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It’s not even mid week and I feel utterly exhausted. The word holiday has become my mantra, yet it’s as elusive as ever. Will we ever get away to some sunny place, where one can just forget about work (not to mention life!) and revamp oneself to 2.x? The words “NOT” and “BANKING” spring somehow immediately into mind.

For now we seem to be stuck with cold weather and snow (which isn’t so bad if you happen to come from Sweden…rather reminiscent of gluhwein and saffron bread coming to think of it).

Reinout made me a bath which I’ve soaked in for a good hour and a half whilst covered in a facemask smelling of peach and apples. Now attending some last emails before hitting the sack. Sleep never seemed so welcome.


Feel good stuff


Current book I’m reading


Lastly hot bath, candles and a glass of wine – the setting is complete

I set the alarm for 7.45. It’s my week to get back into a normal schedule. But as the hours went by, sleep doesn’t find me. Luckily my book does, as I’m reading the Murderer’s Daughters by RS Meyers (another one I’d absolutely recommend!).

Sleep does hit me sometime between 1.35 and 2 am. Only to wake up half an hour ago. I turn to reading the news and some emailing…. just to wake up gently. In a few moments the cleaning lady will be here, so mental note to myself to prepare for the laundry.

We were suppose to go out for a dinner tête-à-tête, but the universe had other plans alas… Perhaps it was that penis post (he got about 10 text messages querying hygiene issues and I suppose other things too) or the fact I fell asleep waiting for his imminent arrival. Who knows…the honest truth is I woke up at 8 pm to some cold pizza and Harry Potter on TV. Oh yeah, did some target shooting on trees in the park. Love it! Lara Croft here I come!


Girly moment with Victoria


Getting ready for dinner…I thought


I’ve been dieting my whole life. I can admit to that. But I see it more as a way of life. Eat healthy, avoid sugar and work-out. So far so good. There have been times when I needed to loose weight…and fast. It was a friend of mine in highschool that introduced the Stewardess Diet. We were invited to a big party, and as 15 year olds, needed to shed pounds of puppy fat…or so we thought. I recall running up and down some high stairs in a nearby park, and at least clocking 6 km every day in order to fit into some Kokaai dress I had bought. It was a size too small and I had exactly 5 days to fit into it.

So we threw ourselves onto a crazy diet of half a grapefruit in the morning, 2 eggs for lunch and a steak and salad for dinner. No snack, only water, Coca Cola light, tea and coffee. We did shed the weight – about 4 kgs in 5 days. But it was hard work. And our starved bodies went havoc as we downed Champaigne and cocktails in consecutive order. I recall my friend throwing up in a public toilet, all over her sister’s designer dress. We we’re grounded for weeks as a result…

Occasionally when I needed to loose weight fast I’ve gone on this diet and it never failed. But as you grow older (and more sensible…although that is surely not applicable in my case), these fad diets rarely work when you need a lot of energy for work and family.

Still, I now have a Christmas party (Reinout keeps saying it’s only a drink), but I want to shed some weight to get into some of those dresses I bought years ago. I need exactly 3.5 kgs to loose, and I should be there. So as a compromise I’ve gone on a steak diet. Although omitting it for breakfast (I keep to an orange and coffee), I have steak for lunch and steak for dinner. It’s already worked wonders as I’ve lost 2 kgs so far. Almost half way, and another week to go…


Lunch was good, Entrecote with onion and apple

I’ve had planning meetings all day for a new project. It’s really exciting to see a new concept taking shape and the team coming together behind it. At 6 pm I was completely knackered and as I’m working from home nowadays went upstairs for what I thought was going to be a short nap. Turns out I wake up at 8 o’clock, just ready for dinner! Ah well, after a busy day I deserve it. I’m now on the couch with Victoria watching a film. What better end to the day could there be?


Victoria and I this afternoon. Mental note to schedule a girly day soon!

It’s been super hectic, and I’ve tried to cram in session with my physiotherapist and getting a manicure with calls and meetings. But it worked. Nails looks great, and now I have a few hours of cleaning out my inbox and a call for tonight. Then awaits some cosy me time with a cup of tea and my book!


YSL nail varnish no. 1

Pulled out my vintage find from last year’s Paris trip. A wollen pull-over dress from Jean Paul Gaultier. Looks splendid with the Christian Louboutin boots and Fendi bag. What do you think?


Probably one of the “warmer” days yesterday before the arctic cold will descend on us, we decided to go for a bike ride and get some ice-cream. I had little ice cakes and Sebastian was enjoying his rum-raisin and pistachio ice. Well pictures speak tons more than words…





I’m at the neurolog discussing the medication I can get to my probably MS but still to be verified illness. The doctor suggests an anti-depressant. I immediately facilitate the information I am most likely depressed. Reinout confirms this saying “the prospect of her ending up in a wheelchair is a bit daunting”. I cut him short. “It’s not the wheelchair that is scaring the shit out of me, but company start-ups, lawsuits and never-ending workload.”. The doctor looks perplexed at us.

“Please Continue” I go on. She does – to the side effects.

“You will generally sleep better, and of course the nerve pain should be treated. It’s likely though you may experience some weight”.

I say “What!!?? Quantify what you mean by weight gain! Are we talking kilos?”

“Yes, typically 4-5 kilos but it may be more like 10.”

“You gotta be kiddin! I just lost 3 kilos (and gained them back, but I don’t facilitate this information)”.

Reinout doesn’t seem to think this is a problem. But I resist any such ideas. I would have to buy new clothes, and I just spent a fortune on my wardrobe.

“You can buy new ones” he says.

“For what? We don’t have any money remember?”

The doctor is shifting somewhat uneasily in her chair.

“Are there any other medication you can give me? Without the weight gain?” I ask.

The doctor suggest a medication for epilepsi that has proven to work against nerve pain. I opt for this.

With my 10 cm Christian Louboutin boots, and my Tori Burch fur coat I walk out in style. I am not prepared to give up the rich bitch look, nor attitude….MS or NOT!


Look of the day? Boots Christian Louboutin, fur coat Tori Burch, Blouse

Roberto Cavalli, Jeans Citizen of Humanity, Bag Fendi


Looking pretty tired here, but I didn’t sleep much last night