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Late arrival from Paris. Tired, this is the sprint in the last 2 km of the marathon. Today was suppose to be a day where you could look back at an interesting yet tumultuous year. But you need another week to give it a proper place, some extra time for review. And so you didn’t contemplate much. Instead you were on autopilot. 40 emails + in a Saturday, numerous tasks were taken off the list. You need well and truly tomorrow to recapture lost times. Too much travelling in your opinion, and not effective use of time. You detest any waste, whether food, money or time. But we live and learn. Also you figured out you need to exactly loose 8 kg’s to fit into your wardrobe again (recycling always fitted better with your morale). Motivation is high and you started with a persimmon, followed by a steak (yes you gave up being a vegetarian…first for wasting away, then for gaining too much weight). Meatballs are on the menu with steamed broccoli. Lean and tender. Now you only need to loose ca 1 kg a day. The likelihood of this event is zero to none, but your argument is if you don’t reach for the stars how will you arrive at the moon?


How odd you realise…exactly a year ago you were in Paris.

You are walking down the isles of Bon Marche in search for a pair of shoes. They don’t have what you want and as you have no time to spend on leisure you decide to leave the department store. You walk briskly past the perfume stands until you reach the Chanel one. Although Chanel was never a perfume house you held strong allegiances with, there is one perfume you always wanted, going back some 20 years or so…half your life in other words, you’ve been on a quest for this most illusive of perfumes…..cuir de russie….or russian leather. Think chesterfields, cigars and a half empty bottle of laphroaig. Yes this is the real deal. Gentleman’s room, not so ladylike as no 5. In fact it would be a distant cousin, the one that smoked cigarettes and pursued a life of pleasure and self-gratification. The year was 1924 and women’s emancipation had started in earnest.

You crack open the bottle and it doesn’t disappoint you. It bares striking similarities to Caron’s Tabac Blond and you can now understand how the two are locked in an eternal struggle with each other for the title of greatest leather scent of all time. It’s not for you to judge this time and instead you have an excellent dinner at your favourite restaurant Lapérouse. You tell your stories from the French revolution, the diamond necklace affair and Madame du Barry was she ever here? you can’t help but wonder.

You leave, feeling a little closer to history when the painting downstairs appears to be speaking to you. He tells you It could be you. Well perhaps. You depart asking for the name of the painter. The girl in the door kindly informs you she will ask the owner.




tart tatin with specks of gold


une femme

This week has gone in the speed of light with early mornings and late evenings. It’s almost midweek and I’m about to embark on a trip to Paris for Game Connection, supporting Creel in signing up new games publishers. Thus a few more intense days await but if I get the chance I will at least drop by one of the iconic Caron stores for a favourite of mine which is sadly running out – N’Aimez Que Moi.

à bientôt!



FullSizeRender copy

…in progress

FullSizeRender copy 2

…and early Paris experience with oysters…

FullSizeRender copy 3

…and fruits de mer

or Remember (that you have) to die.

It’s a beautiful autumn day. Not very cold, the sun still lending warmth to where I stand….for a moment…before I decide to walk. I’m rather far from my appointment but nevertheless I choose to stroll quietly and without hurry. A familiar building announces itself. It is as unassuming as it is trenchant, standing guard to a cemetery left on the perimeters of the city. Driving past it many times I have never entered it. It appears closed and so are also the main gates. I have to walk around it, peaking into the modest building, which informs me on a sign I have to report myself if I wish to enter the premises. I look for a sign of life, the very thing I should not anticipate….and there is also none. So I enter.

It is quiet, peaceful, stark. No flowers (as to be expected) but a place where stone is laid. It’s permanency ever so imposing. So as death.

FullSizeRender copy

an old Jewish gravestone moved from what I believed to be a far earlier graveyard

FullSizeRender copy 2

If you have seen several times the death of a man, consider always that the same fate awaits you.”

~Unknown, from century-old graffiti in the Paris catacombs

FullSizeRender copy 3

When we are dead, seek not our tomb in the earth, but find it in the hearts of men.”

