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Strawberry ice cream, cherry lip gloss, peachy skin

Dewy grass, angel spreading torn wings

I kneel behind her head, my lips touching hers

pearls of sweat landing on her neck

I catch them gently with a kiss

the air is fragrant, budding roses

new cut grass

I take off her shoe, black crocodile, flaky edges

The golden label fading, worn from steps in heaven


I lift it gently to my nose, breathing in leather with musc

It’s heavenly yet so sinful

for a brief moment I decide it shall be mine

The angel lays still in the soft grass

Like on display

white nude skin, barefoot with only a vintage shoe for cover

Broken Mannequin


The other day (August 20 – an additional anniversary as of now!) Reinout and I renewed our vows. Perhaps more special and important to us than ever. It was a small old chapel in St. Julians – erected over 300 years ago by the Knights of St. John. Father Thomas Moore held the cermony which our sweet Maltese friends Chris & Rita had been kind to arranged for us. It was very emotional – at least for myself, as I cried buckets 🙂

I wish I could write more about it and its significance, but timing – for many different reasons, won’t allow for it. But for now, here are some photos.









We have been here for over two weeks and I’m beginning to settle fully into holiday mode. All the musts, needs and wants are gone. I go to bed late (mostly reading into the wee hours of the morning) and wake up just before 10 and in time for breakfast. I’m almost ready with a book on Heydrich (HHhH by Laurent Binet – highly recommended for any WWII buffs) and will soon start on a John Connolly (The Wraths of Angels). I have also taken time to contemplate on the past, as well as the future. It’s been good. I have found closure on a number of things that has been bugging me. I guess that’s called maturing (I doubt if I should write aging but settle on the former).

I love Malta. I love the kind people, the history, the architecture, not to mention the weather. So it’s good being here. Well, off to the beach now 🙂

Loads of love,



If you are versed in classical Greek literature you will have undoubtedly come across Adonis – the mortal demi-God revered amongst his female subjects on the island of Lesbos (yes the term lesbian comes from this) for his undeniable beauty and impressive physique. In fact both the Greeks and their heir apparent, the Romans, revelled in male beauty, so the concept of selfies are not as new as we believe – although someone else would undoubtedly carve out the marble statues, I am sure.

Well I don’t mean to dwell on the past here, but I couldn’t help but thinking of it, when my husband sent me an SMS with a picture attached, looking like this (see below).

I’ve always loved his physique, but this was something else. How did he change seemingly under my nose? The reply came soon enough. It all belonged to a rather unconventional training program: Lifting the hotel bed ca 50 times each afternoon. I’m not kidding. So guys, no excuse not being fit anymore…take that bed of yours and get on with it…and please don’t forget to post your selfies 😉


I recall having read something to the Same effect not long ago. Although by far not a xenophobe I’ve had my run-ins with the Russians, and they weren’t always as pretty as Irina Shayk, I have to admit. I also admit I might be somewhat bias as the Swedes been at war with this mighty nation for a few hundred years. Set aside history, and the following event unfolds:

I’m having a solitary breakfast when this Russian woman enters the breakfast area and takes a table besides mine. How do I know she is Russian? Her impossible high cheekbones, a plump mouth and long legs. All curtesy of Mother Nature. I try to concentrate on my book on Reinhoud Heydrich instead, to soften the possible envy I might be feeling.

I’m emerced in the story when a glass shatters, spraying shards all over my feet. I realize it’s my Russian neighbour who’s had an accident. However to my surprise she pretends like nothing has happend. I ponder a moment if I should pick it up, but knowing barefeet kids are running around I decide it would be the decent thing to do. So I go down on my hands and knees and start hunting for glass. I continue until I realize I’m hoovering around her feet which she descreetly put to one side so I can pick up the rest.

I look up at her, with the last shards in my hand, and mutter something like “It can happen to the best of us”, but there is no smile, let alone a thank you. As I leave (I’ve lost my appetite by now) I can’t help but wonder… Was she so damn rude because she has the Westin Suite, and I just a room with a sea view? Or was it that she is married to an oligarch and I only to an aspiring gaming entrepreneur. Or was it just down to that her beauty infinitely outshined mine? Whatever the reason I humbly bow to the Russians – not only for your broken glass, but for indeed being rude and without manners (my Russian friends set aside 🙂


One week gone, two weeks to go. Feels like utter height of luxury. I can only remember once having a holiday outlasting this one in length. So now I’m in full vacation mode not to mention mood which couldn’t be better. I’ve spent pretty much every day at the little private beach that is attached to the hotel (prefer the sea vastly to swimming pools), building sandcastles and forts with Sebastian. Evenings are spent wining and dining with the family. On that note, off for a shower and then an Italian at Il-Rokna.




It’s almost a week ago since we arrived in Malta – for a stay spanning over 3 weeks (then back for 2 weeks following by a week to Mallorca)! Needless to say it is hot (34 degrees last time I checked), but it’s just what I need. We’re in St. Julian, The Westin Dragonara – in my opinion the best hotel on this island. It’s the type of hotel which offers you everything…private beach, pools in abundance, 5 restaurants, a casino, gym, club not to mention a great kids club although we rarely use it. The spa is superb and I’ve already treated myself to a lifting facial….more will follow, be so sure.

My regime looks much like this: mid-morning rise at 9 am, breakfast with the kids, an hours work out in the gym, emails, lunch and then bliss…usually at the private beach.

Tonight we are invited for a wine tasting, and then a romantic dinner at restaurant Quadro. Love this holiday 🙂

Be back later…