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Text from Hubby: “Look awesome and sexy and go with sex into 2013 xxx”. OK, I thought….a lot of sex but hey, let’s give it a shot. What I haven’t disclosed yet is that he was referring to a little pampering at Pierot with hair and make-up. And do women like glamour? Is the Pope Catholic? Read more

…when I was in my early teens I was living in the then not so significant city of Malmo. It was a village compared to its big sister across the channel – Copenhagen, who equally was as Danish as Malmo was Swedish. Yet Copenhagen always held a sort of allure on me. A pulling factor, that was more stronger than any other big city had on me at the time. So in order to imagine myself being there, I would go for evening runs along the shores of our town. It would always be timed around the sunset, when the colours started to shift and often broken up clouds would interrupt these transformations. I would watch the glittering sea from the other side, hoping and praying it would one day be my home. Read more

It’s around 7 pm. Hubby persuades me to to take a break and actually get out of my sweatpants and make-up free self. Time for glamour in other words. How can I say no? I check with the babysitter. She says yes, and the evening is mine. I own it. I get myself ready – the medium version – not too much time at my disposal – so a quick shower, some make-up, a curling iron and then I need to find something suitable to wear. It’s cold so I choose a long-sleeve Donna Karan dress. It’s only afterwards I realise I have gained to much weight for it to look good. It doesn’t tuck anything in, but sort of tightly caress every curve that shouldn’t be there. I only notice it later. On those damn photos. Read more

It’s getting close to the end of the year and I’m in the mood for a serious clean up and good prep for the New Year. I suppose in the next days will come a new year reflection but little time for this now. Instead I wanted to share with you my inspiration for the day….the gloriously beautiful Anne Francis….now give me a fag, an ashtray and let the party begin….Champagne anyone?

I was just walking Buddy in the park when I ran into some former iqu guys, A and J. A is of Turkish origin so we immediately got into discussions about Istanbul and Izmir where I was last week. It was really a shame I didn’t have much time to see the country, but here are some pictures of me and Alex outside of Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque. Read more

I was confronted by a near empty fridge this morning. Not knowing what to have for lunch I grabbed some Indonesian kroepoek along with some apple pie that didn’t make it to the Christmas table on Christmas Eve. Yet there was dinner to be planned and being Boxing day even the takeaways are closed. I raided the kitchen cupboards which rendered me some dry carrots, a couple of onions, a red pepper, and a few soggy potatoes which I had to remove the sprouts from. I added half a bottle of wine that stood open and voila there was a meal. Not a tremendous achievement I have to admit but the family ate it without further complaint. Read more

There are approximately two days which are fully reserved for the family and absolutely mundane-task-free. I turned off my phone on Christmas day, and started preparing a turkey instead – one I realised soon I had no vegetables or potatoes for. But the roasted dish turned out fine (alright a bit on the dry side – but as everyone knows I am not a chef par excellence). Afterwards we got some good movies and settled on the couch with a glass of wine to watch Mel Gibson (Get the Gringo – totally watch-worthy) and Daniel Craig (Quantum of Solace). Today is another off-beat day. I’m still in bed having been served coffee and pancakes by the family. In fact I think I will stay here for another few hours 🙂 Read more

Plane was delayed and so I arrived at Schiphol Airport just after midnight. Technically it was Christmas Eve, and as it’s the day the Swedes celebrate Christmas (probably the most important day of the year – perhaps now surpassed by New Year thinking of it…), it was somewhat odd. My husband greeted my with Champagne, hugs and kisses. It felt immensely good to be home. We sat at the kitchen table talking for some time, and when I went to sleep it was well past 4 am. Read more

I didn’t fall asleep until 3 am last night. And the night before I got about 4 hours of sleep. When my alarm clock goes off at 9 am, I want to strangle it. No in fact I want to throw it into the white painted concrete wall on the other side of the room. I refrain from it though, as I know iPhones should not be manhandled…let alone thrown. This I have bore witness to too many times with many a sad outcome.

Today’s plan…I have a meeting at 11 (will I get there on time is another story), and then perhaps hit the bazaars in the afternoon. Yes, definitely the bazaars. I have an overwhelming urge to discover Istanbul, its secrets, tracing back the steps of time to the Byzantine and Roman era.

The snow is still laying pristine white on the rooftop. Another cold day…

In a cab back from Izmir yesterday

It’s snowing. Tiny drops fall like white powder against your window. You watch it in near silence, in darkness, the only light embracing you emitting from the outside. A solitude Macbook Pro keeps you company. You weren’t even aware of the music it served you. Until now…

Flames…you don’t know the composers name, nor the voice and it’s haunting lyrics (is it Gaelic?). You open the bay windows. The snow sweeps by your face, into the cramped hotel room. A flake settles on your briefcase, only to disappear in the space of seconds. Consumed by heat, like the way your heart is consumed by flames.

You wonder….of your own fortunes…or misfortunes….kismet. Will it follow a similar fate? Consumed by its own path of destruction….into the light….because the fire is the lightest at its core. 21.12.2012. Tomorrow. Flames are only the catalyst….to a new beginning.