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It’s been a week I am happy to see the end of. It is the main reason from abstaining from blogging. Not only did I find no inspiration, but life was more hectic than I bargained for, with meetings, getting into the new school rhythm, dentist and swim appointments. My phone got smashed in the process too and now my adapter to the mac is broken as the icing of the cake. It will be my fourth run to the Mac store in the space of 48 hours. Luckily friends are here to provide support as well as unexpected gifts. But for most parts I have either worked or slept this weekend. Nothing else came to mind except my sore muscles craving for it. But such is life, tomorrow is another day, and next week is the start of September. With the risk of sounding like a complete party pooper, I do wish to see the back of this summer.


gorgeous flowers added beauty to an otherwise strange week


You have to get back to that organised, process minded way of running your life. Up early, training, work sorted, family activities in the evening followed by last admin, yoga and then sleep. Yes you have it pretty much worked out in your mind. You are still on a 7 am rise, but it needs to transition into it’s infinitely earlier 5.30 am equivalent. If you do well, you hope to be there by the end of this week. Let’s hope so. You wouldn’t mind having Fortuna on your side now.

Morning turned out pretty smooth followed by a round on the cross trainer, a shower and a manicure, which you used to make the calls you had on the agenda for today. Optimization has started…


YSL Pop Art

Ever since our holiday I vowed to start running again. Unfortunately this week didn’t turn out opportune but when weekend proved sunny and calendar empty, I went for my first urban Haarlem run in a year. 6 km later (with one break – see pic) and I’m still in one piece. Let’s hope this is the start of a new healthy, active me.


Me, Haarlem and Cecaria Evora on the playlist

Summer is making a comeback. You thank the weather Gods for this blessing. You had a really good holiday but Sunday undid the accomplished unwinding. Ever since, you’ve been chasing sleep like it was a newfangled invention. Yesterday you crashed before 10.30 pm and feeling optimistic you put the alarm clock for 6 am for an early workout. In truth it didn’t work. So you added another hour and skipped the crosstrainer. Tomorrow is another day, right? And if not there is always the promise of weekend.

As you sit in the office you catch a whiff of your latest acquisition….Nocturnes by Caron. Sophisticated, elegant it works well as a daytime fragrance despite its contradictory name. You also obtained Infini by the same perfume house. This time the perfume essence in a neat little bottle supposedly launched in 1912. The year of the Titanic disaster and the birth of your grandmother. Some things never go out of style. That’s why they are called classics you muse for yourself…


Infini by Caron

It is getting closer to school start, and I am giving it my best effort to gear up. As is usual here, it always feels like I am two steps behind. I was supposed to already have had my workout (didn’t get the chance yesterday, nor does it seem likely to happen today) and be in my office (I’m still in bed). But alas…

I had a good work day yesterday and decided on a takeaway from a recently open Ethiopian joint next to our office. Always in for something new, I was pleasantly surprised. It was one of the best meals I had in a long time. Thus for something original, tasty, and above all healthy meal – try Abay on Gasthuisvest 49 in Haarlem. You won’t be disappointed. On that note, I shall in a moment go down and make use of the leftovers from yesterday’s meal.


unexpected delights


I opted for the vegetarian version

You get back from a holiday, and in theory you should be as relaxed as a wet noodle, but life rarely turns out as theory dictates. Instead work is gearing up, and you are thinking will I have time for that run even. You worked hard on kick-starting your exercise regime whilst on vacation, and you don’t want to see this becoming another halfhearted attempt.

So you plan your day, working on the couch, with a 4 pm break for an urban run. So now, you wrote it down….no excuses Ms Waldau!


Coffee, yoghurt and musli for a staple breakfast

Well technically that is. I start next week as does school. But unfortunately our week long vacation came to an early morning closure yesterday. I can’t stress how good it as been to spend time with the family whilst soaking up the sun, sea and everything else the island has to offer. I’ve trained a fair bit and even ventured out for a late night run whilst in Malta.

But now this is over, and I have only the sweet memories to keep me fed. Such as the Panpuri Restorative night cream I bough along with their vanilla and tangerine body butter. I’m wearing the scented cream as we speak and it is heavenly.

