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Just got the first school pictures of Sebastian. I am so proud of the little man with his mega smile! Brightens up my day 🙂

Sebastian first school picture

I’m a self-confessed perfume connoisseur. It all started with being on the trail of a list of exclusive so called Dark Side Perfumes. My first acquisition was, au contraire, not Robert Piguet’s Fracas – but Mitsouko and L’Heure Bleu by Guerlain. But we shall come to those later. Nevertheless let’s explore those perfumes that makes a woman and undo her nemesis. Thus let’s start with Fracas…

Exuberant, seductive and blooming Fracas has becoming a classic with a small albeit loyal number of followers. The Fracas perfume was first brought up in the market in 1948 by Robert Piguet who set the mark on fashion fragrances with its dualistic complex yet simple perfumes, iconising the post-way Parisienne. Fracas is an alluring and extremely feminine scent, and has not unsurprisingly captured the heart of many (wo)men.

Fracas’ composition is pure yet provocative. When unlocked, you can sense the fragrance of freshly sweet note of orange blossom, peach, green leaves, hyacinth, and mandarin orange. Fracas’ middle notes is the hubbub and pandemonium of tuberose, osmanthus, carnation, jasmine, violet root, white iris, rose, rose geranium, gardenia, lily of the valley and narcissus, whilst the base notes consist of sandal wood, amber, vetiver, musk, cedar and oakmoss.

Anecdotes come mostly from spectators: “I smelt it first on an ex-girlfriend of my husband. She was extremely rich, extremely spoilt and extremely neurotic. I disliked everything about her except her perfume, which I was mad for. Much later, I discovered it was Fracas,”

Alluring and fascinating Fracas is adored by many celebrities having ranked it their favourite. Madonna love it for its intensive notes of tuberose and gardenia. Kim Basinger, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Morgan Fairchild, Courtney Love and Martha Stewart find it genuine, sensual and the epitome of femininity. And of course it was the ultimate favourite of Marlene Dietrich.

Fracas is still available online, as well as in well stocked (often old traditional) perfume shops.



I feel a flu approaching. It’s been lingering for a few days and I’ve been fighting it with vitamins and a long-lost heat pillow that I just found. But to no avail. This morning I could barely get out of bed, my heads and limbs burning to the touch. I still have the final bug testing to be done this week, so I will try to make the best of the day, sitting here propped up in bed. Fortunately another bit of positive news came in. Our navy bags which each purchase will come with (great for the beach or use as an extended beauty bag when traveling) is in. It’s still a bit wrinkled up so photo is not optimal but I’m happy with the result. It looks tremendously cute!


fracasnoir bag

“I wanted so badly to lie down next to her on the couch, to wrap my arms around her and sleep. Not fuck, like in those movies. Not even have sex. Just sleep together in the most innocent sense of the phrase. But I lacked the courage and she had a boyfriend and I was gawky and she was gorgeous and I was hopelessly boring and she was endlessly fascinating. So I walked back to my room and collapsed on the bottom bunk, thinking that if people were rain, I was drizzle and she was hurricane.”
― John Green, Looking for Alaska

boston station

I’m having another working-in-bed day. There are so many nitty gritty stuff to be taken cared of before launch, and I’m working through the seemingly never-ending action list. But hopefully we are good to go by end of the week. This is of course 3 weeks later than expected – but better late than never 🙂  As it’s a Capsule Classic Collection – it is not tied to any season and thus a mid season launch should hopefully not be an issue. Well we won’t disclose too much but here is another ensemble from our Collection.

FracasNoir Classic Collection

Kiss Me – 3/4 Jacket


Narcissistic Supply – Black Pencil Skirt

Sunday morning, my husband is playing games, Sebastian is playing with Victoria and I’m listening to classical music to block out the gaming sound. I’m very old fashioned – games on a Sunday morning is not how I like to be woken up. I love my Sunday mornings to be quiet, or with soft classical music in the background, reading the news online. Writing a blog post without disturbance (that rarely happens, and thus often impacts quality). Everything in this house is fast, fast, fast. It’s like living with a dozen Speedy Gonzales. There is always noise, screams and calamities waiting around the corner. I shall give you an example.

Yesterday our dog Cecile decided to jump on the breakfast tray, spilling not only coffee on my laptop and crashing my keyboard (yes I’ve even tried blow-drying it without much luck), crashing the French coffee press, a couple of glasses and a plate. The whole wall was covered in coffee. I first put the computer away, wiping it down with some tissue, the chased the poor dog naked down the stairs until I got hold of her (I had just got out of the shower). I’m pretty calm in these situations, well a rehearsed calmness perhaps. But the volcano erupted and the Dog was sent to the dog house. Basta. The glass was everywhere, mixed with sticky sugar and sobbingly I went on with the task of mopping it up.

Exhausted afterwards I ended up spending the best of the afternoon on the couch with my dog on the lap trying to make up for my brutish behaviour.

As for today, it’s another lazy Sunday. After all it’s terrible weather and who wants to venture out?

dying laptop

Interim solution with separate keyboard – at least it works!

I long for a good holiday. Somewhere I can lay down in the sun and just let the warmth caress me. I yearn for peace, for abundance of love, for safety. Some places have always given me that feeling….there is Juan-les-Pins, Malta, Gozo, there is Nepal, which will always hold a special place in my heart. I want to set out on the path of the pilgrim, walk with bare feet on gravel, mud and dirt. And if I don’t walk, I want to feel the wind in my hair on the back of a scooter, caressing the the waist of the driver. Or on a rooftop of a barely drivable bus, climbing the winding roads in the shadows of the great Annapurna. I want to trail and trace the myths and legends that have absorbed me since I was a child, spanning from New Orleans, Mexico and Barbados to Bélmez, Petra and Axum. Then there is Isfahan and the Great Wall. And lastly I once more have to see the Taj Mahal and relive her magnificent beauty and intoxicating splendor. I search for those places, to touch every fiber of me with their fragrant breath. I search for YOU.

Taj Mahal

Cloaked in legend and mystery – and oh so wonderful


I’ve come to realize I need dark heavy (preferably silk duchess) curtains to block out the light. Even though I like to rise early my evenings are becoming longer and I don’t particularly fancy waking up at the rise of dawn. So I decided I would forget gym (will do it in the weekend when I have more time) and just enjoy my coffee and apple in bed and continue my work day pretty much from here. Bedwork is fantastic if one has the privilege of doing it. So still clad in my PJ’s and wearing my glasses I’m going through the last bug testing of the site. Also the final images are coming in today, so if all goes well we have a site that looks like a site by the end of today. Until then enjoy your morning & TGIF!


Not quite my breakfast but it looks good 🙂