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I am in total relaxation mode – hence the sparse blog posts. As the nature is astonishing, we’ve been exploring the area on foot through the woods and the winding roads that lead to the surrounding villages. Today we are planning to visiting the ancient city of Aachen. So in lack of time to give you a a more detailed account, here are some pics from the last days…

foto 4

During one of our many walks. 

foto 1

Needless to say, the boys love it here

foto 4(1)

We even spotted deers on a few occasions but they were too fast for my camera

foto 2(1)

The booty of the day

foto 3(1)

And a cuddle with daddy

foto 1(1)

A few times we have been into Valkenburg

foto 2(2)

At Chateau Nercanne just outside Maastricht


I would warmly recommend this restaurant which had a Christmas menu

She reaches for the door, pushing it ever so slightly. It responds to her touch, although complaining with a creak as it opens up revealing a vast, yet unruly garden.

The gravel is cold, shapeless in the mist that clings to every piece and object laid out ahead of her.

Before she sets out on her final journey she turns around. She traces the old brick work, the peeling grey paint from the shuttered windows.

She is about to turn back on the path that will lead her to the wrought iron gates, the Allée Abbé Grégoire and with that liberty. The liberty some of her forefathers had fought for so passionately. And others against. And yet some had lost it in the process. The paradox was as startling as it was poignant.

As those fleeting notions came and went she saw him. Or did she? A stirring curtain, or the dust settling ever so gently? No it was him, she was as certain as that of his breath once expelled in a faint whisper as she held his head in her arms.

A Portuguese painter – Manuel – had witnessed the scene, and decided to forever epitomize it in an allegorical painting titled the Death of a Gentleman. He revealed it on the day of his departure, upon which he swiftly left with a parting farewell. The father was said to have lost his mind soon after and was found hung in the large oak tree that stood in a clearing on the adjourning parkland. The painting came to hang in a local museum where it was looted during the War and since presumed lost to posterity.

Adieu mon ami, she whispered towards the window where he had stood observing her. He was now gone, but she had no doubt they would be re-united in due time. And so she continued her journey. Some say she can still be seen walking through the garden when morning is early and the the sun has not yet dispelled the mist.

old westbury gardens 5 copy

It’s a different Christmas, but very, very wonderful. We just had Father Christmas visiting us at our apartment here in the hotel. Sebastian was excited beyond belief. He is currently running around the whole hotel complex telling everyone the REAL (in capitals!) Father Christmas came to see him. The lucky boy received puzzles, school bag, his own black board school set and the jewel in the crown being a Playmobil knight ship! I got a pair of leather boots and perfume (Fracas what else?).

Wish you all a wonderful, magical and very special Christmas. xxx


Last minute Christmas shopping

foto 2

Finally after a long wait…

foto 3

…Father Christmas is coming

        photo 4

with lots of gifts of course…

photo 2

For Mummy & Daddy too 🙂

foto 5

…but sometimes there can be too much of the good….time for a nap

It’s been a daily countdown to when Father Christmas comes. Well not entirely true, first it was Sinterklaas (December 5), then Christmas (December 24th as I celebrate it the Swedish way) and in between for when we are leaving for vacation. We traditionally celebrate Christmas and New Year at home but this year, as Victoria will be away, we decided to take a break from our family customs and instead celebrate the holidays at Chateau St. Gerlach in the south of the Netherlands, near Valkenburg and Maastricht. It also happens to be the place we got married half a decade ago (sounds quite impressive actually).

It’s a truly amazing place, almost magical, and needless to say means a lot to us. The history of this estate dates back to the 13th century, when a monastery was founded near the grave of the hermit St Gerlach. Eventually the monastery was disbanded and the provost building was converted into a noble residence for the noble family, De Selys de Fanson. To cut a long story short, when the last member of this distinguished family died, the properties fell into a terrible state of disrepair. So it remained until eventually it was converted into a small luxury hotel – all with spa, swimming pool, bistro and a (once) Michelin star restaurant. Surrounded by baroque gardens, a (purportedly) haunted cemetery, and vast woodlands it is the perfect place for a relaxing, recharge-your-batteries break.

So tomorrow it is. We are being picked up for a 4 hour drive down south. Monday will be dedicated to Christmas shopping in Maastricht, Tuesday we have our Christmas dinner at the restaurant and New Year we will attend the New Year’s Eve party hosted at the hotel. The Christmas spirit is finally kicking in, and that is about time!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


chateau st. gerlach

Le chateau


Converted old stables

fotoboekfoto-2Dining in style

chateau st. gerlach

Sleep tight 😉

Rose petals, rose petals. That is how I imagine you when you are not here. I look up into the sky, stretch my arms out and swirl….round and round and round. And then they come…. Like snow flakes really, but bigger. First a few, and then more and more, until there are so many they change the sun light into a soft ivory shimmer. I am basking in them, and they keep falling. And then, when vertigo overtakes me I fall into a bed of soft fragrant leaves. Like satin feathers. They smell so lovely, just like You. They smell of my Beloved, as they fall from His rose garden. From a place higher than any mountain could ever reach. They are cool to the touch, yet melt on my skin.

My Beloved, let Your love embrace me. Let it carry me to You. Let Your Breath be my oxygen. Let Your touch wipe away my tears. And heal me.

Let You guide me on a path of Love and Salvation. Let Your Love transcend the boundaries I have created, and let it break all chains of hate and resentment. Let it be my guiding light to forgiveness.

