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I must have said this a million times before, but I am hooked on documentaries. Give me a good documentary any evening, snug in bed, nursing a cup of tea and I am fixed to the screen. OK that is only half of the truth. I pretty much wake up to a good documentary. It starts with my work-out on the cross trainer where I either start a new one or finish off the one from the previous evening. Whilst I make myself breakfast, I watch a documentary. When lunch is finally there, I will finish off the one I started in the morning (this is documentary number 2). Of course whilst cooking dinner I will watch a documentary (well more like listening to one). When Sebastian has been read a bed time story and still can’t sleep we will watch a documentary – they tend to be fairly limited to castles, knights and pirates – but hey, they are documentaries! At 11 pm, when I get to that point that I started this post with, I will be quite frequently on documentary number 4, often of the more darker and sinister kind.

It’s quite bizarre I grant you that. But as a self-proclaimed expert in this genre, I thought I’d share some gems you really shouldn’t miss.

Happy docu watching 🙂


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First selection is a little bit of everything…

Stephen Fry – Out There

This one was recommended to me yesterday. In two parts my favourite intellectual, Stephen Fry, explores the perceptions and views of homosexuality around the world.

Locked up Abroad – From Hollywood to Hell

Mindless and fun with a few really good insights. Most notably, you can count yourself lucky for two things: still having your wits AND your freedom

Prince Charles’ Love love dissected – the other Mistress

Whatever you think of the man, he has lead a fascinating life. Remember the tampon analogy?

Restoration Home – Stoke Hall

If you like me dream of living in a historic manor house, then this serie is for you

Forbidden Knowledge – the World oldest Computer

A bit of trivia you probably didn’t know of



I’ve really been struggling with my weight for the past 6 months. It’s absolutely not important in the grand scheme of things, just a tad annoying. I haven’t had major weight issues in the past and this is certainly adding to my frustrations that I am now experiencing. I see bulges of fat, muffin tops, bingo wings and all kinds of unwanted bits and pieces. Although not particularly lazy, this time the scale had to point towards 60 kg (59.4 to be exact – 6 months ago I was 52 kg), so it’s time for me to literally pull my weight and get on with the inevitable. I have given myself 2 weeks to drop 7 kg’s. I am not sure if it is possible but I will give it a try. Needless to say all chocolates, fries, bread are out. And wine is a sorry diluted glass of 1/3 vino and 2/3 tap water. The idea of the diet (a home concoction of the tried and tested) is Monday to Friday high protein diet and weekends consisting of the now famous (and very popular in Sweden) 5:2 diet.

Breakfast consist of cottage cheese, 1 apple, a handful of nuts, cinnamon for flavour and black coffee. Lunch is generally steak and so is dinner, unless substituted for chicken or duck. Always with vegetables. Snacks are minimum and mostly a fruit in the afternoon and/or nuts.

Weekends are rather different. The 5:2 diet advocates 500 kcal per day so one has to be clever here. I sleep late in the weekends and I don’t tend to eat breakfast so I will skip this. Lunch and dinner will be soup, 250 kcal each and lots of tea for snacks.

I will keep a bit of a diet diary here to motivate myself and possibly some of you guys too 🙂

Wish you a great Wednesday & don’t forget to smile!


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Breakfast this morning – and all other mornings for the foreseeable future

It’s a long, looong time ago I danced Latin. With the exception of a brief spell taking a few salsa classes a couple of years ago, it is perhaps 5, 6 years ago I made a serious effort. But it’s a New Year, and a New Year that will be so different than the rest – that I know. So I decided to take up an exceptionally sensual dance called Kizomba. For those of you who have never heard of it (and I don’t blame you) it’s not dissimilar to zouk (Lambada for everyone else not privy to the Latin scene), originating in the 1980’s out of Angola with lyrics in Portuguese. What’s more is that my husband has agreed to attend lessons with me. Highly exceptional as this is a guy who won’t even take his wife to the cinema, let alone dance with her. Needless to say, I can’t wait for the romance to begin!

As I met up with Nucita, the owner of Club Fiera in Haarlem, I was told they are still looking for a few extra men to this super sensual dance (as close as you can get to sex on the dance floor, and you catch my drift ;).For the brave ones, check out And for lack of reason signing up, seeing Reinout dancing might provide excellent value 🙂


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This weeks instalment of Steal the Style we decided to dedicate to a person who knows how to bring an outfit to another level. Miranda Kerr is not only an incredibly beautiful woman, she also has an impeccable sense of style. And even if it requires some kind of taste or fashion sense to pull this together, it is happily really not that difficult and does not force you to spend your entire savings account.

