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Decided to take a day off together with the little man. Excellent idea! We are still in bed enjoying coffee and breakfast. Hunting for good family movie on Netflix as I’ll doubt I’ll get out of my PJ’s today đŸ™‚

photo 1[12]


12.49, of course you would be awake. You knew that regardless of every reassurance that your insomnia is a mere figment of your imagination. You beg to differ. You collect your headset despite being alone with no one to disturb. You put on the same music as you listened to hours earlier. The bombastic orchestra playing for you….just for you. It is what you want to believe anyhow. Yet that is the very point, it is just you, and even though longing for peace and tranquility, you beg for someone to offer their warmth and comfort….humanity, however trivial and briefly. So you turn on Skype….like a virtual hook, line and sinker you don’t mind whoever approaches you, as long as you don’t have to face the night alone.

But it remains quiet. You are not so popular after all. The ironic part of it all is that whoever comes marginally close, the ones who reaches out in this vast yet overcrowded world, gets eventually rejected. You invent reasons for your sudden absence. After all you are too busy, in need of some space….. Invariably your arguments come down to one of them. A great flaw in your character despite any justification you choose to devise.

There you said it…Thrown over the wall, from one bedroom to another. It is in fact what makes you feel a little less alone and somewhat more….call it human. Because despite your solo performance tonight, you, yes you are there….somewhere…reading this line, in a few minutes from now, in an hour…or tomorrow. You just wonder one thing….you read me, you maybe hear me, or feel me. But do you you really feel me? That igniting spark, the warm breath on my lips, or the coldness of my fingertips?


You never did take my pulse, now did you?

Home and in bed after a full day of meetings in Amsterdam. I’m considering what to watch tonight. It feels like it will be a Netflix evening and a revisit to the past. After a solitary walk around the block listening to the theme song of the Bridge (Hollow Talk by the Choir of Young Believers), then the theme of BBC Sherlock Holmes I am wavering between the two. Then again A mentioned American Psycho as a possible watch and there is also the Whitechapel serie, so it’s safe to say it will be one of them. But first a hot shower, a shot of whiskey and lights out…I really need to catch some sleep tonight or I will be worse for wear tomorrow.


Haunting & evocative, this theme IS Irene Adler.

First meeting at WTC – check. Now at Restaurant’s Roberto’s at the Hilton, waiting for my second appointment. In the meantime I received some more pictures from the soirĂ©e, albeit of a more personal kind. Thank you girls and Angelo! Sx




As promised, here comes the long awaited pictures of the event courtesy of PhotographerFred Tigelaar. Thank you all for coming and hope to see you at our next soirée!


Summer Soiree-001

Welcome to our Summer Soirée

Summer Soiree-002

Bien in action – blouse and high waist skirt from FracasNoir

Summer Soiree-005

MiyuHomeWare on display

Summer Soiree-008

Cally (right) is the owner of this fab range from South Africa

Summer Soiree-004


Beryl Dingemans exclusive jewellery Summer Soiree-009

Beryl & Nancy looking glamorous for the evening

  Summer Soiree-014

Parfumerie Louise

Summer Soiree-018

Summer Soiree-030

The gals from Parfumerie Louise also stood for some fantastic goodie bags

Summer Soiree-017

Astrid and Nighties Dreamwear

Summer Soiree-042

Summer Soiree-020

  Eclectic Deep House was the theme of the evening

Summer Soiree-022

Our hostess Bien (left) did an amazing job! Thank you girl

Summer Soiree-024

All paintings by Monique Schumacher – well worth a look at her website

Summer Soiree-025

Bella Buccia Vintage Luxury items

Summer Soiree-028

  Amazing creations from Ruw Leer

Summer Soiree-032

Ton (middle) thank you for your support, ideas and network – a pleasure working with you

Summer Soiree-040

Plenty of gorgeous ladies at the soirée


Started my morning with a meeting with LXRY and the day didn’t have many stops until now… I’m still not done yet, and I’m wavering between calling it an early night and get up at 6 am or working a little later and making rise an hour later. Best of both worlds would be a 6 h sleep and try to get into a routine of sort. We’ll see… as for OOTD…


On my way to LXRY this morning, listening to my classical mix


With my trusted Chloe (the only one big enough for my 17 incher…

sounds obscene coming to thing of it ;), red Zanotti’s, black pencil skirt and

Venus in Silk blouse from FracasNoir.


LXRY magazine & event on the agenda

It’s been a day of playing catch up. Being offline (from my emails that is) for 72 hours does wreck havoc to your system. I cannot stand it – I become disorganised and loose focus. It’s like a stalled train having to restart. And perhaps there is more to it than meets the eye. Having had all my priorities on the event last week, I kept everything else at a bare minimum and these matters crave attention with utmost urgency.

I do what I can, occasionally finding myself engrossed in emails that are weeks old, I am loosing the plot. I make myself an omelette for lunch, another one for dinner. This time I add some cheese for substance. That and some carrots and onions, it’s all the supply I can find. It tastes remarkably good however. Especially for being my own limited cuisine. Or perhaps I am just hungry.

So I work diligently with few breaks and only a couple of calls. They last less than a minute or two. I listen to the soundtrack of W.E. In particular Dance for me Wallis. Yes, Dance for me Wallis! My subconscious picks up just about 3.01 and I reset it again. I am too lazy to add it to a playlist and put it on repeat. Or just too busy. Emails get ping ponged. One lasts too long and eventually I decide not to reply. Old Susanne or new Susanne was the question. Like I have multiple personalities. Or is it just a measurement for growth…or regression? Been there, the regression part. Long enough and did my damn hardest to reverse the tide. Have I succeeded? Or does it really matter…in the grand scheme of things…of course not.


I love this scene. Whirling with such grace and pose




With all the beautiful new campaigns coming out it is a difficult task not to comment on them. It is always impressive to see the different ways brands try to catch the attention of the consumers and get on top of people’s minds. Here Mert & Marcus captures Kate Moss by  for Stella McCartney Fall/Winter 14/15 and you can really see that they have taken this campaign to the next level. Today it is essential for brands to constantly reinvent their campaigns and be more creative in the way they represent themselves since it is so difficult to stand out, and I definitely think Mert & Marcus has done a great job here!




I love when the summer rain and thunder comes – especially if it isn’t one’s holiday that is. It’s dark, tranquil, somewhat moody I suppose. It fits me perfectly. I just finished the cleaning downstairs (to another stoic round-table discussion on my iPhone), and only have the ironing to take care of later tonight…preferably in front of a good film, like American Hustle which I started the other day but for various reasons didn’t complete. After 2 hours of cleaning I scavenged the kitchen for anything edible. There wasn’t much so I pulled together some carrots, water and a blueberry hemp protein powder. I stared at the concoction for a few moments, not sure whether I actually wanted to drink it, but then again reminded myself of Diogenes of Sinope (of the Cynic school) who would have had no problem digesting my brew. Neither would the Spartans for that matter….and as it was nourishment I drank the whole lot. The verdict: a little bit like what a TCM doctor would prescribe. I can get definitively get used to it – especially in lack of other breakfast variants.

photo 1[11]

It actually looks better than it tastes

OK, so I finished 2 out of 3 floors, almost all the laundry but no ironing alas. Still in my PJ’s (yep not a pretty sight right now) I put on various podcasts and documentaries on youtube whilst sweeping those floors. A good work out for body and soul with the result of a clean house. Not bad! Now I’m off for some family duties and getting the little man into bed. But if you are interested in deepening and widening your mind (which actually also comes with some good life lessons as applicable now as two millennia ago), here are some of my favourites (oh yes, perhaps I should mention… quite a few stoics ;).