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On my way to Xinh for dinner with S. A bit stressed out afternoon which brought on a headache. Luckily in the cab now with a bit of quality time for myself. Have a great Friday evening! Sx


…or so the saying goes. Just a small tribute to my girl, who will always remain my little girl. I love you babes! xxx








Quick blog post between some mails and a call in 10 minutes. Good but uneventful day. Been working from home from my little home office which is super cosy and inspirational. The dogs are keeping me company, making sure I’m never alone. I got up late (around 8) and went down in my PJ’s. A quick shower in my break, zero make-up and back in front of the screen. Feels like work luxury when outside it’s raining and I now see people walking huddled against the buildings on their way home. Love to you all and wish you a great Thursday evening!

She walks outside,  closing the glass door whilst shutting out the noise, and lights a cigar. It’s not her habit to smoke but her nerves are tense and she needs to disperse of the excessive energy. The embers are glowing in the dark, following her as she walks through the garden – aimlessly. She inhales deeply, almost choking on the heavy smoke. It’s freezing but her bare feet hardly feels it. How could they, they are numb to cold and after the initial heatwave that follows from having a rare cold allodynia syndrome, she feels little. She wishes the same syndrome would reach her heart, but the burning sensation never leaves. It has been there since she can remember. And yet the very sensation renders comfort. A little bit of warmth in an otherwise cold and sterile environment. Read more

Once in a while, one comes across the most brilliant, clever dialogue. I’m referring to the ones where you desperately seek to identify yourself with the hero or heroine (because after all we are all little geniuses waiting to be discovered) and could only wish for having had the fortitude of character to produce something equally witty and defiant. After all it is also the very reason we love quotes – someone else coining something so sublime, that we do not only wish we would have said it ourselves, but keep copying it – mostly in writing, as we are rarely so clever to come up with it when the moment requires us to.

Let’s take the French 19th century novel Bel Ami by Maupassant. For those that are not into their classics, Bel Ami, a.k.a Georges Duroy, is what one would call a toy-boy, a male gold digger and a social climber who sleeps himself (not without victims I might add) to the top. He marries a beautiful, young widow – Madeleine – but realises soon that his social and political ambitions are far grander than his wife can provide for. Thus in order to free himself from the bondage of marriage and marry a girl of better stock he engineers his wife’s downfall (in those days it was still illegal to be unfaithful – even though it being 19th century France). The following transcript of events and dialogue takes place between his wife, who has just been exposed naked with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and the Commissioner of Police:

“Madeleine had completely recovered her composure and seeing that the game was up, she was ready to brazen it out. With a glint of bravado in her eye, she calmly rolled up a piece of paper and lit the ten candles of the hideous candelabra standing on the corner of the mantelpiece, as if preparing for a party. Then leaning with her back against the marble, she held out her naked foot to the dying embers of the fire, lifting as she did so the hem of her petticoat which was almost slipping off her hips, took a cigarette from its pink paper wrapping, lit it and started to smoke.

The commissioner had walked over towards her while waiting for her accomplice to get dressed.

‘Do you do this sort of job often’? she inquired with studied impertinence.

‘As little as I can help, madam,’ he replied solemnly.

She smiled straight in his face:

‘I’m glad for your sake. It’s a shabby business.”

And with that I was back into the 21st century, yet the event could have taken place today. The crime would have been a little more than an act of unfaithfulness, but the woman would have whatever the circumstances acted the same. Relying upon her beauty and cool head, she would have done just that….lighted a cigarette and pretended the party had only started. And to top it all off….police work is always a shabby business –  no matter the nature of the crime.


Slept like a log and I’m now on my way to the office in Duiven. Thoughts on a million things….thank God there is a blue little To Do List. It will get filled up during my nearly 2 hour commute, and some emails and other work related matters too. Oh how I love these mornings, as they set the agenda for the day. It’s going to be a long day as I have a dinner after work in Amsterdam. Have I told you how I long for Christmas? Sx

I’ve picked up my yoga which I haven’t practiced for months (tsk tsk). It is a restorative yoga routine and thus very gentle exercises for the neck and spine. Extremely relaxing it’s great for calming down a frantic city mind into something where equilibrium reigns. Feeling infinitely more relaxed, it’s time for a bath and reading the last pages of Guy de Maupassant’s Bel-Ami. Sx

Amazing day! Thanks Will for the amazing photography, Lisa for making me look drop dead gorgeous and Victoria for putting up with my demands! I felt (and still feel) like a Diva with capital D. Photos are coming soon. Goodnight Sx


Wake-up 9 am. Sometime about. Still tired. Reading news. Cross trainer. Shower. An apple for breakfast. Coffee and business plan work. 2 pm. Appointment to remove small veins around nose. Aouch. Hate pain. Facial. Bliss. Inhale strong eucalyptus oil. Listen to lounge music and fall asleep. Outside. Drizzle on my face. Home before 5 pm. Starting on financial plan. Quick check. Skin looks better. Hungry and eat some crisps. Shouldn’t. Guilt. Buddha Bar on speaker. Tired but work ahead until late.

Hectic week finished off by some new nail varnish from Dior (No 943 – Rouge Garçonne – if a picture says more than a thousand words then some words tells a complete  story!), which then got carefully applied to my finger nails and toes. Result can be seen to the left. I love the colour – very rich, and great for winter nails. Now off for some movies and prosecco. Have a great weekend! Sx