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It’s been a slow, quiet Sunday. Family breakfast, followed by administration, laundry and then cinema, watching the Social Network with Victoria. Great film and a must see for anyone marginally interested in social media πŸ™‚


Sebas goes oh oh!




Victoria looks gorgeous!


In the queue for the obligatory popcorn.

Tory Burch jacket and Gucci bag which I love!

It’s 11 o’clock and with the extra hour I have managed to sleep for nearly 12. What a feat. This hasn’t happened since our pre-Sebastian days. In fact the little man woke up sometime during the morning, but I gave him a bottle and went back to sleep – with a pillow over my head.

So now we are sitting, me and my husband, in a rare moment of quiet, typing away on our devices with classical music in the background. I hope this is going to become one of those sleepy days. Walk in the forrest, lunch at the pancake house, movies in the afternoon and a quite family dinner (thinking meatballs).


an old picture of Reinout and buddy in the forrest….albeit blurry

On the couch with Cecile and Victoria watching Without a Trace. Perfect quiet Saturday evening after a day spent lunching and shopping with the kids.


Sometimes life can be full of small, yet happy surprises. Gift wrapped in something as plain and common as a facebook status update. Yet, they manage to put a smile on your face and makes all the concerns and worries go away, obliterated by a warmth and comforting feeling.

Pictures of a good friend of mine’s wedding party (I unfortunately missed the wedding) brought back happy memories. And then I saw a picture of the two men I love the most….Reinout and Sebastian. A pang of overwhelming love overcame me, and I couldn’t help but thinking why we tamper with useless arguments and seemingly pointless quarrels. There are three people in my life that mean so much, and I would be devastated being without them. A fourth is in heaven and I miss her dearly.

It put it all in perspective, if only for a moment, as I was granted an important piece of wisdom.



There is something most wonderful with the smell of perfect crafted leather. Worked into detail, with the emblematic logo of two intertwined G’s, a Gucci bag never fails to deliver. Nor does a pair of Gucci shoes, or a Hugo Boss suit for that matter too.

I got them all, in a matter of minutes. Like a woman living out her last days in splendour I searched, I splurged and hungrily reclaimed and devoured what was rightfully mine. Because it is. In equal proportions to my – presumable – imminent demise, I had a feeling of greatness. I imagine Elizabeth must have felt the same facing the Spanish Armada. Or Marie Antoinette on her way to execution, forever captured by David in crude pencil strokes. I compare it to chess. When you are about to take your opponent – or forever loose your Queen. The rush, the thrill…..the quiet.
She sits in a taxi, listening to deafening techno, and plotting her future. In a parallelled repetition to 15 years earlier, history she knows all too well, her country has become too small. Or rather she has outgrown it. There must be something else on the horizon, something far greater than the pity life she now lives. Her eyes are prying the streets, as the car speeds on, streetlamps turn into horizontal beams of light.
She’s on her way home, a home which soon will be no longer hers. As much as the future is frightening, it is wonderful too. Hours ago she wished death….now she only wants life.


…Lady in Waiting


Fur coat from Tory Burch


Cold and unsure…or not?

It’s one of those days I just want to lounge in bed. Lately I’ve been keeping irregular working hours, getting to my husband’s office around midday…if not at all. Having said that, work is often starting at the moment I’m in bed, but still, when your only costume is your underwear and your sitting snugged up with your blankets, a laptop and a cup of coffee, work feels like an afterthough.

In an hour I have my appointment with my physiotherapist and then a couple of meetings planned. But until then I am going to continue to lounge.

Here’s a memory of the past I must be sharing with you…

In Sweden there was this magazine in the 80’s called OKEJ. It was one of those magazines I had a love hate relationship with. Love, because all the music stars I enjoyed at the time, from Madonna to Lena Ph (Swedish…what gave it a away;)) was covered in a hip and funky way, often in some tempting poses. But I was about 10, so it wasn’t really my prime concern. I just wanted to read about my idols.

But then there was the other side of the magazine, close up and personal reportages with Kizz, ZZ Tops, Europe and other hardrock bands popular du jour. The magazine also seemed to sport an almost unnatural fascination for Samantha Fox and her assets. It wasn’t a semi-porn magazine, and the young and innocent artists at the time where wildly mixed with topless and in some cases nude pictures of both men and women. Needless to say the chock factor was high for a 10 year old.