Because I choose to Love….in Your light.


dedicated to my beloved husband, whom I hold dear to my heart


Today I realized I am prepared 100% to let go. It felt like it was the right thing to do. The only thing to do. Pain had reached a new barrier I didn’t know existed. And all that was left was emptiness. I knew from their eyes, whatever I said or did, they had made up their mind of who I was. Someone not worthy. Someone that should be shunned, ostracized and treated with contempt. They have their truth, and I have mine. I feel no anger, nor any hate. I leave it up to others to feel that way.

I still want to walk alone, in peace, out on a road beyond this town and this country. I want to feel free and my presence to be met with laughter and compassion. That will happen one day, I am sure…

Ultimately I thank you….for despising me, for shutting the door, for speaking my name in terms of loath and contempt. We can only know true compassion by feeling rejected. We can only be thankful, for having not been given. We only learn to appreciate what we have, when that was stolen from us. Perhaps this is true for everything except love, for we must experience love to be able to reciprocate it. Once this is a fact, we can return love in abundance, no matter how unloved we are.


…no this is not another post on life in the last years. However, some of my shoes will be up for grabs at Bella Buccia tonight. In addition you have the chance to win a Burberry Bag and wallet which I was once the proud owner of. So don’t miss tonight’s event at Nooon, World Trade Center Amsterdam. Equally if you can’t be there but would love to win our goodie bag, don’t miss out on our competition:

photo 3[2]

Black Christian Louboutin shoes size 36

  photo 2[2]

Patent leather Christian Louboutin size 36

photo 1[2]

Suede rhinestone Chloe shoes size 36 (never used)


Burberry bag with matching wallet (in a raffle so could be yours!)

Today is Bella Buccia’s special Christmas Shopping Evening at Nooon, WTC. I warmly recommend everyone who love to get their hands on a piece of luxury (Chanel, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo – we have them all), simply just want to sip some wine and mingle or want to meet our amazing team, not to miss it! More details can be found here .

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In a quiet moment, which is so rare, I needed to just seize it and pen some of those random thoughts that had briefly taken my mind hostage, I was thinking of a Christmas list. Not the usual kind but a rather alternative one, that would mean more than any silk wrapped presents under the Christmas tree.

So here….in no particular order….

1. Good conversations – anything that doesn’t have to do with business, games, funds or a merger of the two. For the rest anything goes

2. Wine, open fire and chess. I love this game so much yet I rarely play it….a great shame!

3. Love, love, love. Family, fun, laughter, kindness

4. Snow – I miss Sweden so I would do anything for a bit of snow

5. Opera and classical music when I wake up in the morning. A kiss and a hug and breakfast in bed would be wonderful too 🙂

6. Midnight mass – I haven’t gone to midnight mass in a long time, but this time it feels like I ought to.

7. My most secret wishes coming through. Can’t tell as they wouldn’t be secret then ;). But I hope Santa delivers some very special gifts this year. I have been a good girl (I’d like to think so at least)

8. A heap of good books and enough time to read them.

9. Joy and happiness to my friends and family. And a special thought to my mum in Heaven. Although you won’t be here in person, as always you are in my heart.

Dramatic lighting on bare winter trees

Christmas is the time of year when all the diets fly out of the window, when we all seem to (or at least wish we) have no limit on our credit cards – it is truly a time when all sense of reality fly out of the window. And two weeks later we are all struck by the inevitability of here and now and we are forced to recuperating both financially and physically.

But isn’t that exactly what Christmas is? It is the single time during the year that we can all allow ourselves to escape the stress of our everyday lives. It is the time of carefreeness; the time when we can let ourselves indulge in all the guilty pleasures we otherwise wouldn’t allow ourselves access to. It is a well-deserved break after the stress that is leading up to it – the pre-Christmas-stress.

Every year we tell ourselves that this year we will start purchasing those Christmas presents well on time, to make way for a little bit more socializing and carefree enjoyment of yuletide drinks and gastronomic feasts. And like every year, for some reason it feels as though Christmas is coming towards us in a tremendously high speed. Of course, with only 10 days left to this highly anticipated holiday, the presents have still not been bought.

Imagine being able to get that Christmas stress to go away after just one night, under one roof. Look no further!

Bella Buccia opens her doors on December 17th at 5.00 PM at wine bar Nooon, WTC Amsterdam. In addition to a large variety of designer bags, shoes and accessories, exclusive brands such as OTAZU, Issa Who? Silk Wear, Nighties Dreamwear and Cote d’Azur artist Sylvia van der Weide will lend both glamour and fashion to the event. Wine & sparkly are available and for those that want to network, this is the perfect opportunity as a large number of the Bella Buccia clientele are stationed at WTC.

Last but not least, if you are looking for a well stocked goodie bag, look no further. Douglas, Toni & Guy, SkinJect, Aveda and others yet to be disclosed lifestyle brands are sponsoring with some amazing gifts.

If this isn’t enough to tickle your fashionable taste buds, drop your business card in a crystal bowl and participate in our raffle that will start at 8 pm. Among a number of exclusive prizes is a Gucci bag at stake.

This evening will also see special attention to the STOP Aids Now campaign. For any item bought at OTAZU, Bella Buccia and Issa Who? you receive the OTAZU Stop Aids Now ART Bag for free! All proceedings are going to the STOP Aids Now Foundation.

What you need to know

Date: December 17, 5 PM to 9 PM

Venue: Nooon, Strawinskylaan 77, World Trade Centre Amsterdam

Bring: Your cash, business and credit cards

Expect: Chanel, Wine & Shop till you drop

Sign up & More Information via:


Further Enquiries

Please contact Bella Buccia Events for further information:

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