~Rumi, Persian and Sufi Poet, 1207-1273



Most weekends appear the same….early rise, followed by family breakfast and then work until 5, 6 pm. A weekend let alone a day, that I took truly off are far and few between. So not feeling particularly well yesterday, I decided to spend the Saturday on the couch trawling Netflix for an easy fix. I’ve always been a fan of good crime drama, and consume them wholesale….the Bridge, the Killing, House of Cards….enter the Fall. Perhaps not as grim as the Killing, its still a visual yet understated production with Gillian Anderson in the lead. One has to love the lady, ever since X-files via Lady Dedlock in Bleak House, here is another sharp and bracing performance in the incarnation of DSI Stella Gibson. Absolutely smitten with the cool, sophisticated icemaiden persona and the equally deadly chic look with pencil skirts, silk blouses and come-fuck-me shoes (no stripper kind, just plain classic high heel pumps). Speaking of which, it is time to update that Christian Louboutin collection…


stark contrasts in the Fall

I’m a story teller. No, sorry to disappoint you…not a project manager, or a wannabe designer, I do business development fairly ok, and occasionally I play a decent game of chess. Yes, like I said so many times before, I’m a cheat and a shameless charlatan. But what I am good at is telling stories….old fashion kind. I can spin a web of them together, and from one topic I leap to another, until a fine mesh envelops whoever cares to listen. And more often than not, they aren’t even aware of it. From time to time I throw in an elaborate word, which stands out in its opulence, but merely has its unremarkable roots in a remarkable English teacher.

You see I was so very, very lucky in my youth. Fortune was in abundance, although I couldn’t really see it being so. I was lonely, introvert and not blessed with a great deal of looks. So I took refuge in books, even before I could read. Yes they are my inspiration for a great many passions, which later became my own quests for empirical research. Very much a doubting Thomas, I would stick my hands into my own wounds to see how deep they ran, and if not existing yet….I would create them. I would lavish in these cesspits, indulging in how the maggots consumed what was once living and now only spelled rot and decay.

I picked and I plucked and I scratched, until those wounds would turn into maps of scars, which I traced over and over, finding comfort in their familiarity.

You know the American symbol for luck?

No you don’t. Well not straight off anyhow. But your fortune is your knowledge, your age and your ability to link those random dots until they make up a patchwork of interwoven threads. Yes those scars again.

It can’t be the shamrock, it never crossed the pond despite the potato famine.

The dollar?  You raise an eyebrow, if ever so slightly. Does he notice?

He pushes a silver dollar coin towards you. Marianne…skip, skip, skip….Delacroix….Liberty….on the barricades….1923….and only six years later the great stock crash would occur. The Chinese sign for Crisis is also that of Opportunity. And thus, nature always has a way of restoring itself…


At last, we finally have our photo shoot, stock delivery and website with NEW CCII! I am incredibly excited to be new designer this year and created second collection for FracasNoir. Our clothing line is now going to be ready for purchase on Thursday 29th of October. Which is next Thursday!

Our brand is inspired by 40s and 50s style that have classic timeless look which express Less is more. We focus on using top finest quality wool, silk, chiffon and velvet that have luxury feel at affordable price. I remembered putting on tuxedo for the first time, it felt like gliding through jacket that comfortably look sharp, smart and classy. We’ve set a perfect example for our campaign shoot at the 5 stars hotel in Amsterdam called The Grand. The location was exquisite and full of charm!

Check out our website for new campaign shoot

So what’s your favourite piece from our new CCII?

Tweet us at @fracasnoir


White stone wash tuxedo jacket with champagne silk blouse


Netherlands took me by surprise with how incredibly cold it is compare to England. The icy bite against my skin this morning while riding my bike was a little shock of winter. Just like the Game of Thrones phrase; “The winter is coming”, and the worst is yet to come. Sometime I even day dreaming about my cozy bed and duvet paradise but there’re plenty of work to be done! I arrived in the office today with my charcoal grey jacket accessorised with mousey brown faux fur and gold zips black legging. I start to feel better when I greeted by my amusing, colourful cow mug implementing my caffeine in take of the day. Oh, and wear a smile like it’s one of your five a day 😉


I had this mousey brown faux fur since I was a teenager and still look luxury (£15) 


My vibrant cow mug and my silly pout

…of course I am from an entirely different era…we didn’t celebrate Halloween (or all Hallows Eve as the original was called) but instead All Saints Day. I do recall placing candles on our family graveyard but there certainly wasn’t any trick or treat involved.

But times are different and for the first time we bought a pumpkin to make a lantern which now sits on the balcony. In fact it is lit every evening to Sebastian’s great amusement. There was another little surprise in store the other day, having sorted (and thrown away a bin bag full of) Lego. It’s now all neatly stored in two Pirate chests, making game play more constructive and a great more fun.


Halloween casa Waldau


Dead man’s chest


Hiding a Lego treasure

…there is music. …and then there is MUSIC. The Capital kind, which makes you loop, hum, take your phone into the bathroom while you are having a shower, placing it on sink where it runs the risk of either dropping or getting water damage. Hell you even dance in the shower, like a stripper practicing for her upcoming performance.

There were a few favourites, Bohren, Lana del Rey, Nancy Sinatra and Vaya Con Dios….and when melancholy takes over Abel Korzeniowski. And now you have Kovacs….


Demimonde…aren’t we timeless