I must admit I had completely forgotten about this publication, in the same way I vaguely recall the odd ball MAD serie. But I didn’t reflect much on it until a picture in Aftonbladet, which gave it all away. Here lays Dag Finn (I desperately try to recall his achievements but sadly fail) in a shabby bathroom (I gathered it was his own), smiling, posing, with his dick hanging out (no he wasn’t gay as far as I can recall).

It brought back the most fantastic memories of the rack of Miss Fox, her tatty Italian copy Sabrina, Bjorn Borg’s then wife Loredana, Bjorn Borg’s second wife (or was it his first? Jannicke Bjorling, AHA, Europe and Kizz all in their glory. And to end this, I just have to show you the picture of Dag Finn — priceless. Rumour has it, it almost destroyed his career, but that he somehow managed to hang on to it, whilst girls in hords pleaded his case.




…or Not? But nostalgia is eminent

5 hours at the hairdresser it’s not exactly what I call fun, but when the result looks this good after replacing my old hair extensions and doing the highlights, it’s pretty damn worth it.

I have my Balmain extensions done at Pierot in Haarlem, who has a great team of hair, beauty, make-up and nail professionals. A little bit of luxury for this high maintenance gal is never wrong πŸ™‚


Victoria came home this evening


Getting ready for the Tudors and The Pillars of the Earth…yoohoo!

I’m a two- season shopper. When a new season start I go to my favourite shops (in this case Players & Amedee – both in Haarlem), and go on the prowl for a number of well selected items. They need to meet a few criteria: A) Being Classic, B) Sustainable for several seasons and years to come and C) And something invaluable to my already staple collection.

The second time I go on a major shopping spree is at the end of season during sales. The criteria is almost identical to the previous one with an added condition of a major discount being applied.

Yesterday, convenintly after a sweaty session at the gym, I went hunting for a winter jacket, a new bag and a pair of shoes. Add to this a turtle neck sweater (I had to ward off the sales assistant in order not to continue my shopping spree and leave my credit card somewhat intact).

The result…


Rabbit (printed) furcoat & green leather bag from Tory Burch (NY designer)


Dark grey turtle neckTheory. Lepard printed shoes – Ab Donker


Jeans bought last weekend – Citizen of Humanity


Reinout and Sebastian picked me up for dinner – Steak with Bearnaise sauce πŸ™‚

It’s been admittedly weeks since my last post. Reason? The feeling of exhaustion. So I’ve cut down on a number of things…shopping, cooking, groceries….and blogging. I now wake up an hour later (sometimes two), often lingering in bed until 10 am where I do my work. I’m battling with my consciousness that tells me to get back on track, be disciplined, and step up to the occasion. But another side tells me that I need to take this time. There will be plenty of working weeks, months and years ahead. So I’ve given myself until the end of the month to slob. To sleep in, have my showers late, forget about hair and make-up for days and dress in my sweatpants. Sexy? No, but oh so very comfy.

My husband is encouraging this new change. For once I am not working from 7 am until past midnight. For once I am actually relaxing somewhat. Watching history documentaries on youtube and reading a biography of Chanel.

Life could seemingly not be better. There is finally a holiday on the horizon. Although we still haven’t booked it we are planning to go end of next week for a two weeks vacation to somewhere warm. A delayed summer holiday. I can’t wait. If it wasn’t for this grand finale, I believe I would quite everything that is marginally related to work.

So I linger still in bed. It’s quiet apart from a single singing bird, in great contrast to yesterday when thousands of birds were gathering before taking off for the plains of Africa. Perhaps we will choose a similar destination. Zanzibar or Egypt…possibly Dubai. Wherever the warmth may be…


Last weekend saw great weather…so be went on a small excursion through Haarlem

The weather has been splendid, so Reinout took me out with Sebastian for a late lunch and a bit of shopping. I’ve bought some make-up necessities, such as the Nude foundation from Dior (No 20 for fair skin) which I love and YSL waterproof black mascara.

Now watching the Tudors sipping on a glass of whisky and coffee. What more can you ask for?


Reinout contemplating over a glass of wine at Ludic


Foundation Nude No 20 from Dior, YSL waterpoof mascara and other beauty necessities