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Last summer holiday I made an agreement with myself to return to blogging. I started this blog some 5 years ago and the first years I blogged prolifically, in fact several times a day. I still wonder how I found time for it….but I did. Then, for a number of reasons, my blog posts started to dwindle. I suppose I didn’t feel like writing about a lot of crap going on (by that point my blog was already rather dark). So I stopped. In the beginning it was quite a relief. The hours I had spent on thinking up topics and eloquent sentences, I could spend on other more pressing matters. But if you are a (self-proclaimed) writer at heart, it is not an easy decision. And I started to feel it too. My daily blog dose, which had much acted as a relief, was gone. I made a few half-hearted attempts to revive it, but the long absences made it even more difficult to return. Eventually I not only lost the skill of writing, I lost myself.

I can’t say I have found either….not yet, but I am making a serious attempt at conquering my literary fears. You see, it is quite easy to write about the good, the beautiful, the fun and the exciting events. But when it comes to life as it truly is, the love, the fears, the failures, the trial and errors, well then it is not so simple anymore. I used to feel that I could write about anything, there were no barriers to what my fingers could type on my worn-out Apple keyboard. Everything was fair game, as long as it didn’t compromised my own ethics which meant I wouldn’t gossip or harm other people through it. That is the blog I want to revive. But it is so damn hard. It would mean saying goodbye to probably work coming my way. Or people having even more misgivings and opinions than they already have.

I am pausing a moment, thinking hard to myself…safe blog = boring blog, or Fuck it all = fun, mischief, with consequent opinions and gossip I would have to deal with. Well Fuck it! Let’s blog!

susanne waldau - te brake

Let’s bare it all folks 😉

Despite a lover of luxury (and au contraire what may seem) I don’t have my waredrobe full of A brands – I like to make clever use of the few I have though, teaming basic items up with great accessories. Despite my humble wardrobe, the one item I would love to own is -unsurprisingly – the elusive Hermès bag. I don’t even care if it’s a Kelly or Birkin, if it’s second hand or even 3rd generation pre-loved, just give me one of those and I will dance to any tune you sing. There is apparently a 2 year waiting list for a bag of that caliber, so it was particularly cool to be so close to having the chance of buying one yesterday – given I had 6000 euros to shell out. Needless to say it was snapped up as soon as it came up on the shelve by a client that attended the Bella Buccia event last night. I better save up for next event which will take place early December in Amsterdam. In the meantime, it’s back to my trusted Mulberry 🙂

For anyone that are interested in beautiful luxury items for a bargain, keep yourself up-to-date with Bella Buccia by joining their fan page.



A gal’s wet dream


Beautiful silk shirts by Issa Who?


Didn’t get the designer behind these creations but very pretty little things


Beautiful Rebecca and Morella


The months since the summer holiday has flown by. Suddenly it is end of October with only months away to Christmas. This sudden realization struck me as our windows underwent full transformation in anticipation of Halloween (a first I should add). Still very cute. This week we will be doing pumpkin heads and of course a delicious pumpkin soup. What are you doing for Halloween?

foto 1

Halloween a la casa Waldau-te Brake

foto 2

check out the fake tombstone….spooky 🙂

As women anno 2013 we are constantly judged on our appearances. Even though people may not know you personally, the chances are you will be put into a category – whether you like it or not. Perhaps you are the one who takes herself too seriously to care, the Joan Harris secretary a la Mad Men, or the power chick. No matter if it’s a conscious decision or not, style does define you.

During the 80’s, as women’s power within the workplace increased, equality between the sexes became more important and women strove towards emulating their male peers. With this came the “power suits” with massive shoulder pads and sharp tailoring. Margaret Thatcher put the pussy bow on the fashion map along with her patent leather Launer handbag firmly on the table.

The pantsuit has since remained a staple fashion item although it has had to step aside for new favourites such as the now iconic wrap dress by Diane von Furstenberg and the timeless Galaxy dress by Roland Mouret, not to mention the dressed down version of the suit in the incarnation of jeans and a blazer.

As women drifted further away from the manly ideal they also got bolder and more confident in the way they dressed. A more relaxed attitude to corporate dress code slowly took hold (remember casual Friday anyone?), and now few people raise an eyelid on jeans and a t-shirt or a short skirt and boots as work attire. This shift in dress code certainly owns its prevalence and acceptance to the dotcom culture that took hold in the millennium shift around Silicon Valley.

So it is easy to see how our appearance at work has transformed throughout the years. It is now more accepted for women to embrace their femininity even in the workplace and in other words – be themselves.

This is not to say that we have in some way escaped the etiquettes and unwritten rules of the corporate environment. The thing is that the etiquettes are there for a reason. The way we dress is not merely to show that we belong to a certain workplace, a specific group, but also there to send out subtle signals. No matter how much we try to deny it, we are in fact very much influenced by the way we dress.

Some of us argue that we can dress any way we fancy and still be treated with the same respect and professionalism as our fellow colleagues.  That it is all about the work we do and not the way we dress while doing it. It’s not about how you get there, but that you get there, right?

