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My feet springs free from their imprisonment…a pair of flat ballerinas. They’ve been treated well though. A spa pedicure followed by a manicure and I feel like I have just been blessed with a bit of weekday luxury. With Mac on my lap, time passes quickly. I finalise my doc, and head home for an empty fridge. With nothing of substance I scavenge the kitchen for just about anything edible. A half eaten whopper from an earlier lunch is salvaged, as well as some hard cookies and a spoon of Nutella. This is not Atkins Diet….it’s more like Paupers Diet. I pour myself a glass of sweet Italian dessert wine and with that settle for upstairs. My solitary evening has started.


 Newly Manicured Feet 

Untitled design (11)


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We are in love with this amazing editorial for Violet Grey June 2014 with Rosie Huntington Whiteley. Photographer Emma Summerton captured these ultra feminine shots of the model, styled by Elizabeth Sulcer and with hair by Sascha Breuer and make-up by Kate Lee.











It’s been a working Sunday, which I’ve spent partially in restaurants – always good for inspiration. I came home from Bonetti a little after 6 pm (my little man and I had a very early dinner). The little animal had a hard time behaving himself, but with some interventions of treasure maps and recounting stories of the Bible (yes we are currently reading the Bible for Children) he managed to keep focused enough to eat the majority of his home made pizza. When we came home, it was marching orders off to the shower and then bed where we continued with Daniel and the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar. In fact Sebastian loved it so much that we decided to watch a PBS documentary called the Gifts of the Jews, which tells of Judaism from early Roman times to the sacking of Jerusalem in 70 AD and the dispersing of the Jewish people. Highly recommended. As both Sebastian and I fell asleep I think I will need to do a re-run tonight. It’s not going to be a late night I can tell you that as tomorrow has a busy schedule in store. Enjoy your Sunday evening and until tomorrow x

photo 2[1]

Working morning at Bij Tholen

photo 3

Little Cecile came for a visit with Victoria – couldn’t resist taking this cute pic of her


Dinner at Bonetti – my usual low carb Italian steak – but wonderfully good

photo 1[2]

Substituting bedtime stories with the Bible. Perhaps a little more bloodthirsty bud educational

disregarded of creed

Discover the hottest beach accessories together with Suki Waterhouse, Lily Aldridge and Alessandra Ambrosio for Vogue. Looking like this on the beach would be a dream come true!

I told you a while ago my hubby decided to wear Fracas – my original signature scent. I am not entirely pleased to report he has discovered Shocking by Schiaparelli. It started the other day, when I noticed the notorious fragrance running like an invisible veil through the house. I hate to say it but it suits him – well pretty much my whole perfume collection suits men with good skin, as they tend to be dark and heavy. The only problem is my Shocking is about 12 years old and such a rare vintage it has developed into a rich and potent incense amber coloured concoction. I actually decided to hide it until he orders another one, because the way he uses it, it will be gone in days. Anyone that has a similar problem with their man?


Please leave my Shocking alone

Sundays are arguably the best day for anyone past 35. When you don’t need Friday and Saturday to party your pants off and Sunday for sleeping, but can leisurely awake to classical music, Sebastian is playing Power Rangers downstairs and you have the whole floor to yourself. It creates writers peace which is rare to find in this family and I love it. Yesterday, I made good headway on clearing out inbox and action list. I should be there by the end of the week and this gives me peace of mind. I’ve had to completely re-wire my brain in the last years to accommodation for some unexpected situations, but at heart I love order and regularity. I guess it comes from my mother’s side who prided in their German roots (well set aside a couple of events). Today I am working most of the afternoon, going loose on my agenda as well as my admin :). But first I’m going to put together the final itinerary for that holiday I talked about yesterday. I’m oscillating between Bonifacio, Porto Vechio….and possibly Calvi. Any ideas?






Porto Vecchio

Just came back from a wonderful meal at Bonetti, coffee and limoncello and an evening walk through Haarlem. We nailed a date for our vacation, and rudimentary mapped out the journey. All by train and boat this time. And yes we will end up in the Mediterranean. The idea is something like this… start off in Paris for a weekend celebrating my birthday (can’t think of a better place), from there take the TGV (French Railways) destination Antibes. Stay there for a week and then head  for, via boat, to Corsica for a 10 day stay and then slowly travel back to Haarlem with a few stops. Can’t wait – especially as Antibes is one of my favourite destinations.

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 20.27.49

Yes, believe it or not it’s me….6 years ago

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 20.27.55


Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 20.28.10

Susanne in a hijab (no disrespect intended).

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 20.28.27

FT – what else to read when on holiday?

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 20.28.48

Shopping Med Style

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 20.29.01

My husband looks a bit like my former science teacher –

whom I had a crush on admittedly

My daughter walks in just as I am stepping out of the shower.

“Mum, are you going to bum around at home?”

“Hrmm, erhh no” I say sheepishly.

She gives me one of those looks which has the power to strike fear into anyone marginally human. Where did she get that from, I wonder.

A rudimentary maquillage and my favourite pair of ripped jeans and I’m ready. Victoria eyes up one of my bags, as I am applying my perfume. She already got one the other day (a Burberry one at that!) and now there is a Tory Burch up for grabs. OK, I give in…it suits her actually, besides it’s orange and I can’t see myself wearing an orange handbag for the coming period.

A couple of hours later and we’ve done Haarlem – Victoria got a top and pencil skirt…and I?…I got nothing 🙂

photo 2[6]

#OOTD – Kiss Me jacket – FracasNoir, Paul & Joe belt,

Citizen of Humanity jeans, Burberry Baywater bag

photo 1[7]

Lets go…

photo 3[4]


10:27. Cloudy, hoovering around the 20’s (initial impression). I’ve just been downstairs for a steaming pot of coffee. Everything as it should right? I have no plans for the weekend. In fact this weekend is a little unusual and I have no idea how it will unravel. The Chocolate box allegory springs to mind. People as of late has sent me some incredibly deep and heartfelt messages and quotes. And when I’m overcome by sorrow, I draw strength from these. I hear this little voice in my head “Don’t give up Susanne – you know what is right and wrong and must continue on the path you know is the righteous”. I suppose it’s really when I start challenging concepts, and therefore myself, that I stray and I get closer to that dark ravine, which is looming as a black hole from a distance.

Last night, I spent working for most of the evening after Sebastian had gone to sleep with the Bible for Children (we are at David & Goliath) and then a documentary about the Vikings (his ancestors so to speak). My quest then diverted to cleaning out my emails (I’m down to 25). I will continue on that later today I expect, then moving to an overflowing action list, that due to travelling just kept growing. It has now branched out like a tree and I suspect it is growing roots which are so fine in fact I can’t see the text that is competing for space on the last line.

Time to declutter and create some space…


Time to get organised with a new moleskin