Thus today is my last holiday although I am slowly trawling through my emails and setting the action list, priorities and agenda for next week. Another thing I hope to get back to…my 5.30 AM meditations. Let’s see how this goes 🙂


Panpuri is a brand I discovered on one of my business trips to Copenhagen.

I’m converted ever since

Just back to the hotel after a rather hectic day. The weather wasn’t all that good so managed to do some work instead, meet up with a good friend for lunch, quick trip to Valletta for shopping, dinner at Peppino’s (again!) and a fish spa. I’m pretty exhausted actually, so wish you all a good night. Sx


family fun


the little buggers had a good evening meal on my expense


Sebastian felt like an animal too…although pulling more the monkey act

…should have been added to my list of favourite restaurants. Mussles in white wine and tiramisu for dessert – the latter a feast for both eyes and taste buds.


How can you not be a happy camper at Peppino’s?

FullSizeRender copy

Coffee with Leila

I just woke up from what feels like a coma. I’m down on my sleeping med by 50% and I sleep often for 10 – 11 hours at the time. I suppose my body really needs it and I sense it’s restoring itself to its former self. I keep the window open at night as our room is situated just next to the beach front where, in the night, it is dead calm except for the waves crashing in. Coming to think about it I should perhaps get a wave app for when at home.

As some of you blog readers know…I love Malta. I did from the very first time I arrived here some 15 years ago. It was not exactly chance. I had discovered an obscure book called Holy Blood, Holy Grail. I read it cover to cover and was since set on my own personal quest to discover these warrior monks – the Templars. I suggested to my then husband P, to go to Israel and then travel through Syria and Lebanon. The area was infinitely more stable then than now, but P didn’t think it was a great idea. I suggested then south of France, but P having already lived there for some time and knew the area very well, needed something…well different. I once again resorted to Yahoo who was then the search engine of choice. Malta came up, which featured both sun, sea and knights….although in the form of the Knights Hospitallers. It only took a few days into the journey and I was sold.

Malta back then, as now, is to use my favourite description not pretty…but infinitely beautiful. It’s not white chalk houses as you see in Greece or having that rustic feel a la Provence. Instead it’s an odd mix of Romanesque buildings (Mdina) to Baroque architecture in its glory in Valletta. In between you will find a lot of colonial influences, often dilapidated…but that is what makes Malta so special and unique. For those of you who have never been here, but are planning to, here are some must see’s:

1. Mdina – the silent city. It used to be the former capital of Malta, and never fails to impress as it’s a city made up of city palaces for the aristocracy. Here you will find a lot of museums in various forms, narrow alleys, a must see cathedral, and of course Mdina glass.

2. Valletta – an entirely different city, bustling in the morning, then falling quiet around 1 pm only to wake up once again in the late afternoon. Take a horse and carriage ride around the grand harbour, sit in the shade at one of the bustling cafes in the afternoon, or take a tour at the Sacra Infermeria. Also don’t miss St. John’s co-cathedrals and see the impressive Caravaggio of the beheading of St. John the Baptist.

3. the Dingli cliffs – if you are looking for undisturbed nature – perhaps a place to reflect, contemplate and meditate – this is an amazing place to be at. Only sea as far as the horizon gets and on the other side there is….Africa. An impressive feeling.

4. Gozo – Malta’s sister island. If you have 10 days or two weeks at hand, then it’s well worth a visit. It’s much more quiet, rural and peaceful and in itself a great destination if these are qualities you seek.

5. The blue lagoon and a boat trip. If you have 500 to splash out on, I would recommend hiring a skipper for the day who takes you out on a sailing boat around the island. For a cheaper option, try the boat trip excursions that are organised daily.

So where do you eat and stay? I’ve done everything from budget to 5 star. My top hotel will always remain the Westin Dragonara as it has all the facilities including kids club, a whole range of pools and its own sandy beach (rare in Malta). Also the Bedouin Club open on Fridays is worth a visit.

Otherwise the Palace in Sliema, or the Excelcior in Valletta are all excellent hotels. For restaurants, most are concentrated in St Julian and there is plenty of choice. Barracuda is a must…not a star restaurant but fine dining nevertheless. Try Gululu for authentic Maltese cuisine or walk to the Portomaso marina for a multitude of excellent restaurants. Enjoy!


a typical street view in Mdina