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There are moments when words come easy and moments they do not. Today is such a day of absolute taciturn. Well needless to say from my intermittent postings most days as of late were such days. I found myself in a no mans land, a place were logic and critical thinking seemed so far from reach, the notion of its existence appeared as incredible as fetched.

Interestingly, there is absolutely no room for anger, nor for pain, although I am sure it is somewhere there. But I am doing everything to combat it…with the exception of paracetamol.

My only compass, which up until now has been honesty – has suddenly become a hot iron, that should be handled with utmost care. Yet, I don’t feel like deprogramming myself, no matter the occasion or situation. I stand for what has happened, for who I am, mistakes or not. I refuse to wage dirty wars. They are grime and contaminated and only leave wasteland behind.

For now, I am content with the knowledge there is a new beginning in sight.


It’s Friday, and you can’t believe how happy I am that it is only hours aways from weekend. It’s been one of my toughest weeks ever, but I somehow got through it with a lot of love and support wherever I turned. Again, I really couldn’t have done it without so many good people around me. I am forever in debt to your kindness.

Moments ago I dropped off the little man at school and am now sitting around the corner from the office having breakfast and a latte (can’t drink really strong coffee whilst being on antibiotics – fortunately today is my last day).

As it’s another action packed day, I will keep this post brief, but more to come soon. Life is sometimes stranger than fiction.

IMG_5236At Blender whilst musing over life…

A little bit of a rushed morning, and I didn’t even get a tea and fruit down. But all ok, sun is still shining and instead I had a proper breakfast at Blender with Greek yoghurt, granola and blueberries. I also managed one of my first coffees in ages. In fact I swore the stuff off months ago, but once in a while it seems permissible to go for that coffee fix.


We were out playing in the park together in lovely warm sunny Haarlem. When we got to the riverside, Sebas started pulling these big leaves nearby and toss in the river. I had an idea that we should make a big boat out of it. Of course a 6 years old got really excited and start collecting sticks and more leaves to make it happen.
This floating leaves idea also reminded me of one my favourite British nature artist called Andy Goldsworthy. He’s a sculpture and a photographer who passionate about nature environment. The materials he used in art often include brightly coloured flowers, leaves, mud, pinecones, snow, stone, twigs, and thorns. He quoted, “I think it’s incredibly brave to be working with flowers and leaves and petals. But I have to, I can’t edit the materials I work with. My remit is to work with nature as a whole”. Picture of floating red leaves below is one of his famous work where he materialize the leaves with sharp circle hole in the middle which is beautifully illustrated. I think it’s a really cool idea to get kids playing into this kind of creative environment!

It’s been a glorious day, although I could only take part of it from a vantage point. When it was getting close to the end of the day, I took instead the liberty of soaking up the warm and healing sun outside the office.

Sebastian, who had a study day, took equal advantage of the day, building rafters at the canal. We finished off the evening with a family dinner Thai style (yes it became a take-away as we were all too hungry and mummy decided on break from the kitchen). All good, and now off to bed with a suitable documentary. Sleep tight x


Sebastian on a park excursion


Thai….one of my absolute favourites

It’s been an interesting morning with a long wait at the hospital for a CT scan which will determine the treatment for the remaining kidney stone. Another appointment follows on Thursday followed by the removal of it next week. Needless to say I can’t wait as the pain has been agonizing, but as with everything one gets used to it and eventually it is not so bad. In fact there is of course no good or bad – only one thinking makes it so. I keep that line in mind – and a lot lately – when facing adversities. It’s far fetched for most but then again I don’t expect people to embrace my stoic world view the way I have come to.

But for now a couple of more hours at the office followed by dinner and a quiet family evening. Still have that ironing coming to think of it.


This goat cheese quiche inspired me greatly. Something to try out this week

Monday Bank holidays are great. Great for relaxed morning breakfasts, catching up on domestic work (cleanliness is next to godliness right?) and organising a play date for Sebastian. The kids had a lot of fun, homemade pancakes was a sure hit and so was Tintin. Mummy is having a 15 minutes break before cooking commences. Vegan Tuscan cakes, spinach and mashed potatoes is on the menu for tonight.


Hello there!

My name is Wiriya and I’m the new FracasNoir lead designer!

I am incredibly excited to tell you about my design development that I’ve been working on for the past 6 months that I thoroughly enjoy it. This set back in November last year where I met up with Susanne in Piccadilly Circus in London for the first time and discuss about making Classic collection II. I was 25 years old who has been freelancing for couple of years and funny enough Susanne is actually my first Female client! I’ve been working for other companies in LA, Germany, India and they’re all male ownership background who wanted me to design clothes for women! So from that experience I find working with business women like herself give me better direction and we get so well together!

So I remembered my first few sketches I send was 1940s and 50s style inspired that add little touch of James Bond. This image was my first sketch to Susanne back in December 2014 where we started finalize the collection. This dress actually made me felt in love with tailoring wear that embrace women’s curve. Now I have that dress in my hand, made from finest wool in this charcoal grey colour that fit every little inch of your body perfectly. But the photo can not be reveal until the photoshoot is done! So watch this space!

Received a sad reminder I missed the TEDx Haarlem invitation I had a few days ago. Needless to say, this kidney stone intermezzo had something to do with it. I truly hope to be there the next time, but until then some impressions from the evening and some of my favourite TED talks.

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 15.25.01

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 15.25.24

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 15.26.12

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 15.26.34

It’s been a while. Keeping the blog alive was too much effort given a number of things going on. I am still on my antibiotics and have another 5 days to go. It’s pretty tedious, especially with a kidney stone that still needs to be removed after the course of antibiotics is over.

I can only say again, I am tremendously grateful for all the support I have received in the last weeks – flowers, house visits, help with shopping and more. It’s heartfelt.

Today is a day of recap and going through so much I’ve missed out on in the last weeks….including a lot of emails (apologies for any delays). I hope to be back to my normal, sunny and blogging self very soon. Sx


Roses and peonies couldn’t be more beautiful to lift my mind