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You know when you get new equipment, when suddenly there is no mail, office package, and all the things you rely upon, you need to find a new routine to things. From writing a blogpost where I have to use the horizontal scroll bar to read my text, to not being able to use the upstairs network as no one can figure out the password. It takes time. Suddenly those grey cells get a useful workout. It’s also the reason for my blog absence.

I’ve gone from a 17 inch to the 13 inch. In fact it’s the difference between a truck versus a mini. Apart from the extra hurdles I am tampering with (give me a couple of days and those will be worked into a routine) I can now start extending my handbag collection again, as only the Chloe bag fitted the truck version. There is always an upside to things!

My day as it looks like right now: cleaning downstairs, some further ironing and laundry (this is a routine I am also thinking of changing to working 10 pm to midnight on the house and actually free up some time for the family in the weekends). It’s a constant life puzzle which never seems to entirely fit. Familiar anyone?







It’s weekend, but I am not really sure how I should feel. I thought I could somehow clean through the night and get the job done, but I only ended up tidying and just about completing the laundry and the ironing. I still have the rest today which will probably set me off a good 6 hours. For one or another reason I feel somewhat empty. Of course it has its reasons. Let’s hope cleaning will provide nourishment for the soul.

Here are in case some pics from meetings the other day at the Art Hotel. Thank you A for not only a fruitful meeting but for the wisdom and love you shared.


photo 1

photo 3

photo 2

I recall the first time I started reading the poetry of Rumi. It was in Juan-les-Pins, I had taken refuge on a stone sitting some metres away from the shore, surrounded by water and seaweed gently stroking its surface and orifices. I was pregnant with our son, wearing a canary yellow silk dress – one of several dresses that were given to me that vacation. I sat there listening to the waves, watching the sky as the positions of the star constellations changed, although barely noticeable. That evening the words of Rumi, or Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī, entered my world. There on that rock, that warm star-studded night surrounded by the waves of the Mediterranean sea…


There is some kiss we want
with our whole lives,
the touch of Spirit on the body.

Seawater begs the pearl
to break its shell.

And the lily, how passionately
it needs some wild Darling!

At night, I open the window
and ask the moon to come
and press its face into mine.
Breathe into me.

Close the language-door,
and open the love-window.

The moon won’t use the door,
only the window.


I’m a mac lover. Ever since I was introduced to Macs years ago, i realize the epithet is true “Once you go Mac, you never go back”. However my beautiful, loving companion has decided to give up its spirit. Well with luck it is working for a few more days but its a matter of time so to speak. Thus… if everyone has a second-hand mac, that works, preferably 13 inch, mac book pro. If you have something that vaguely fit the criteria :), please email me on waldau[dot]susanne{at}gmail[dot]com . Your help is invaluable!!



Late posting but in calls, lunch, meeting, dinner. I seriously have to give mobile blogging a chance again. Hopefully technology has moved on since 2 years ago :).

In any case, it’s late, and I as I can only bore you with something trivial, let’s do an #OOTD – taxi style


photo 1

Black Blazer FracasNoir, sheer vintage blouse from unknown brand, lipstick Chanel

photo 2

Ripped (10!) year old jeans – Citizen of Humanity, ballerinas Ab Donker, Bag Chloe

So here we are – you and me – we know each other so well. All too well… Like two old foxes trying to figure out the others’ next move. It’s a dance macabre and all bets are currently on you. I bow to that. Truly I do.

We gambled differently…ultimately one with his mind the other with her heart. What is more wise? What is more noble? A contradiction one would say. Well perhaps not….we just didn’t use the same currency. We gave what we felt was justified, the scale of measurement incompatible from the start so how could the union ever successfully blend? I conceive it…with reservations…I believe I know it to be so, and why it came to be this way.

But you know old fox….one vulpes vulpes to another….that’s all right. A dance macabre suits me just as well. I gave it some thought today, and what we created was poverty. Not riches. But today, this evening, this very moment, I feel exceptionally rich. I am so very grateful for what ultimately transpired and the character trait of sheer determination you instilled in me. You gave me something invaluable and so I must bow again. I do so bearing in mind, one should never….ever….outshine the Master.


Sebastian and I had, despite sickening things out, a really nice day together. Playing memory, building a lego police station (well he did) and cuddling up in bed. I cooked a decent chicken for lunch and after late showers (hygiene was not the highest prio today) we are back in bed – snug as a bug in a rug….together with our other cute but little beast – Cecile!

photo 2[1]

photo 1[1]


I suppose you all know (those of you who have children, and any reader young enough to remember your own childhood in minute detail) how it is when a 5 year old is getting a flu (coinciding with your own) and to make matters worse suffers from growth pain and needs his knee capsules massaged with great intensity. Well on a FUN scale it doesn’t hit top notes I can tell you.


The evening started pleasant enough, you had been watching a fantastic documentary about Ludwig II of Bavaria (yes the very king responsible for creating Schloss Neuschwanstein, a romantic homage to Wagner which later Disney discovered…the rest is history as we know…). But later in the evening you started feeling unwell, cold, flu, stress? You made yourself a cup of tea and went to bed with the intention of falling a sleep.

When you are someone that will engross yourself in pretty much anything out there, there should be enough material to arouse you. But then you do have some specific appetites, and they invariably fall into the usual categories: history, philosophy, crime, psychology with a dash of politics. You choose some new evidence on the Jack the Ripper case, although you know that if the case would be solved by now, the whole world would know of it….in any case you would. It’s an interesting piece of work though, the suspect –  an Australian serial killer whom you’ve never even heard of (try Frederick Bailey Deeming). But when the closing credits roll, you are still awake and so is your little man. You choose something a little more appropriate to watch, Tzar Peter the Great and fall asleep. Luckily so does the little man too…

….This morning….it’s a sick woman with laptop situation….. + child and dog.

Haarlem where I live is a quaint little town (my English teacher would scold me now for saying this as it’s officially a city given it has not just one but two cathedrals!). Well city or not, it possess an abundance of beauty and charm with typical Dutch merchant houses going back to the 15th and 16th century. One such house is the Staats house, which we often pass on the way home from school. Sebastian has nominated it his house and of course as someone who is perpetually in love with chateaux and manor houses (albeit of the neo-classical kind, if my preference is taken into account), it’s something I can’t help but taking a delight in. So we were very happy when we were offered a private tour of the building, by a friendly soul from The house which serves as the gateway house to the hofje – a Dutch court once functioning as privately funded welfare for poverty stricken widows – is crowned by a bell tower. Sebastian was needless to say having a field day as we climbed numerous stairs to get to the top of the building with some rather spectacular views of Haarlem. It was certainly the tour of the week – if not of the entire month!

photo 3

photo 1

photo 2  photo 4

photo 5



I love it (for once!) when one’s problems are not important in nature, and we can just dwell on stuff of no consequence. Such as this morning, I squeezed in a trip to the nail bar at 9 am. But with autumn around the corner, what nail varnish does one pick – the summer version or the bright red winter one? I went for the latter, it seemed like the most logical choice as it’s already cold and rainy here. Besides with no summer holiday I really wish this summer would end.


Chanel it is


Goodbye Fuchsia Cubiste….for this season