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A new Vogue short-documentary is now out on YouTube, similar to the previous “The September Issue” but this time about “The March Issue”. We are more than excited to take part of this 3 episode behind the scenes at one of the most legendary fashion magazines out there.
Check out the episodes HERE.



Finding your own personal style is something that tends to come difficult to most people. It is not just about discovering what clothes you like, but about finding out who you are and combining it with the person you want to be. Therefore, I wanted to put together a short list that can help a bit on the way towards finding that style. Because style may not define your personality, but it will help showing people, and also reminding yourself about who you are.

  1. Investigate. Do all the research you can and try not to leave out things that may not appeal to you directly. Sometimes finding your personal style is about discovering things that you don’t already know in order to find new things that appeal to you that you can integrate in your style. Maybe it’s an old style icon, a past trend or a certain style. Knowledge is key!
  2. Make a moodboard. While you’re investigating the different styles, trends and icons you will find an endless amount of pictures that inspire you. Rip them out of the magazine or print them out and pin them onto a board. This will serve as a point of reference in the evenings or in the mornings when you’re planning your look and make it easier for you to visualize what you actually like.
  1. Discover your closet. When you’ve reflected on your moodboard, it is time to have a look into your closet. Usually you will already have plenty of pieces in your closet that appeal to you, since you are hopefully the one who has made the purchases. Maybe you have all you need, but simply have to combine the pieces another way or accessorize the outfits differently.
  2. Invest. Once you’ve started discovering what your style is it is time to make a plan on what the pieces are that you need to invest in. These pieces should reflect upon your personal style and not upon trends since you want to be able to keep these pieces for a long time.

Just off from the cross-trainer and straight behind my Mac. Shower will have to come later as the afternoon is filled with back-to-back meetings from 2 PM onwards; meeting M for drinks and discussing a proposal and a dinner with G to go through a treatment for a photo shoot. Busy, Busy… But first some energy and strong cup of coffee to start off this day!


…I took up a book, what I understand to be hailed as the definitive work on Marie Antoinette. A biography by Antonia Fraser, I brought it with me as vacation reading material for a two week holiday in Malta. It must have been a few years after it was released in 2001, so a good decade ago. What I recall is listening to Cafe del Mar 6 on my mp3 player (yes back in those days) whilst tracing back Marie Antoinette’s steps from the Austro-Hungarian court, to the island where she symbolically left her past behind and entered into what would become her illustrious yet catastrophic future. Richly described, her life, her perfumes, her dresses and court – friends as well as foes – came to life in front of my very eyes. Further there was Count von Fersen (a fascinating man, with possibly an equally tragic ending to that of his supposed lover), the disasterous escape the royal family undertook (do see Renzo Rosellini’s Night in Varennes) , the weasel-like Robespierre, the trumped up charges she faced and, to her credit, strong and defiant defense which left ironically few people untouched. And yet, and the pinnacle to this narrative and perhaps song of homage, her untimely demise. When I was reading the last chapters, like a voyeur privy to horrific events unfolding themselves, it was as if I could sense her. I wanted to reach out, touch her hand, just for a moment, yet she had already departed to history.

I recall standing there, at the railing of the hotel rooftop, looking over the vast Mediterranean, feeling as connected as a woman of Nordic origin could be some 200 years later. And whilst I searched for her ghost, a whisper, a mere fleeting shadow, I listened to this song by Nitin Sawhney – Homelands. Somehow it came to symbolise her last months, days and hours. It probably will mean something different to you, but please listen to it, and close your eyes when you hear the Portuguese solo piece at the end. I looked it up afterwards, and perhaps I just see what I want to see, but the lyrics could be written just for her

Tudo o que quiser
(Everything you want)
Tem que entender
(You got to understand)
Nas palmas da mao
(In the palms of the hand)
Se tiver porque
(If there is a reason)

Frugil nessa terra
(Fragile in this land)
Fucil derrubou
(Easy it fell)
Quando jogou fora
(When you threw it away)
Tudo acabou
(Everything ended)



Age 13 by Martin van Meytens


The last ever sketch done in her lifetime by David, on her way to

Place de la Concorde. This image evokes a myriad of thoughts and feelings. 

But I love the way she carried herself to the bitter end. Most likely embracing

death, albeit as any mother she would have been tremendously concerned for

her children. Furthermore, something you rarely see in stylized images from her reign,

but her Habsburg chin and lip is clearly visible in this portrait which of course

did nothing to enhance her feminine features she was so renowned for.

My day looks like this… Emailing, calls, then suddenly “mama, my ipad doesn’t work”. Call to the Rescue! So I dash upstairs, get the ipad in the charger and then downstairs again, hoping I am not overly late for a conf call. Tons of emails on stuff that apparently has to be done ASAP. Try to get an overview, ask the most relevant questions to ascertain what is important or not. Then we hear a thump. One of those that sounds like a piece of furniture has just toppled over. What the hell?! I exclaim. But then a call comes in and as I hear Sebastian singing happily to himself, I deduce there is no major calamity that needs my immediate attention. At this point a trashed first floor would be the last thing on my mind.