What really kicks this look up a notch are the over-knee boots, and for the rest it is all seemingly common. So the lesson that is learnt here is that the most normal and (do we really want to say it?) boring outfit can become something really extraordinary and beautiful if you add that little extra special thing to it. A pair of cool boots, a bracelet, an amazing coat. It is all about having one key piece in your outfit that stands out and makes you look like a million dollars!


For living in the centre of Haarlem we have quite a bit of wildlife going on in our garden. Our pond is a natural habitat for a school of fish (Koi fish which we bought years ago), frogs, the occasional heron that (unfortunately) feeds on the fish and the frogs, and ducks. The ducks mostly come as a couple in early spring and stay until the summer. They are a sure sign that winter has finally left the northern hemisphere and spring is finally here. So it was quite a surprise (albeit a pleasant one) to see two ducks landing in the garden and walking up to the door expecting to be fed. if it wasn’t for that temperatures are barely north of 10 and we haven’t seen past January, I would throw away the jacket and bow to Ra. Well 3 months too early, but still a small sign spring is on the way…


 Trevor & Trevor are back 🙂


I’ve spent the first few weeks of January trying to find reason to the unreasonable. It’s a near impossible task, but highly educative when it comes to that of the human psyche. I’ve written a lot, albeit not on my blog as I am finding my frankness reaching a point of discomfort. But I will try to balance it. Yesterday, I thought of a classic I read in my teens, Lord of the Flies, which I was lucky to find on YouTube. A dystopian piece of fiction it narrates a group of children left stranded on a dessert island after their plane crashes in the Pacific. Undoubtedly many of you will remember it and for those that don’t either read it or at least see the film (there are two adaptations that closely follow the book). What is interesting are the psychological dynamics between these boys and how their (highly distilled) characters start to immerse. How primal nature will prevail under the spell of fear. It’s a sublime study in human behaviour when leaders are followed blindly and universal reason is substituted for superstition and ultimately that of power, greed and personal gain. As a piece of fiction it stands out in the genre but is in fact nothing new. Just take the case of Sylvia Likens who’s murder was orchestrated by a grown-up ring leader, yet carried out by fellow children. There are other similar disturbing cases, and on a less horrifying, yet bleak note, so are the millions of dysfunctional relations and group dynamics which get free rein when unquenchable and inordinate desire for power and greed proves ultimately too powerful to contest. So yes, read it/see it, think about it and look yourself honestly in the mirror. Who do you see?

man standing alone


I woke up in the most horrid fashion. Sebastian who had fallen a sleep in our bed last night, started to punch me in his sleep. I must have been so confused by the whole thing, I lifted my head just to slam it straight into the edge of the bedside table. I screamed like murder and husband and son woke up as a result. After checking I wasn’t bleeding from my ear (it was a very hard knock believe me) I proceeded to go downstairs to make breakfast with Sebastian. As I closed the bedroom door I noticed something seemed stuck so I closed it harder upon which Sebastian screamed and I noticed he had his hand stuck in between (it was dark by the way and I was still sort of dazed and confused). As Sebastian got comforted by Reinout I proceeded downstairs (my presence wasn’t really wanted at that point) only to be hit by the most nauseating feeling (perhaps as a result of the head slam). I won’t tell the rest but needless to say it was a nightmarish morning. On the  positive side, Thank God it’s Friday! I don’t know what your plans are but mine are pure bliss and relaxation…at least I can wish 🙂


Sebastian was happy enough when he arrived in school…especially as he was sporting 3 plasters

I was just stunned by the most beautiful thing I have heard in a long while (if ever). And it came from my 4 year old son Sebastian. Tonight as I was putting him to bed, Sebastian asked me why I seemed so sad. I told him about my mum that she is no longer with me, to which he asked “Where is she? Is she in the ambulance?” I said she was in heaven with the stars. Just the way my mum told me where my grandmother was when I was about his age. Sebastian looked at me and took my hand “Mama, I am going to ask Father Christmas to bring your mum back”. I cried and I laughed at the same time. And instantly felt healed.