and on that note Thank God it’s Friday!


Friday morning surprise!

“Do you want anything from the outside world?” she emphasized the latter.

The outside world. You shew on these two words as if you barely understand them, whilst turning around to view the tree shaking its branches with such ferocity they must be about to break. No you will not venture outside. Instead you are holed up in this place which has become your very own sepulchre. A protective veil exempting you from disturbance.

People come and they go in a steady flow. When there, they keep their distance. Or perhaps it’s not them at all. It is you who chose to walk alone, who never sought their love or affection. The wise understood, and little by little they dwindled, until you rarely heard from them. You knew for those involved, it had to be this way. And as you prepared yourself for solitude few would feel comfortable with, it was almost as if you rediscovered yourself. The only one you could truly live with in some sort of equanimity.