I take another call…Sebastian barges in and I ask Rebecca to check on him. Sebastian is lucky and gets free reign in the garden. I feel a sense of relief as he seems to have fun and I can go back to whatever I was doing. Then suddenly there is more noise, like the kitchen window just broke….we run to see what is going on… Sebastian just took his bike and decided to swing it around like he is training for the Olympics in discus. I take the darn bike away, threaten to put it out with the trash and get Sebastian under a shower (he is now both wet and covered in mud). Well that is my day really….2 more calls to go…and 3 more days and his holiday is over 🙂

photo 2[3]

Rebecca’s impeccable workplace…

photo 2[4]

vs mine…handwriting says it all actually as I tend write in code when under duress

8 Routines

Some people tend to think that success is something that simply just happens to you. They think it’s possible to sleep until noon because they have time in the remaining hours to do all the work that needs to be done. Of course, it is very individual how people work and the way they are most effective, but striving for success without having a solid routine fails for more people than it works for. Therefore, I chose to dedicate this morning to writing down a few bullet-points that creates a healthy routine that will help you on your way to success and happiness. Some choose to make use of them all, and some just need to combine a few, it is simply up to you to decide.


Wake up early. Creating a healthy morning routine has shown to be one of the most effective ways for me to keep focused throughout the day. No one likes stressing in the morning, so make sure to get enough time to do things that needs to be done (like showering and having breakfast) but also things that you enjoy, like perhaps watching a inspiring video or a YouTube clip that makes you happy.

Exercise. People who exercise regularly get an endorphin rush that usually lasts throughout the day

Eat healthy. Of course everybody has days when they sin, but having a over all healthy diet is essential to get things done since it will make you feel more energized than high fat and sugary diets. No one needs to live on salads throughout the day, but just starting the day off with a healthy breakfast will usually make a big difference in how you feel during the day.

Have a clear desktop and desk. This will keep you away from unnecessary distractions. Take 5 minutes to clean up your computer and put everything into different folders and you will save yourself an awful amount of time!

Make lists. What needs to be done this week? What needs to be done today? What are your long term and short term goals when it comes to both your professional and personal life? Write it all down and it will get much easier to visualize.

Be friendly. Some people seam to think that it’s necessary to be a jerk to reach success, but who would want to work for or with an asshole? No one. Treat people with respect and give constructive criticism instead of solely criticizing them. This will reinforce the sense of community and purpose for the people working with you.

Tackle the most important tasks first. Pushing up boring tasks may seam like the right thing to do when you’re simply to lazy to do it. But having the things out of the way will give you time to tackle smaller and more fun tasks later on in the day, and give you a feeling of accomplishment.

Say no. Being able to say no to tasks that you simply do not have time for is important. No one can handle doing everything by themselves and if you take on too much, you may end up disappointing people by not delivering up to your standard.

You let the little bugger loose for one day and you have two demolished castles – one of which is a Lego ruin almost beyond salvage and another one that needs some careful restoration. I haven’t done timesheets on my Lego adventures, but it is easily approaching 60 hours, I estimate. Coming to think of it, I shall track it and send him an invoice when he turns 18 🙂

As for the result: this engineer (under objection) managed to put one together…needless to say the one least damaged.

photo 2[2]

Ruin I

photo 3

Ruin II

photo 1

End result, let’s see how long it lasts 😉


Photographer duo Stevie Verroca and Mada Refujio has been photographing together since 2005 and has managed to produce stimulating and balanced photos since then. Combining bold saturated colours in the setting with ultra styled models, this pair seam to have found the recipe to success, which brands such as Guess and magazines like Flaunt, Tank and GQ UK has already noticed.






It’s May vacation here in Holland, a week long interlude before the grande summer holidays. By the time I am writing this very line I was suppose to be sipping on an exotic fruit juice cocktail at the swimming pool of Hotel de la Cite, Carcassonne. But work engagements and a number of other matters clashed with our plans, stumping them out, plain and simple. With regret… But as there is no school, there is also time for an extra snooze. I can’t recall last I slept for a full 9 hours, but the bliss of this parental luxury is monumental. I actually feel human again. Like Lazarus rising from the dead. Literally the pain and aches there for weeks, not to mention a lingering and rather perpetual headache is gone.

To make the most of this joyous experience, I am not getting out of bed until midday – at least. With laptop, my notebook and a W/E playlist by Abel Korzeniowski, I shall thoroughly enjoy this Monday morning.

Trawling through my youtube history for some interesting documentaries. It’s been a varied week I must say, venturing out of my comfort zone of Western European history. If I get to cherry pick here are some entertaining ones…

Myths of Mankind: The Mahabharata – the longest ever epic poem (Sanskrit/Hindu tradition)

Caligula One of History’s Most Sadistic Emperors – not as good as the 1400 days of terror but in a tradition of Frank Miller’s Sin City and 300 (battle of Thermopylae), it scores high for entertainment factor

Nero One of History’s Cruelest & Murderous Emperors – whilst on the same topic and if you enjoyed the previous one, this is in the same league

Age of Empire Serie: Russia – an old nemesis of Sweden, and thus with mixed feelings a constant fascination…

Imagine…Who’s Afraid of Machiavelli – mentioned this one before but have to include it again as its thought provoking (ordered the Prince the other day btw as I’ve only read extracts of it)

Guns for Hire: Afghanistan – Mercenary documentary

…no wild life documentaries alas, but for cute factor (I am totally in love with polar bears), this one is highly recommended: