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Love, love, love surprises. Especially when they come in the form of indulgence without guilt. Got this beautiful bouquet from my hubby. Sweet 🙂


Since Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was held on November 14th we thought it would be interesting to see what a former angel would be wearing. Because even if we would probably do it with a body like that, we had our slight suspicion she would not walk around dressed in embellished underwear and wings on a normal day.

Victoria’s Secret angel Karolina Kurkova entered the Pirelli Calendar 50th Anniversary Conference wearing Salvatore Ferragamo from top to toe. A simply perfect outfit that is not only easy for just about anyone to pull off, but also possible to wear both to work and for a night out. Just add a coat and you’re ready to go!

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 2.20.13 PM



This evening there is a must attend fair directed towards female entrepreneurs and business savvy gals alike. It’s an opportunity to network whilst sampling great products (fashion, beauty & lifestyle) and pick up some cool gifts for the Christmas season. Of course Issa Who? and Bella Buccia will be there as main sponsors. Don’t miss out this evening at the RAI. Tickets can be purchased online or directly at the door.



When stress gets the better of me, it shows in the most unwanted ways. Typically it will start with lack of sleep. Endless nights of staring into a dark ceiling until the shadows are dispelled by sunrise. If this period lasts too long, my skin will break out in rashes. Luckily I don’t get the acne version, just a rosea rash, but irritating nevertheless. If I am still not listening to the warning signs, I start to shed hair. This is the absolute worst one of them all. It comes and goes and generally at its peak, small baby hairs will start growing back.  But this time has been far worse than any other, and one morning as I was showering tons of strands came out. I almost screamed in fright as a blond lump made its way towards the drainage. Since I’ve increased my vitamin intake, started taking supplements for hairgrowth (Inneov) and looking for all kinds of herbal remedies to stimulate those dormant follicles. Any tips are most welcome as this is truly my worst nightmare.


New hair cut – luckily my hairdresser doesn’t think it’s as bad as I do

I suppose I should have known the moment my husband and Sebastian both woke up not feeling well. But it started off good as it gave us some time to relax in bed, which is always welcome when it’s poring with rain and is freezing cold. But the peace didn’t last much longer as Sebastian’s energy levels picked up fairly quickly. Needless to say several appointments got cancelled, and every call/meeting got disturbed at a rate of every few minutes or so. If I was smoking, I would be fuming like a chimney right now and I am seriously considering breaking my ban on alcohol for one glass.

I ponder the idea. Well what the heck. Rules are there to be broken right? I grab a chocolate bar (another vow that just went out of the window), crack a bottle of Champagne and take a rather generous sip of the fizzy elixir. You can say what you want about the lesser qualities of alcohol, but one thing is for sure: there is nothing that beats a glass of Champagne when you’re feeling low. As I write this any tension is gradually diminishing and my light headiness that was due to stress is now supplanted by an infinitely more pleasant feeling although of the same kind.

It’s just as well as every room looks like a bomb just detonated. And this after a visit from our house keeper. My husband will not be amused when he comes downstairs. On that note, I think I better call it a day and start the cleaning operation. By the look of it I won’t be ready until Christmas.


Sebastian is finally at ease on the sofa after having a field day in how to make a mess


“As for her perfume, it was the kind you only noticed after she’d left a room, not while she was still in it. Even then you didn’t realize it was perfume, you only wondered what had made you think of her just then.”

~ Cornell Woolrich

vanguard effortless

There used to be a time I felt entirely comfortable in writing about my diets and weightloss programmes. In fact there used to be a time I would feel comfortable with writing about a lot more, but as time adds years to your age, a lot of those fancies and follies seem less appealing all of a sudden. In fact some posts were down right embarrassing and I’ve since done my best to eradicate them (not so easy in this day and age). So it’s with mild trepidation that I approach the subject of dieting. It’s one of those first world problems, that unless you have a BMI of 25+, shouldn’t even enter your mind. Add to this the constant fretting and agitation when it comes to training, cellulites, wrinkles, unseemly body hair and what not. Completely irrelevant if you open the Asian and African section of Thus I feel like a bit of a moron bringing up my latest antic. However, here is the thing.

Ever since this summer, when I decided not to use sleeping medication for my habitual insomnia, I have needless to say not slept so well. I’ve tried all sorts of cures and remedies to no avail, and even though I’m not particularly restless, I lie wide awake. A night or two is no problem but when these exceed three, I am in desperate need of a good nights sleep. So I turn to food. Not a lot – I’ve never been a comfort eater, but just enough to produce some well needed endorphins. Over time this extra calorie intake has resulted in a weight gain of no less than 6 kg’s. That’s a stone for those that aren’t familiar with the metric system. And well, it feels like a heavy stone for sure. So today, putting myself on the scale I got the chock of my life when I weighed in at a heafty 59 – a kilo short of the dreaded 60. That’s it, I thought to myself. Time to diet.

A friend of mine suggested the 5:2 diet – a fasting diet where you eat a meager 500 kcal 2 days a week and the rest of the week normal. Of course as an avid Atkins fan, I’m thinking of doing a combo diet – and then one of the severer kinds. The 5:2 diet seems a lot like the Stewardess diet but then in reverse. The stewardess diet dictates around 600 kcal per day for 4 days and 3 days normal kcal intake. Thus combining the two should in theory result in a turbo charged weight loss.

Although feeling slightly foolish documenting it here, it might just provide the motivation that I need. It would mean as of today no more alcohol and Sunday pancakes. Instead say hello to spartan steaks, sallads and eggs. Not to mention dragging myself out of bed earlier than usual for a morning work-out. OK, the moment I press publish you have my commitment. And if I don’t have incentive enough, there is a FracasNoir collection to be worn in a week or two 🙂


The one time I was at my perfect weight – 52 kgs – 7 kg’s to go 🙂

I was going back a few blog posts in time, and came to realize it’ exactly 5 years since I started this blog (November 17, 2008). Five years ago seems like a long, long time, yet in the grand scheme of things it’s not. And yet again, it is. After all, five years ago Sebastian wasn’t born. Victoria wasn’t even close to being a teenager. I had just got married. I was working at Ex Machina as business dev mgr. Social Media was a whole new world for me, and I suppose that is one of the reasons I started this blog. I loved writing so fun combined with a new experience seemed like a good combination. And it was.

Since then blogging has come and gone…most people have closed their blogs for spur-of-the-moment facebook and twitter updates. And yes, it makes sense, blogging is after all rather time consuming. The blogs that truly made it are more like online magazines than actual weblogs (yep, remember the origin of the word blog?). I tampered with blog blocks (as opposed to writers block) myself. They are the reasons for long periods of silence. BUT….this summer I decided to return to FracasNoir. Oh yes, the reason why I came up with that name is a whole story in itself. Short version is that it’s a combination of my favourite perfume, Fracas and my favourite colour Black, in French – my favourite language et voila!

Ok back to the blog. So yes, first weeks/months were rather tedious. How do you come up with blogging topics again? Especially as you just want to pull an old carpet over yourself and disappear from this earth. The answer must be – with a lot of difficulties. But here I am 5 years later. And I am happy I returned. So long live the blog!

…and on that note, you want to know which blog post has been one of the most popular ones? It was one of the first one actually and I will recreate it here. It simply went as follow:

Reinout vs. Ned Flanders

see the resemblance…

P1000290   images

If there is one day all kids (and parent for that matter) will challenge the weather Gods, it’s the arrival of Sinterklaas. Whether it rains, freezes, snows or hails, parents and kids alike comes out in droves to greet Sinterklaas and his Zwarte Piet helpers, the little black slave boys who currently half of the Netherlands is waging a war against – or for…depending on skin colour and land of origin. I shan’t make this into a political essay, although my inclination is to accept this ancient relic as kids don’t care about race or creed, only us “adults”. Besides that Zwarte Piet is not only funny and helpful, he is also very kinds as he brings pepernotjes wherever he goes. Enough said, the kids loved it, and we spent a good couple of hours queuing up for various festivities. As pictures speaks more than a few dry words, here follow some family snapshots of today’s festivities…

photo 1[2]

  My two sweethearts

photo 2[1]

waiting for lunch that took forever – what else to do than take a girlie selfie?

photo 3[2]

after much waiting Sinterklaas finally arrived

photo 2[2]

and my two boys (h)

photo 1[3]

the object of much debate…here in a cake incarnation

There used to be a time when I felt alone, sad and abandoned, I would read a poem by Pablo Neruda called “If you forget me…”

It would give me solace that one day, one hour, one moment…I would rise, like the phoenix just consumed by flames, spread my wings, my back straight and my head high, and I would not only run, I would fly…

Past buildings and dunes, along shores and forrest path ways. Until everything that mattered were lost to me, and I was free.

It would give me solace, and peace…two notions I had searched for without ever finding.

And now…well now it is all different. Because as you stopped loving me, little by little, I realized the very same didn’t happen to me. My love only grew stronger, like an immense wave gaining in strength, pulling all water to its epicentre – my heart. Where it would have broken before, it now miraculously healed and expanded. …and it beat, louder and stronger than ever before.

I am not afraid. Those fears I have conquered. Reputation doesn’t matter – tarnished or not. I am free in my soul and my heart. And I love, with abundance and beyond. I believe it is called forgiveness.