The thing is that even if you don’t see yourself as a corporate animal, most careers are built on networking, through relationships with other people. And to be honest, the first thing people judge you by, is not your fabulous personality – it’s the way you present yourself.

This does not mean that you have to be a slave to fashion while you are working. It is about finding a balance between personal and professional to give the attire that extra spark that is all about you. In other words, it’s about sending out the right signals while still being true to who you are. That’s the way you bowl them over – whether in the boardroom or on the work floor.  Perhaps Lady Thatcher wasn’t so wrong when she turned up in pearls, pussy bow silk blouse and a black handbag. And one thing is clear, people knew she meant business when that Launer got placed firmly on the Cabinet table.

Steel the look of Angela Ahrendts, CEO Burberry

and soon to be Head of Retail at Apple

angela ahrendts fashion style

Are you a corporate Fashionista? Does networking and shopping sound as natural as a Louis Vuitton iPad cover to you? Then you must sign up to Bella Buccia’s exclusive shopping night at WTC in Amsterdam. Shopping & Mingle has never been this much fun. 

Date: October 29, 5 PM to 8.30 PM

Venue: Nooon, Strawinskylaan 77, World Trade Centre Amsterdam

Bring: Your business and credit cards

Expect: Chanel, Champagne and Canapés

More information:




Being married to someone that gets invites left, right and centre is a perk I have come to love. Tomorrow we have an event hosted by the city of Amsterdam at the philharmonic which I will attend with hubby and Anthony B (at this moment I am desperately wondering if Anthony did get that suit amended for the evening). Last week we had an invite to Sepehr Maghsoudi’s fashion show in connection with the game Just Dance. A brilliant evening (although I was feeling under the weather with a flu which didn’t agree too much with the Champagne), it ended sufficiently late to be considered early. But isn’t that the measure of a good party after all?

My camera was broken, but Rebecca took thankfully a whole lot of pictures 🙂


Me, Rebecca and the fox


The talented Mr. Maghsoudi




It was a relatively quiet weekend that past by us. Still in recovery from last weeks flu I didn’t feel like doing a lot and spent my mornings lounging in bed watching documentaries. Saturday came and Reinout was adamant to drag me out to Amsterdam where we, after much walking about not finding a restaurant to our liking, ended up at Hotel L’Europe for an intimate dinner with Anthony B. Must say, it was the best Bearnaise I had in ages 🙂


After being ill for a few days I am finally back on track. Today we had our first staff meeting in our shop at Koningsstraat 20 in Haarlem. With collection out in a few weeks (yes, It’s finally happening!!!), our latest recruits Rebecca (check out her blog on and Manny, and new items from Issa Who? Collection just in, we are on a roll :).

Tonight we are on the guestlist of Sepehr Maghsoudi’s fashion show, but before leaving we are getting a small make-over courtesy of the talenten make-up artist Mike Pardon.




This weekend I was on the set shooting with Issa Who? and Bella Buccia. The location (Huis van Brienen) was amazing, and with a top photographer (Will Falize), the stunning Nadia Hana as model, and a fantastic crew this photo shoot was absolutely brilliant. Although end result will take a few weeks, I will give you a little sneak preview. And don’t forget to check out Issa Who’s collection for some fabulous silk ware and Bella Buccia for exclusive pre-loved (vintage) must-haves!

photo 1

With Nadia and Vivi from Lele Pyp which sponsored the amazing shoes on this set

photo 5

Jewellery was from Rodrigo Otazu

photo 2

…stunning Nadia

photo 3

…and a brilliant location

photo 4

…with an amazing vintage collection from Bella Buccia

photo 4[2]

…and a beautiful collection by Issa Who?

photo 4[1]

…made this photo shoot rock!

photo 5[1]

Nadia in action

photo 5[2]

Love this shirt btw!



Yesterday in preparation of a photo shoot I decided to eradicate those wrinkles and nasal fold lines that have unfortunately started to appear. Although apprehensive at first using Botox and Fillers (Restylane), the result cannot be denied. In fact (although I haven’t advertised about it too much) I did it some 18 months ago, and was amazed by how – especially the fillers – changed the appearance. For those that haven’t done it but contemplate on it, I would recommend you seek a reputable dermatologist. In the Netherlands only doctors are allowed to perform it, which generally puts you in safe hands. Thus I did it once again with Dr. Willeke Kamphof at Derma2Care (Haarlem and Amsterdam). The procedure is litterally over in 5 to 10 minutes and doesn’t hurt much. Last time I was bruised somewhat but they faded away after a few days. This time there was only some redness (and I admit feeling a little bit sore) but I am tremendously happy with the outcome. Fillers change the appearance immediately as they – true to the name – fill up those lines. Botox takes a few days to kick in. The botox probably lasted more than 6 months with me, and the filler 18 months. Thus a good investment in anti-aging!


Result pre-make…still a bit red….and sore 😉